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What is TikTok Story Downloader?

TikTok stories allow users to upload pictures or videos on their accounts for people to view. Stories last for only 24 hours, and if you want to save them for a lifetime, downloading them is an option. There is no direct feature on the platform that allows you to download your story, but with the help of a TikTok story downloader, it is possible. 

With the help of Thunderclap.com’s TikTok story downloader, you can download the stories in the exact same format as they are posted on the profile. You can download the story from your profile and also from someone else's TikTok profile.

Why Use TikTok Story Downloader?

If you don't want to miss out on a TikTok story and want to review it anytime you want to, using the TikTok story downloader is the best option. Our TikTok story downloader app has got your needs covered and can be accessed from all devices and browsers.

Let us go over a few other reasons why you should use the TikTok story downloader of Thunderclap.com.

Complete Privacy

Using our TikTok story downloader app stays private between you and us. No one else will know that you have downloaded their story from TikTok.

Easily Save Stories

Our TikTok stories downloader will help you save stories anywhere, at any time, without much hassle. Even after the story timeframe is over, you can enjoy watching the story.

Free of Cost

Using our story TikTok downloader, no watermark is free online, and you are not required to make any commitments either. Download any number of stories, any number of times from our app, completely free of cost.

High Compatibility

Our TikTok story downloader app is easily compatible with all browsers and devices. Be it your phone, tablet, or computer, you can easily use our story downloader.

Features of TikTok Story Downloader

Besides being free to use, our TikTok story downloader boasts other features too. Find below some noteworthy features of our stunning story downloader platform.


Easy To Use Downloader

The TikTok story downloader of Thunderclap.com is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. You get the options right at the front of the dashboard, and your job gets done within a couple of minutes.

Get Unlimited Downloads

There is no limit on the number of stories that you can download using our platform in a day. Download unlimited TikTok stories numerous times, and no one will stop you.

High-Speed Downloads

During the story download process, you will not face any disruptions. Only a few seconds, and the required story will be downloaded to your device, with no compromise on the quality.

Requires No Extensions

You don't have to download any extension and pin it to your browser to download TikTok stories online for free. From the TikTok story downloader platform of Thunderclap.com directly, you get to download stories.

Download All Story Types

The best TikTok story downloader, like ours, allows users to download all types of stories, that include image stories and video stories too.

How to download stories from TikTok?

Using the TikTok story downloader of Thunderclap.com is easy and safe. All you need is a few clicks and patience of a couple of minutes to have the story downloaded on your device.

Step 1: Locate The URL

Find the story that you want to download on your device. To download it, you will need the link to that story.

Step 2: Paste The URL

On the dashboard of our TikTok story downloader platform, you will find a search box. Paste the copied link on the search box, and accept the terms and conditions after you hit on “Download.”

Step 3: Save The Story

After you hit the “download” option, the story starts getting downloaded to your device. Once downloaded, you can save the Tiktok content anywhere on your system you want to, and access it the way you want.

With no compromise in the quality, you will have the TikTok story downloaded fast and efficiently.


Enjoy the Watermark-free TikTok Videos

Our TikTok story downloader is free to use and offers one of the best features for the users to make the most of it. You get to safely download any story from the platform, be it yours or someone else’s. 

We also offer a free TikTok story downloader and an editing tool that enables you to make the required edits to the file if you want to. The downloaded file is free of watermark, and of the same quality as there on the platform. We do not compromise on the quality and enable you to download the complete file in full resolution. 

You can easily then repurpose the downloaded TikTok stories anywhere you want to. Play the video on any media player, and download the story using any browser or operating system. We have all of it covered through our free TikTok story downloader tool.

Customer Reviews

Check what our customers have to say about their experiences with us in these honest reviews and ratings.

customers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rated 4.7 (100 Reviews)

The TikTok story downloader of Thunderclap.com is easy to use, and I love it when it allows me to share the file on other social media platforms, too. The best one, to my knowledge.


I have been using the story downloader platform of this website for a few years now, and I must say they are unmatched. On some days, I download 50 stories, and there are absolutely no restrictions.


I recommend their TikTok story downloading tool to everyone. It is very easy to use and has everything at your fingertips.


Out of all the story downloader platforms for TikTok, I have tried, the one by Thunderclap.


The TikTok story downloader is a great to that enables me to download any number of stories from TikTok for free. It is also easy to use and provides results within seconds.


Thunderclap.com offers the best story downloader platform for TikTok. Its editing tool is an excellent addition for me.


I can now happily download stories from TikTok and repurpose them as per choice through the Thunderclap.com downloader platform.


Their TikTok story downloader is the tool that I recommend to all my friends. It allows anyone to download multiple stories at the same time for free.


