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How does Thunderclap Work?

How We Work

How To Buy TikTok Views?


Select Targeted & Real TikTok Views Quantity

Buy real, authentic, and targeted TikTok views for your business as per your requirements. We have TikTok views packages starting at just $1.49.


Share Your TikTok Username And Email ID (No Password)

The next step is to fill in the information about your TikTok account like your username or email ID. We do not ask for your passwords to deliver views to your account.


Get Instant Delivery Of Real TikTok Views

Receive fast delivery of real TikTok views on your account without any delays in less than 24 hours. You can buy 40000 TikTok views package to buy 100000 TikTok views.

Customer Reviews

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"After buying views from them for several months, they still continue to impress with their top-notch TikTok views service, delivering exceptional growth within 24 hours."

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"The low prices made me unsure of whether I should try or not. But I'm glad I decided to buy TikTok views from them—instant delivery, real views, and affordable prices. What more to say?"

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"From their free trial to becoming a regular customer, I have bought several packages of TikTok views from them. And every time, the delivery is instant, and the views are real. Great service."


Buy TikTok Views

Buy TikTok Views Today And Get Instant Results

Do you think your TikTok videos are falling short of views? Do you want to increase your views and earn money on your videos? If yes, buy cheapest TikTok Views at just $1.49 from Thunderclap.com and increase awareness about your brand, business, creator, and influencer. 

We are the best website to buy genuine TikTok views at affordable prices. Our bought TikTok views are from authentic viewers. With us, you can increase the engagement on your profile and conversion rate by 3x. Buy cheap TikTok views today and see the growth of your profile from Day 1.  So, make people aware of your brand and double your reach on the platform. Our buy TikTok views legit services are available in various types of TikTok views packages, from Buy 30000 TikTok Views to Buy 15000 TikTok Views you can choose the package that suits your needs. We also provide instant deliveries to all our customers without any delays.

Thus, buy views on TikTok and see how your social media platform grows with us.

Here are some of the USPs you can avail by buying TikTok views from us: Real TikTok Views

Purchase premium, high-quality, and non-drop TikTok views to your account and increase your reach on the platform.

Instant Delivery

We offer quick deliveries of affordable TikTok plans to your account in less than 24 hours to amplify your account’s engagement.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our TikTok views services offer guaranteed refunds to our customers. So, if you face any delay or are unsatisfied with our services, you can get your money back.

24*7 Customer Support

Our professional customer team is just a call, text, or email away to answer all your queries and doubts without any waiting period.

Multiple Payment Options

Get hassle-free and secure payment options to buy TikTok views from us. Our payment options include UPI, cryptocurrency, debit card, PayPal, credit card, and more.

No Password Required

Our team does not require your password to deliver TikTok views services to your profile. Just fill in your TikTok account’s username or URL.

Reasonable Prices

All our services are at affordable prices so that every small and big business, brand, influencer, and creator can buy TikTok views for their profile.

Why should you buy TikTok views For Your Account?

TikTok is one of the popular social media platforms with a huge fanbase of 800 million people logging in daily to the app. It can help you raise awareness about your brand and business, but for that, you will need massive engagement in your profile.  One of the many ways to increase this engagement on your profile is to buy TikTok auto views. Why? Because TikTok views indicate that your content is relevant to your audience, and thus, people are watching your videos. It also helps you rank high on the For You page and make it easy for your potential audience to discover you.

Thunderclap.com is one of the best places to buy TikTok views and you see your TikTok account grow. We will help you increase viewership on your TikTok videos with our different packages. You can choose the TikTok views package that suits your needs and maximizes your growth on the platform. With us, you can attain popularity, reach, and credibility for your TikTok profile. Our TikTok views price is also affordable.

Another reason you should invest in purchasing them to increase TikTok views and earn monetary benefits from the platform. With more than 10000 monthly views on your videos, you are eligible to get paid from the platform for creating engaging content. With our services, you can achieve this target faster than ever and earn money from TikTok.
So, now you know how to boost TikTok views and establish yourself as an influencer. What are you waiting for? Buy TikTok views generator service today and maintain your presence on the platform. Our customer support team will be available to help you in every step.

Why Important

Who Buys TikTok Views From Thunderclap.com?

TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users to grow your account. It is one of the most used apps by brands, influencers, businesses, and creators to spread awareness about their ventures through 30-second video content.

The platform has a wide variety of TikTok categories and thus targets a range of niches for different users. These categories allow brands and influencers to reach their target audience and create content that gets them more views.

Here are some of the trending categories that buy 200000 TikTok views from Thunderclap.com and increase their reach, popularity, and brand awareness on the platform:

We serve more than 100K entertainment content creators on TikTok. From humorous skits and duets to trendy filters, the entertainment category is filled with addictive content, and that’s why it demands more vanity metrics. 

We help Entertainers with auto-engagement for TikTok growth so that their videos start trending on the platform. If you are an entertainment content creator, buy 20000 TikTok views to garner the attention of your viewers and increase your reach to more people, making it easy for them to discover you and help you grow your account by 3x.


From basic foot-shuffling to highly choreographed routines, the dance category is full of content that is re-created by millions of users to earn fame on the platform. And that’s why we serve dancers and choreographers to gain more visibility on their dance videos by delivering organic results and you pay less prices for TikTok views.
It is one of the most famous categories that has given birth to many TikTok stars. These TikTok stars, dancers, and other choreographers often buy 15000 TikTok views from Thunderclap.com to grow their accounts, become famous on the app, and gain credibility for their talent.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness journey, healthy snacking, and home and gym workouts by fitness enthusiasts have made Fitness one of the most popular categories on TikTok. But with more opportunities comes more competition. With more than 300B views on these videos, many personal trainers, professional athletes, and dieticians trust Thunderclap.com for delivering real success.

The #Fittok is the standard hashtag with more than 48.9 billion views, attracting many fitness enthusiasts to buy 5000 TikTok views from us to make their videos go viral. This way, they can garner the attention of their audience, increase their social media presence, and sell their sports products by growing engagement on their TikTok profile.

Beauty & Skincare

Fitness journey, healthy snacking, and home and gym workouts by fitness enthusiasts have made Fitness one of the most popular categories on TikTok. But with more opportunities comes more competition. With more than 300K views on these videos, many personal trainers, professional athletes, and dieticians trust Thunderclap.com for delivering real success.

The #Fittok is the standard hashtag with more than 48.9 billion views, attracting many fitness enthusiasts to buy 5000 TikTok views from us to make their videos go viral. This way, they can garner the attention of their audience, increase their social media presence, and sell their sports products by growing engagement on their TikTok profile.


Many TikTok users use TikTok to create 30-second videos in the fashion category. They showcase their style inspirations, favorite outfits, and brands to encourage others to buy from them. And that is why these fashionistas and designers need Thunderclap.com to get authentic views on their content. 
The fashion category has more than 238 billion views, which means so many people repeatedly search for them and engage with fashion brands or influencers on TikTok.  If you are one of them, buy 2000 TikTok views to increase your ranking, engagement, reach, credibility, and awareness about your brand on TikTok.


Foodies all over the world share their favorite meals and recipes on the platform. At times they recreate them at home or give their little twist. We at Thunderclap.com partnered with many professionals and home chefs and offered them genuine TikTok views to increase their engagement and reach.
Currently, #Cooking has more than 141 billion views, #Food has 486 billion, and #Recipe has 65+ billion views on TikTok. So, if you are a food enthusiast, buy 10000 TikTok views from us and garner people's attention to your content. We will help you build awareness and earn the loyalty of your customers through engaging content.

Why Important

Why are TikTok views important?

TikTok views play a very crucial role in the TikTok algorithm. They showcase how often people have visited a profile to watch a video. With more views on your profile - your content is shown, liked, suggested, and shared with your potential audience. It helps you grow engagement on your profile, as more TikTok views show that your content is worth watching.

At Thunderclap.com, we provide genuine TikTok views to our customers so that they can reap the benefits of buying TikTok views and increase their reach and brand credibility. 

Get more TikTok views to set up unique trends and make you go viral on the platform. So, take a sneak peek and see how buying TikTok views can be beneficial for your TikTok account:

Boost Your Reputation

Build a good reputation for your brand by gaining thousands of views on your TikTok videos and creating an identity for your profile.

Increase Account’s Visibility

Increase your social media presence but gaining more views on your posts and videos and boost your reach, engagement, and visibility.

