How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with a URL
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Have you been finding tutorials that will help you watch deleted videos on YouTube all over again using URLs?

Watching already deleted videos on YouTube isn’t a direct process; you have to go the other way in the quest to watch a deleted video on YT. 

Here, in this guide, we bring you the ultimate solutions for watching a deleted video on YouTube with a URL.

This is an in-detail guide providing sufficient information about watching deleted videos on YouTube and all other aspects that revolve around it. Let’s start!

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With a URL?

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With a URL?

There are a few ways through which you can extract and watch YouTube videos online. Use the following method to watch the deleted YouTube video with a URL:

  • If you have the URL of the deleted video, try using an internet archive service like the Wayback Machine.
  • Visit the Wayback Machine website and enter the URL of the deleted video.
  • Browse through the archived versions to see if any contain the video you want to watch.
  • If the video is available, click on the archived version and enjoy watching the deleted YouTube video.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without a URL?

You can use a VPN, take support of the WayBack machine, or use other hacks to watch a deleted video on YouTube online. Here are 3 things you can do when you want to watch a deleted YouTube video but not use a URL:

  • Try and search for the video with keywords and titles that are associated with the information provided in the video.
  • Take the help of YouTube and Google to find blog posts, articles, and other such discussions that relate to the video. You might get details or a glimpse of the content.
  • You might also want to reach out to the original uploader or viewer of the video that got deleted. You might find additional information or a saved local copy of the video.

5 Ways To Recover & Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online

Here we will explain to you ways to recover and watch YouTube videos online with a URL and also without a URL using other smart techniques. 

Let’s get started!

Solution 1: Recover Deleted YouTube Videos With a Link

The very first method we want you to know and learn is just after you have lost your YouTube video accidentally in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. 

Putting is very crisp and clear; this first method helps you download deleted YouTube videos and watch them online.

  • Step 1: Log in to your registered YouTube mail account
  • Step 2: You will find all related information about all earlier uploads alongside all lost videos on YouTube. 
  • Step 3: Find the video information to launch and remove the YOUTUBE video URL. You won’t find it here.
  • Step 4: Visit >> Paste the lost YouTube video URL in Wayback Machine’s search window.
  • Step 5: Tap on ‘Browse History’

You will be able to find YouTube video upload history. From here, you are required to find the deleted YouTube video as per the upload date. After you have the basic information, download and watch it again.

Solution 2: Retrieve the Deleted YouTube Videos Archive From the Backup

When you want to protect your crucial files from getting lost, the best solution is to restore your data using backup.

This solution is a suggestion to you to recover all deleted YouTube video archives using backup. The backup solution works for you when you have previously backed up the video data on your PC or other external data storage devices. 

Whether it is YouTube video or other data, create a backup of the given stuff. This shall not only help you get your lost files back but also avoid significant data losses!

Solution 3: Download Deleted YouTube Videos From The Shared Sites

Sharing the same video you uploaded on YouTube on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, and other websites is a safe practice to retrieve information when lost on one platform.

When you have lost one video on YouTube, you can easily watch it on other digital platforms where you shared the video.

If this solution isn’t of much use to you, you can try other steps mentioned below this one!

Solution 4: Recover Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link

It might happen that you cannot find the video’s URL. In all such situations, you don’t have to panic or think that you cannot do anything about it. You can bring the YouTube archived and deleted videos without the URL.

Here are steps that will help you get your deleted YouTube video without the URL:

  • Step 1: Open, then search for + the name of the video.
  • Step 2: The search engine will show you YouTube videos with the same title. You have to go through all the results and reverse the deletion process for the YouTube videos.

Solution 5: Recover Lost YouTube Videos From Storage Media Devices

Solution number five helps you use the separate Video Recovery tool that comes for Mac as well as Windows to bring back your video.

This process is effective even when you have lost data from storage devices like USB flash drives, memory drives, hard drives, and other digital drives.

The software has the equivalent powder to enable you to recover your media files like audio, photos, videos, including all other file formats without getting bothered about the reason behind your file getting lost.

The YouTube recovery tool will help you do the following in case your data gets lost!

