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What is a TikTok Hashtag Generator?

The advanced TikTok tag generator by Thunderclap.com instantly provides you with a list of resembling and competing hashtags to complete your captions. Without hashtags, captions are incomplete. Very few people will read your captions without hashtags because the reach would get extremely slow.

Hashtags boost the visibility and reach of your posts enabling them to show up on the ForYouPage. Hashtags have been one of the oldest and most significant elements of search engine optimization, and our Free AI TikTok hashtag generator simplifies the process of generating high-value hashtags in less time.


Why Do You Need a TikTok Hashtag Generator?

The TikTok hashtag generator tool by Thunderclap.com will make finding competent keywords or hashtags for your TikTok posts ten times easier. The time that goes into searching hashtags can be put to use for finding better content ideas.

Finding each hashtag separately is a tedious and time-consuming process. You can solve this problem with the hashtag generator tool that will help you get relevant hashtags in seconds. And, then, all you need to do is copy and paste the hashtag into the caption to complete it.


Features of Our TikTok Tags Generator

The TikTok hashtag generator is unique and specializes in TikTok reach enhancement. Other such tools give generic hashtags, but this tool by Thunderclap.com is unique and customized for TikTok users. Hashtags generated from here will boost your visibility on TikTok.

Besides efficiency and uniqueness, the tool is safest against the user's privacy. No user will encounter an attack on their private data while using the tool. The TikTok hashtag generator generates high-quality hashtags integrating users' safety.

Overall, the tool leverages first-hand support in:

Find competitive and high-reach hashtags

Save creators's time and allow them to focus on TikTok content and trends

TikTok Hashtag Strategies to Find Right TikTok Hashtags for Your Videos

Finding the right TikTok hashtags is the way to explode your profile's reach and enhance visibility. There are a few pointers that you must keep in mind while generating hashtags for TikTok posts! Find them out below.

Use Keyword That Directly Relates to The TikTok Post

You must pick a keyword that directly relates to the TikTok post. That can help you find your primary keywords. For example, use the keyword, cleanser for a post that talks about cleansers or cleaning the skin.

Pick Keywords Describing TikTok Post

When generating hashtags for TikTok posts, you need to use keywords that describe your content in a word or two. For instance, you must use the keyword skincare when generating content for a TikTok post based on cleansers or cleaning the face.

Use Indirect Keywords

Don't forget to pitch the indirect keywords. They help you reach out to the interested users. For example, use the keyword hair care to generate hashtags for a post based on cleansers and cleaning the face. It is because people interested in skincare are most likely interested in hair care!


How Does This Tiktok Hashtag Generator Work?

The TikTok hashtags generator for TikTok by Thunderclap.com has powerful API integrations that seek a contemporary and robust solution. It means you can generate trending and high-value hashtags leveraging the mammoth AI data when using our tool.

The AI reads millions of text scripts on the internet to provide high-ranking hashtags for all specific keywords and prompt attempts.

We have other tools like TikTok username generator, caption generator, and more that make your TikTok ride smoother and more efficient! You can try them out and accelerate your content creation speed.

How to Use This Tiktok Hashtag Generator?

Using the best TikTok hashtags generator by Thunderclap.com is the simplest. It is quick, easy, and requires a few steps only! Here's what you must do:

Step 1: Describe Your Content

List down a few words that describe your content. It should be such that it explains your content to make the tool understand what it is that you are asking for.

Step 2: Add Your Keywords

Add a few keywords centered around your content. Also, pick keywords from TikTok search history to find a few trending hashtags.

Step 3: Generate and Paste

Once you have sourced the details, let the tool do that job. It will take a few seconds to generate relevant hashtags for you. Copy and paste with the TikTok post caption and publish your post!

Tiktok Hashtag Best Practices: 7 Tips

Hashtags benefit TikTok posts better when used correctly and paired with best practices. There are certain factors to consider when adding hashtags to the TikTok posts. Here's a list of seven best hashtag practices to get maximum results!

Use Relevant Hashtags

Consider using hashtags that are high in search rankings. Also, look for ones that are still active amongst TikTok users. Do not use hashtags that are already dead.

Find a Niche and Popular Hashtags

Search for popular as well as niche hashtags on TikTok posts. This includes using hashtags that relate to your content, and also ones that rank higher.

Stay Updated with the Trends

TikTok is a constantly evolving platform, and you must keep yourself updated about popular trends, challenges, and content to find high-ranking hashtags.

Limit the Number of Hashtags

Limiting the number of hashtags involves settling on a number. You don't want to use as few as two hashtags or as many as twenty. Keep it limited to somewhere in between.

Create a Personalized Hashtag

You can also build a personalized hashtag and then ask your followers to use it in their TikTok videos to reach and build a community.

Use the #ForYouPage Hashtag on All Posts

The #ForYouPage hashtag is a universal keyword because you would want your content to reach more users for your pages. Hence, use this hashtag on all posts.

