How To Find A YouTube Channel’s Most Popular Videos
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Struggling to find the most popular videos on a YouTube channel? This blog simplifies it for you.

If you are a creator or even a general user, sometimes you might want to look for popular videos on a YouTube channel. This could be for the purpose of gaining insights for content creation or just simply enjoying the videos.

But it might be difficult sometimes for some people to find the most popular videos on a YouTube channel. Well, this blog provides all the steps that you need to follow to find the most popular videos! 

Let’s get started!

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How To Find A YouTube Channel’s Most Popular Videos? 4 Easy Steps

Finding a YouTube channel video that has gained popularity can help users understand the content creation method in a better way. You can find any YouTube channel’s most popular videos in the following 4 steps:

#Step 1: Open YouTube and search for the desired channel

Just open YouTube and in your smartphone app or on your web browser. In the search bar, type the name of the desired YouTube channel whose popular videos you are looking for.

#Step 2: Navigate to the channel’s page

After searching, you will see that the results have popped up. You can select your desired channel. Once you click on the channel’s name, you will see that you just entered the channel home page. 

#Step 3: Click on the “Videos” tab

On the channel, you can see the uploaded videos. Above those videos, various options must be visible, like “home,” “playlists,” etc. Simply click on the videos option, and the list of all the videos uploaded by the channel will be displayed.

#Step 4: Sort the videos by selecting the option: Popularity

In the Videos section, there’s a way to sort the videos. Look for a dropdown menu or icon and choose the ‘Sort by popularity’ or ‘Most popular’ option. This will show you the videos with the most views at the top.

3 Ways To Find Popular Videos On YouTube

If you want to search YouTube’s most popular videos among all the videos available on the platform, then these three methods will help you:

#1. Search by Category

Let’s say that you are looking for content related to a specific field. On YouTube, we call it a “category.” We can search for popular videos of a particular category. Type in the category or keyword you’re searching for in YouTube’s search bar.

Click Filters at the top left, then select “Sort By,” and click “View Count.” In this manner, you will be provided a list of widely viewed and appreciated videos of a particular niche.

#2. Search by Channel

Now, let’s assume that you really enjoy watching videos of a particular YouTube channel. You can search for popular videos of specifically their channel as well.

To access the channel’s page, simply type its name into the YouTube search bar. Once you’re on the channel page, click the’ Videos’ tab to sort videos by popularity.

#3. Browse Trending YouTube Videos

The “Trending” section of YouTube is a resource for finding the content that users are currently watching the most on the platform. This section is accessible through the YouTube menu.

The trending page has various videos currently popular among the audience, covering a range of categories from music to news and more. 

Benefits Of Finding YouTube Channel’s Popular Videos

A lot of you might be thinking, why should I search for a YouTube channel’s popular videos? Well, the following are the following benefits of finding a YouTube channel’s popular videos:

#1. Content Insight: 

When we analyze the popular videos of a channel, we actually get to know that there is a type of content that the audience really resonates with. There might be a specific pattern in the title, thumbnail, or hashtags. 

This insight into the content can help us in creating content strategies. 

#2. Identification of Trends or Styles Within a Niche: 

Analyzing popular videos helps identify trends or emerging styles within a specific niche. 

This understanding can aid content creators in staying relevant and updated in their content creation.

#3. Engagement Metrics: 

Engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, are found in popular YouTube videos. 

Analyzing these data can provide insights into the factors that attract more viewers and show how to repeat this kind of success in upcoming videos.

#4. Inspires Idea Generation: 

Seeing what types of videos gain popularity can bring new ideas for content creation. We can take ideas from the popular videos and learn from them.

It can inspire new topics, formats, or video-making approaches for Youtube content creators.

#5. Helps in Optimizing Marketing Strategies: 

We can learn a lot from popular videos, such as getting an idea about our target marketing strategies.

This includes knowing what to promote more, which videos to use in advertising campaigns, and how to target the audience better.

#6. Helps in Improving Channel Ranking: 

Popular videos have visibility and ranking on YouTube. It’s a wise move to find viral videos and utilize them to inspire content creation for your video. 

Understanding what drives YouTube video popularity can benefit marketers, content producers, and even viewers looking for quality content. 

Criteria By Which YouTube Videos Are Considered Popular

The popular videos on YouTube can provide us with some very important insights by which we can understand the criteria that make videos famous on this social media platform.