If you want to download stories from TikTok, the platform of Thunderclap.com is the one you should try. It doesn't ask for any passwords or confidential information and offers the highest quality services.


I have been using the TikTok story downloader of Thunderclap.com for a few months now, and I must say they are the best. With no compromise in the quality, you get the best results.


Thunderclap.com has a decent platform that enables downloading of TikTok stories. It has no cost, no quality damage, and is entirely safe to use.


My search for a reliable tool for TikTok story downloader HD came to an end with Thunderclap.com. It is free to use and second to none.


Thunderclap.com enables easy downloading of public stories from TikTok. It is very easy to use and trustworthy, with a good market reputation.


The platform to download TikTok livestream downloader helps me keep my memories with me forever. I can post and download them all for free.


I recommend the TikTok live video downloader of Thunderclap.com to everyone. Only a few seconds of wait, and the video story is on my device in the exact same quality.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is using the TikTok Story downloader safe & legal?

Yes, using a reputed TikTok story downloader no watermark like ours is entirely safe and legal. Safely, you get to download stories and repurpose them for personal use.

Where is my TikTok story?

You get to see your TikTok stories live on the profile, in between the standard feed. To differentiate stories from the normal feed, they have a small “story” icon on the top left corner.
So, get our online TikTok saver story download today and see your account grow with our services.

Can I save TikTok story without watermark on my Android phone or tablet?

Yes, there are no limitations with the device type on which you can download and save TikTok stories without a watermark. Our story-downloading platform can be easily accessed from any device.

How to save TikTok Story without watermark on my iPhone or iPad?

To save the story on your iPhone or iPad, you will have to open Thunderclap.com’s story saver TikTok, no watermark tool on the same device.
Copy the URL of the story, paste it on the search bar, and then click on “download.” The story gets downloaded on the device from which you access the platform.

What is the best TikTok story downloader?

The best TikTok story downloader without watermark (HD) is the one that allows you to safely download any number of stories for free. The one offered at Thunderclap.com is unbeatable, as it is safe to use, respects privacy, and is absolutely free.

How can I download TikTok stories without watermark?

By using the TikTok downloader stories platform of Thunderclap.com, you can easily download TikTok stories without a watermark. Our platform is safe to use and offers quick results.

How do TikTok stories work?

Save favorite TikTok stories from any other social media platform and share moments from your daily life with your followers in an intimate and authentic manner.
Stories last for up to 24 hours and, after that, disappear. If you want to review them again and again, you will have to download Stories Phone for free on your device.

Do I need to pay to use the TikTok story downloader?

No, at Thunderclap.com, our online TikTok story downloader is free to use for the entire lifetime. Not even for once, you will have to pay us to download stories from the TikTok platform.

How to download TikTok stories on a mobile phone?

Downloading TikTok story videos on your mobile phone is super easy with our online TikTok story viewer and downloader. Access our platform from the device and save your choice of story on it with the help of the link to the TikTok story.

How to save video from TikTok story to my gallery?

Once you have the TikTok story downloaded on your device, open the downloaded file and move it to the gallery. Saving stories from TikTok in your gallery is very easy.

Where is my TikTok story visible?

After you post a story on the TikTok platform, the same is visible under the colorfully highlighted avatar of your profile. The stories are watchable by your followers and, if you have a public profile, by everyone on the platform for up to 24 hours.

Can I download a fast TikTok Stories saver?

Yes, you can download videos, stories, and slideshows from TikTok in mp3 or mp4. The downloader of Thunderclap.com is fast, safe, and reliable to use, for everyone.

Where are downloaded TikTok Stories saved?

The stories that you download from TikTok are saved on the device from which you access our platform. Our platform can be accessed from any device, and hence, you can have a TikTok story downloaded on your PC, laptop, tablet, or even phone.

Does TikTok Story Downloader store downloaded Stories?

No, the TikTok story downloader online of Thunderclap.com doesn't store any information about the user or the story that you are downloading. We offer discreet services and ensure the complete privacy of our users.

Can I download mp3 music from TikTok Stories?

Yes, you can download MP3 music from TikTok story video downloader, but not through the same tool. You will need another tool, Thunderclap.com, to separate the music from a TikTok story and then download it in MP3 format.

Does the TikTok story downloader support editing the TikTok story when downloading?

Yes, at Thunderclap.com, we offer an essential editing tool enabling our users to do minimal editing through story saver TikTok with no watermark. The editing tool is also free to use and allows users to make adjustments as per choice.

Does TikTok story downloader have a limit on downloading TikTok stories?

No, there are no limits on the number of TikTok stories you can download from our TikTok story downloader platform. You can download any number in a day or even in an hour. The tool is free to use for a lifetime.