Add a Few Hashtags to Your Video's Comments

Do not forget to add a few hashtags to your video's comment section. The algorithm will find more sources to stream information and source the post to more users.

Customer Reviews

Check what our customers have to say about their experiences with us in these honest reviews and ratings.

customers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rated 4.7 (100 Reviews)

It was never fun for me to find hashtags for my TikTok content. With this free TikTok hashtag generator, finding high-value hashtags has become easier. Love it!


This TikTok hashtag generator app is so amazing like, it helps generate some high-ranking hashtags. I have used it, and I must say, I am in love with this tool.


Hashtags on TikTok used to be a tedious job, but I am glad I found Thunderclap.com's TikTok hashtag generator free. Now, it's smoother to find good TikTok hashtags.


Love this TikTok trending hashtags generator tool by Thunderclap.com. It is so easy to generate the best hashtags for the TikTok account with it.


Thunderclap.com always takes the lead when it comes to social media tools. This hashtag generator is a masterpiece. The hashtags are relatable and efficient.


Love this TikTok hashtag generator. It quickly generates specific hashtags for any keyword. This one is too amazing. I would recommend it to all TikTok creators!


I am a TikTok creator and this tool saves so much of my time. I don't have to hunt for hashtags anymore. Loved it!


This tool is very handy to me. Like, I can quickly generate hashtags for my TikTok posts anytime and anywhere. This one is too good!


Out of all the TikTok tools by Thunderclap.com, this one has to be my favorite. I would recommend it to all my fellow creators on TikTok.


This is the best TikTok hashtag generator to generate active TikTok hashtags. I would recommend it to all TikTok creators.


This TikTok hashtag generator does not hang. I used it 20 times, and it still works smoothly and fast. It is the best one I have used so far.


The TikTok hashtag generator by Thunderclap.com has become my everyday handy tool for TikTok content creation. Love it!


This TikTok hashtag generator is a life-savior. Since the time I have been using this tool, publishing videos on TikTok does not seem heavy.


I have tried other TikTok hashtag generator tools, but this one by Thunderclap.com is the best one in my experience.


Guys, give the TikTok hashtag generator the right keywords and generate relevant hashtags easily. It takes just a few seconds to do it with this tool!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate hashtags for any keyword or topic?

Yes, the TikTok viral hashtags generator by Thunderclap.com can generate relevant hashtags for any keyword or topic.

How to add hashtags to a TikTok video?

Adding hashtags on TikTok videos is not different. You have to merge it with your post caption on TikTok. Generate hashtags from the tool by Thunderclap.com, and copy and paste them with your caption.

How often do the generated hashtags change?

Hashtags are keywords and they don't change. They are topics a user would search on TikTok and keywords TikTok algorithm will use to understand the content and float it to the interested users.

How many hashtags should I use on TikTok?

You should use a minimum of four to five hashtags on your TikTok posts. However, the maximum should go up to ten to fifteen hashtags, but good ones.

Is your hashtag generator for TikTok free to use?

Yes, it is the best hashtag generator for TikTok by Thunderclap.com is a free tool. You don't have to pay anything before or after using the tool. Also, there are no hidden charges added!

How often are the trending hashtags updated?

All the trending hashtags on TikTok are updated every time the trends go out! There's no specific time, however, it typically ranges from 1-3 weeks!

Can I use TikTok hashtag generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the best TikTok hashtag generator for personal as well as business accounts on TikTok. There is no such limit, and you have to generate hashtags through keywords and find whatever you need.

How many hashtags are recommended in one TikTok video?

A basic count of 8-10 hashtags is considered a standard size for TikTok content! The number is not too less neither seem too stuffing.

Is there a limit to the number of TikTok hashtags I can generate?

There is no such number of TikTok video hashtag generators that our tool swears by in this context. You get all the hashtags that the TikTok hashtag AI database could find. For certain keywords, it is higher, and for some, it is comparatively low!

Do I need to create an account to use the TikTok Hashtag Generator?

No, the tool does not require creating any account to use it. You can open the tool and directly start using it!

How does TikTok hashtag generator ensure that its hashtags are relevant?

The TikTok viral hashtag generator by Thunderclap.com has AI integration which works with millions of information on the internet. Additionally, it is programmed to pick the newest data.

Can I customize the hashtags that TikTok hashtag generator generates?

Yes, you can always customize hashtags as per your needs. The TikTok hashtag generator generates the best hashtags, and then you can always mold and fold them as preferred.

What kind of hashtags can I generate with a TikTok hashtag generator?

You can generate all kinds of hashtags with the TikTok hashtag generator by Thunderclap.com. From beauty, lifestyle, fashion, tech, food, and vlogs, to a variety of other niche content, you can generate hashtags easily and quickly with the TikTok hashtag generator.