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What Is TikTok User ID Finder?

Finding any TikTok User ID has now become easier with the TikTok Unique ID Finder tool. TikTok has 800 million TikTok users, each with a unique username and ID.  

However, using a third-party tool to know your or other people’s User ID on TikTok isn’t the right approach. Thus, we have created a  TikTok User ID Finder tool. 

A TikTok User ID number search helps identify your profile on the social media app. Our TikTok User ID Finder helps learn profile details and unique IDs only with a username. 

This means you are only required to enter the username and no other information to seek desired information from the tool.  We do not ask for any email, password, or other details that are private to you. With 100% security, we guarantee a safe and efficient user ID finder.


Why Should You Use the TikTok User ID Finder?

Finding a tool more efficient in helping you evaluate any user's TikTok unique ID than ours is impossible. After thorough market research, we have devised an excellent tool to know any user's unique ID and other details about the TikTok profile safely and accurately! 

We don't ask for any kind of fee for our service and for using the tool. With us, you don't require any password or other details to help find the specific TikTok account details. 

You can find many other sites claiming to find unique TikTok IDs, but they ask for passwords and other sacred details! We don't do that here. Rather, we understand and value your safety and promise to deliver quality service without compromising your privacy.

 What Will Our TikTok User ID Finder Provide You?


Using the TikTok ID sometimes becomes integral when you desire to find significant account statistics and other TikTok metrics. With our TikTok user ID finder at Thunderclap.com, you can know everything about a user ID in seconds, like:

The Name of the account holder.

All the information contained in the account.

The total number of followers.

The number of accounts followed.

The account's status: public or private.

Total number of videos shared.

Remember, all the TikTok IDs are unique and aren’t findable on the official TikTok app with such specifications. 

How to get Tiktok Username ID

 How to Find User ID on TikTok Using Our Tool?

Finding the TikTok unique ID is easy, fast, and accurate with our newly launched social media tool! You only need to follow two quick steps to know how to get TikTok Username ID, and all the required information

Step 1:Go upwards on the screen and find the TikTok User ID Finder tool! Enter TikTok username for which you want to find the unique ID. If you cannot recall the account's username, go to the search bar on TikTok and try finding the username.

Step 2: After entering the username, click the 'Check' button. The tool will take a few moments to collect the accurate information and then show you the TikTok identification number of the account searched.

We would love to know the feedback from you once you have tried our TikTok unique ID finder. In case of any queries, please feel free to reach our customer support team available 24/7 for you.


Why Might You Need to Find a TikTok User’s ID?

All TikTok accounts have a unique user ID. This TikToK User ID search online finds and avails information about the user. Such insight can be helpful to curate and adjust marketing strategies so that your TikTok video reaches a wider audience group. 

With a TikTok user ID, you can find the user's name ( account holder's name), the total followers on the app, the number of people the user follows, and other useful TikTok account metrics!

The TikTok User ID Finder is especially used by people who struggle to recognize and find their target audience. Also, people who want to reach their close family members but fear losing contact details can use the tool. 

For all regular and frequent app users, the TikTok user ID finder comes out quite useful in finding relevant information about other users.

Customer Reviews

Check what our customers have to say about their experiences with us in these honest reviews and ratings.

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Rated 4.7 (100 Reviews)

This free tool is absolutely amazing, especially with its TikTok user ID search feature. You get instant results. It's hands down the best tool I've ever used and highly recommended for anyone looking to find a TikTok user ID.


I have used it for months now, and I can vouch for it. It is extremely fast, does’t waste my time, and provides a TikTok user ID in no time. Highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a way to access information about a TikTok user.


I have used free tools that kept asking me for extra information and didn't even give proper information. But to my surprise, this provides accurate information without any unnecessary requirements. Incredibly useful for understanding my target audience better and boosting my growth on TikTok.


I really appreciate this tool for keeping a user-friendly interface for not so tech-savvy people like me. The process is very simple, with no complicated steps and no delays in the results. Very convenient for identifying frequent users of the TikTok app.