Rise In Profile’s Traffic

TikTok accounts with millions of viewers strongly appeal to the brand and attract the attention of the TikTok community to increase traffic on your profile.

Increase in Earnings

Gain over 10000 monthly views on your profile and get paid from the platform for creating engaging content through the TikTok Creativity Fund and TikTok Series.

Free Marketing

A huge amount of views on your profile helps you do better advertising, branding, and marketing of your business or brand by highlighting all the USPs of the brand.

Kickstarting Virality

Buying TikTok views can catalyze your profile, help you gain organic engagement, followers, and brand visibility, and make your content go viral.

Why Important

How does purchasing TikTok views help me gain TikTok followers?

Boosting your videos with TikTok views services will help you reach the For Your page faster and build your own TikTok community. The service will help you buy real and genuine viewers interested in your content and gain popularity on the platform. Our services align with TikTok’s terms and conditions to offer maximum benefits.

That’s why we offer our customers a one-in-a-billion chance - to create their own customized package. You can also choose from our list of packages, readily available on the website. To start, you can buy 50 TikTok views for your profile and see its impact on your profile.  

You can also buy TikTok views instant for your account and opt for an intelligent delivery so that your views can easily sync with the TikTok algorithm. So, are you ready to increase your reach and meet your target audience much faster? Then Buy TikTok video views today and see how it grows engagement on your profile and gets you more followers and likes.

How to get more views on TikTok videos?

Buying TikTok Views from a reputed site like ours is one of the ways you can get more views on your TikTok videos in less than 24 hours. However, there are a few other tactics that can help you create a snowballing effect on your TikTok views.
Here are a few organic strategies that you can use before buying TikTok views to increase your views on TikTok and build lasting engagement on the platform:

Tip 1: Use hashtags and keywords in your video descriptions and captions to start growing your TikTok account.  

Tip 2: Keep your video content under 30 seconds, as the attention span of users is much less.

Tip 3: Use trending sound effects in your videos to make your video rank higher on the For You page and grow TikTok page.

Tip 4: Target your niche audience so that they engage with your content organically and improve TikTok engagement.

Tip 5: Try How-to videos to show how your product and business work.

Tip 6: Engage in creating Duet content and stitch videos to generate more views for your profile

Tip 7: Team up with an Influencer or special guest to create various types of content TikTok promotes on the platform and reach a broader audience

Tip 8: Promote your TikTok videos on other social media platforms for cross-channel marketing

Tip 9: Set up a TikTok Creator or TikTok Business Account to get insights and metrics and build your own community.

Tip 10: Post your videos at the right time to get maximum engagement on your videos through likes, views, and shares to reach more potential TikTok followers.

Tip 11: Create high-quality videos to encourage people to engage with your content and leave a comment, like, or view.

Tip 12: Create Branded and Community TikTok challenges to spread awareness about your brand.

Is it Safe To Get More Views on TikTok?

Wondering why and how can you buy TikTok views from a safe platform? Well, buying views to grow your TikTok account is a strategy used by many influencers, creators, celebrities, businesses, and brands. It is 100% safe to buy TikTok views service from a reputable service provider like us. We serve genuine views to our customers and help them attract more eyeballs to their TikTok videos and posts.

With us, you get good TikTok views packages and 24*7 customer service to answer all your queries. The views bought from us easily sync with the TikTok algorithm so that you can get immediate growth on the platform. However, in case you are unsatisfied with our services, you can ask for a refund. So, stop waiting and start purchasing genuine TikTok views from real viewers for your TikTok profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TikTok views?

TikTok views indicate how many times a video has been seen by users worldwide. A view is recorded each time a user views your video.

What is our buy TikTok Views service?

Our service offers authentic TikTok views from real accounts, helping you boost your profile credibility and visibility while abiding by the platform's guidelines. We do not sell TikTok views bots or fake views.

What counts as a view on TikTok?

When someone watches your video on TikTok for three seconds or more, it counts as a view. When a viewer returns to watch it, those viewings are recorded as fresh ones.

How many views can I buy for my new TikTok video?

Your needs and available funds will determine how many views you may purchase. There are packages for buying real TikTok views that start at 1000 views and go up to 200000 views.

