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The Founder

Lucas Zhao is the Founder and CEO leading the Thunderclap.com team. Lucas has more than two decades of experience in marketing background and has dealt with humongous traits of marketing. At this point, there's hardly any marketing aspect he is not familiar with. We call him our 'marketing athlete.'

Back in 2014, Lucas started his in-depth studies on social media marketing and today stands as the founder of Thunderclap.com, ruling the SMM industry with his forecasted experience in dealing with thousands of happy clients in the social media industry.

Lucas Zhao (Thunderclap Founder & CEO)

Lucas is the founder and CEO at Thunderclap.com and has completed his MBA in marketing from the University of Pennsylvania. He holds more than 20+ years of experience as a brand marketer who is now leading the SMM (Social Media Marketing) industry with Thunderclap.com. He has a very progressive and transparent approach towards marketing that he rightly represents through Thunderclap.com.

Thunderclap.com Team

Fueled by caffeine and addicted to work, the Thundercalp.com team is active 24/7, providing social media growth to the world!

Selina Katoozian Digital and Social Media Expert
Jayden Gomez TikTok and YouTube Marketing Expert
Elizabeth Ray Instagram and Facebook Marketing Expert
Nahal Scott Twitter and Threads Marketing Expert
Maria Williams Influencer Marketing Expert