This is the sixth tool I've used, and I think here is when I can put a full stop to finding a TikTok user ID finder. It provides all the details and doesn't even disrupt my search algorithm. It's a must-have for me.


They won't take unnecessary data from you when you use their TikTok user id tool, hence you're left with no security concerns and that really impressed me. It's reliable and gives details about TikTok users in no time.


I was searching for a reliable free tool to find TikTok users by ID, and this tool has exceeded my expectations. It's safe and fast and delivers all the necessary information within seconds.


This tool has been a game-changer for me. It simplifies everything, allowing me to retrieve information about numerous TikTok user IDs in the blink of an eye. Can't thank enough to the team who created it.


Working on this tool has never disappointed me. I always have a smooth and secure experience while getting only authentic information about TikTok users. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to understand their audience better.


Three words: efficient, secure and accurate. This tool has all these three functions that make it on the tool of my list when finding TikTok unique ID. Security is never a concern when finding the TikTok unique ID.


Recently I got a recommendation for this tool by another TikTok creator and well, I'm glad I gave it a try. It's unmatched in its performance and is very user friendly. Results? It delivers all the information about TikTok user IDs within 30 seconds.


I tested this tool with multiple unique IDs, and it handled them effortlessly without any problem. It's the best out there in the market, saving me my time while discreetly obtaining information.


I love how this tool enables me to gather all the details about TikTok user IDs without raising any suspicions or notifying anyone. So easy to use and delivers a hassle-free experience.


It is probably the best free tool available on the internet to find all the information about TikTok User ID. Even after several uses, I didn't find any drawbacks to the tool, only good things. It's fast, accurate and saves a lot of time.


Is there anything you guys fail to deliver? I'm really amazed by the capabilities of this tool. I can retrieve all the information about a particular TikTok user ID in no time. Thank you so much to the team for making it.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TikTok user ID?

TikTok user ID is a unique TikTok code for all platform users. It is not the username but a code given to each TikTok ID with a different serial number.

How to search TikTok User ID from a TikTok username?

You can search TikTok users by their ID from your username on your TikTok profile's homepage. Just type your unique username on our Find TikTok User ID tool to see your TikTok profile picture, username, and other details.

Can I use this TikTok video user ID search tool to find the IDs of private accounts?

Yes, you can use our TikTok ID Finder tool to find details about private TikTok accounts and also public accounts.

Is it possible to find the TikTok user IDs that are no longer active?

That depends! If the TikTok ID is inactive but hasn't been taken down, you can view the profile details with the help of the tool. However, if the ID is deleted, you might not find it or the TikTok videos on the platform by the creator. Thus, you must create a new TikTok account!

Is my password needed to find my TikTok ID?

No, we don't need your password or other details to help you process your request. You only need the TikTok username and you can search for the TikTok ID of any user.

Can I change my TikTok ID?

No, you cannot change your TikTok ID. It is fixed, and every TikTok user has a unique one. However, if one person creates a different account, the unique ID changes.

What is the difference between a TikTok user ID and a username?

The TikTok user ID is a unique number each user holds. It isn't visible on the account details setting of any user. However, the TikTok username ID is the account's name set by the user who created the TikTok account and is visible to all.

Are there any limitations to using this TikTok user ID tool?

There are no such limitations concerning security or expectations when using the Unique ID finder tool. The tool intends to provide necessary details about the account and rightly serves that!

Is TikTok user ID finder free to use?

Yes, the TikTok ID finder is free for all users. You are not required to pay anything to use the tool! There's no hidden charge added to it!

Where to find TikTok user ID?

Our TikTok User Finder helps evaluate any username's real TikTok ID. Use the tool, enter the username, and click on 'Check'. You will find all the relevant details.

How do I find my TikTok User ID?

You can use find TikTok account by user ID tool, input the username, and get the account's unique ID. However, if you do not have an account, then create one to a get a user ID on TikTok.