How long will it take to receive TikTok views?

Typically, after purchasing TikTok views, they should start reflecting on your chosen video within 24 hours. From us, you get to buy TikTok views fast but the time may vary depending on the demographics and the number of views purchased.

Will TikTok views help me increase my organic impressions?

Yes, buying TikTok views can significantly increase organic impressions. When a video gathers a substantial number of views swiftly, it's more likely to appear on other users' feeds, thereby gaining more organic impressions.

Can I target specific countries for my TikTok video views?

Yes, Thunderclap.com allows users to target specific countries for your TikTok videos. You can target based on region, gender, age, and even certain interests.

Which TikTok view packages do you have?

We offer a variety of TikTok views packages of TikTok views for sale, tailored to different needs, from starter packs for beginners to larger packages for professionals seeking maximum reach. So, if you are planning to purchase TikTok views, check out our website today.

How many TikTok views should you buy?

This depends on your goals and budget. If you're starting out, buy TikTok real views in smaller packs, as it might be more appropriate to test the process of buying TikTok views. As your follower base grows, you can opt for larger packages for wider reach.

How much do TikTok views cost?

The cost of TikTok views varies widely based on the number of views you want to buy. We request you to visit our website for more insights on pricing.

Do Hashtags on TikTok get you views?

Using relevant hashtags can improve your content's reach and potentially increase your views. However, simply using popular hashtags without relevance to your content could prove useless.

What is your largest views package on TikTok?

The TikTok views package starts from 1000 and goes up to 200000. But it's crucial to pick a bundle that fits both your spending limit and your desired level of visibility.

Will purchasing views make me money?

Yes, financial benefits may result if you buy TikTok views quickly. Brands seeking sponsorship or collaboration opportunities will be drawn by increased visibility.

How to increase TikTok views on my profile?

Increase your TikTok views on your profile by employing successful tactics. One of the best way to get TikTok views is to buy high-quality TikTok views or followers for the profile.

Are replays counted as views on TikTok?

Yes, replays are counted as views on TikTok. If a user watches your video multiple times, each replay will count as a separate view.

Can other users see who has viewed my video?

No, other people cannot see who has seen your videos on TikTok. The platform simply shows the overall number of views that a specific video has earned.

Can I get banned for buying views on TikTok?

No, purchasing views on TikTok won't get you banned. The practice to buy TikTok views instantly is common and used by many TikTok users to increase their exposure and authority. So, plan to buy TikTok views today and seek growth on the platform.

Is the purchase of TikTok views legal?

Purchasing TikTok views is safe unless you do not violate specific guidelines. It becomes more of an investment when you buy top quality TikTok views services from a reputable and trustworthy service provider like Thunderclap.com.

Does purchasing TikTok views services work for public profiles?

Yes, purchasing services work best for public profiles, as private accounts restrict access to their content, preventing any purchased views from being added.

Can I split the purchased TikTok views across multiple videos?

Yes, you can split the purchased TikTok views across multiple videos. It is best recommended to plan out how you want them to be distributed before you buy real TikTok views.

What payment methods do you accept?

Numerous payment options are accepted by us, such as bank transfers, PayPal, and popular credit and debit cards.You can also buy TikTok views with Apple Pay. We guarantee the security and privacy of all of your private information using our SSL-encrypted payment channel.

Can I get a refund?

If we are unable to provide the requested views or if the service does not come up to your expectations, there is a return policy in effect. Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 365 days a year.

How fast is your TikTok views delivery?

Some providers promise instant delivery, while others may take up to 24 hours. We guarantee a gradual increase in views rather than an abrupt increase to maintain authenticity.

How do you find TikTok views?

On TikTok, finding views is rather simple. A video's view count is shown in the lower right corner of the screen once it has been posted. As more people visit your video, this count rises.

Do you offer a free trial for the TikTok views Package?

Yes, we offer free trials for TikTok view packages to showcase our services' effectiveness. These trials usually offer 1000 views over a specific period before requiring payment for continued service.

Which is the cheapest place to buy TikTok views?

Thunderclap.com is the most reliable and affordable site for purchasing TikTok views. Recall that purchasing from a reliable source is essential to guarantee authenticity and prevent violations of TikTok rules.

Total Price: $2.75