  • Help you retrieve formatted, lost, and deleted videos on YouTube saved on USB drives, memory cards, external drives, and hard disks.
  • Provides a preview of recoverable videos present within the software before laying a final recovery. It is a safe, secure, easy-to-use, and a cent percent read-only program. 
  • Enables restoration of all accidentally deleted videos, photos, and audio files from media storage drives.

To leverage the support of Storage media devices and recover your video from YouTube, users are recommended to get a video recovery tool installed on their mobile phones.

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Tips To Prevent Your YouTube Video From Getting Deleted

YouTube videos getting deleted must happen by chance and should be a rare occasion. This means that you must do everything that will prevent your videos from getting deleted in the first place. 

To help you do that, we have listed a few tips considering which you would face minimum trouble in videos getting deleted. 

#1. Don’t go about uploading videos that communicate a sense of violence, extreme adulthood, or illegal content.

#2. Don’t share videos of other YouTube creators; create your original ones and upload them.

#3. The embedded audio in the video shouldn’t be protected from copyright. Give credit to the copywriter. 

#4. Avoid uploading one video to multiple platforms, and always keep two or three backups.


With all that given in the blog, you must have gotten an idea that there are numerous ways to access a deleted video on YouTube with or without a URL or link. Utilize these techniques and enjoy your YouTube viewing experience.

If you are still unable to find the YouTube video you are looking for, we suggest you visit the YouTube help center and get the required information.

As for the rest of the matter, you need to stay aware on your part and ensure that you aren’t doing anything that hampers your video’s existence on YouTube. 

Hope you found the guide useful!

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#1. Can you watch deleted YouTube videos?

Yes, there are a few selective and indirect ways to watch a deleted YouTube video.

You might want to use a URL to watch the video or try accessing those without a link. Using VPN, Google, Storage drives, and other tools helps you achieve the task.

#2. How to Watch Deleted Videos on YouTube?

Watching a deleted YouTube video is easy with shared social media posts, YouTube watch history, browser history, watch later queue, likes, and more.

Having a link helps you find deleted YouTube videos faster than trying methods to watch YouTube videos online without a URL. 

#3. How do I find deleted YouTube video URLs?

There are multiple methods to find the URL of a deleted video on YouTube. For instance, you can use the browser history and look for deleted YouTube videos and then click on the video to get the URL at the address bar.

You can also extract the URL from YouTube search history, YouTube playlists, YouTube, and YouTube liked videos.

#4. Do Deleted YouTube Videos Show Up in History?

Yes, you can find deleted YouTube videos in the history and extract the URL of the video.

#5. Is There a Database for Deleted YouTube Videos?

The YouTube database contains a lot of information, including deleted videos. Even when the video has been removed by YouTube due to violation of agreement, appropriate film, or other reasons, it can be found in the YouTube database.

#6. Can I watch a deleted YouTube video from my backup?

Yes, when you have a well-regulated YouTube backup, you can watch all deleted YouTube videos from there. This must be a lesson for you to keep backing up your data frequently and avoid all future losses.

The process of retrieving data is straightforward; you only have to log in to the backup system and search for the deleted video.

#7. Are unlisted and deleted YouTube videos the same?

No, unlisted YouTube videos and deleted YouTube videos are not the same. They vary in terms of visibility, analytics, usage, views, and more.

While unlisted videos exist (not in YouTube search), deleted YouTube videos are removed by YouTube or the uploader.

#8. Can I recover deleted YouTube videos?

Yes, recovering deleted YouTube videos is possible. There are a few options when you are looking to recover your deleted or lost files on YouTube.
You can leverage the help of software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and others that cater to the recovery of lost and deleted files on YouTube.

#9. How to delete a video from my YouTube Channel?

Deleting a video on YouTube is easy. You must point to the video you want to delete and select More Delete forever. You will have to check a box that requires your acknowledgment to delete a video on YouTube permanently.

Select DELETE FOREVER. And, the video would get processed by YouTube for removal.

#10. Is it possible to find deleted YouTube videos on other platforms?

Yes, there are possibilities to find a deleted YouTube video on other social media platforms if someone may have shared it. You can Google search for the video on Google or paste the video URL on the search engine. 

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