The most important criteria by which any YouTube video is considered popular are as follows:

#1. View Count: 

When many people have watched a video, it indicates that the video might be interesting. This view count attracts new viewers. And this becomes a loop. A high view count ultimately indicates that the video is popular amongst people.

#2. Engagement Metrics: 

This refers to the number of shares, likes, and comments a YouTube video receives. A high number of these indicates that viewers are actively engaging with the video, demonstrating its popularity.

#3. Watch Time: 

This indicates how much time viewers have devoted to a particular video. Longer video viewing sessions typically indicate a high level of audience interest in the content of that video on YouTube.

#4. Rapid Growth in Views: 

Videos that gain views quickly indicate to the algorithm that content is gaining the attention of many users. This rapid growth can result from current events, viral content, or effective promotion, making it a popular video.

#5. Relevance to Current Trends: 

Videos that align with current trends or viral topics become popular as they resonate with a larger audience looking for content related to those trends. This high traffic makes YouTube video to be considered as famous.

#6. Audience Retention: 

This is about how long people watch a video before they stop. When a video keeps viewers watching for a longer time, it means the content is really interesting and keeps their attention, which helps make the video popular.

Tips To Make YouTube Video Popular In 2024

If other channels can have their videos on the popular list, then why can’t you?  Here are some tips on how you can make your videos gain popularity on YouTube:

#1. Create Engaging Content: 

Ultimately, the audience is the king. So, creating content that resonates with a larger audience and attracts viewers is the most important tip to make your video popular on YouTube.

#2. Optimize for SEO: 

Optimizing our video includes using relevant hashtags, proper titles, and thumbnails, which can help improve its visibility and reach a wider audience. 

#3. Promote Across Other Social Media: 

You can use other social media platforms to share your YouTube videos on other platforms. This cross-platform promotion can attract viewers from different demographics.

#4. Engage with Your Audience: 

Whatever video you post, you ultimately put it out for the audience. Reply to their comments and appreciate viewers in the video for their support. This engagement creates a genuine connection and can help you gain loyal subscribers.

#5. Collaborate with Influencers: 

Collaborate with influencers or other content creators to tap into their audience base. This can introduce your content to a wide audience and add variety to your channel.

#6. Utilize YouTube Ads: 

Invest in YouTube advertising to reach a targeted audience. Ads can help increase visibility, especially when you’re trying to establish your channel.

#7. Analyze Performance Data: 

It is important to check whether the content we have been posting is working. Analytics can help with this. One can get a lot of feedback from analytics regarding our content and can improve accordingly.

#8. Consistent Posting Schedule: 

Nothing can give you better results than consistency. Post content on a regular basis. Make a posting schedule and post constantly. It will keep our channel active and increase our chance of getting popular on the platform.

#9. Incorporate Trending Topics: 

Stay updated with current trends and execute them into your content creation strategy. This can make your videos more relevant and will also enhance their reach as trendy topics help in the better ranking of videos.

#10. High-Quality Thumbnails and Previews: 

Make sure your video thumbnails look great and grab attention. A really good thumbnail can make a lot more people want to click on your video.

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This blog has made it really simple for you to find the most popular videos on YouTube. 

Whether you want to search it for a particular channel, by any specific category, or on YouTube, we have covered it all. 

For all the content creators out there, you can easily follow these steps and analyze the popular videos to gain some insights about them!


#1.  Can I sort videos by popularity on a YouTube channel?

Yes, you can sort videos on YouTube channels based on their popularity. Go to the channel of your choice and click the “Videos” tab. Next, click on the “Popular” button under the Videos section.
If you don’t see that button, click on the “Sort By” filter toward the top right of the screen and select “Most Popular” from the menu.

#2. Can I see the view count of all videos on a YouTube channel?

Yes, you can! In any Channel’s video section, you can see the list of all the uploaded videos and their view count.

#3. Can I see a YouTube channel’s popular videos without signing in?

Yes, you can find a channel’s popular videos without signing in to YouTube as a guest user.

#4. How often is the popularity ranking updated on YouTube?

YouTube updates its popularity rankings regularly, though the exact frequency isn’t publicly specified. Changes in video views and engagement can alter a video’s ranking reasonably quickly.

#5. Can I sort YouTube videos by both popularity and upload date?

You can either sort the videos by popularity or by upload date, one at a time.

#6. Can you track the rising popularity of a newly uploaded video?

Yes, you can track the rising popularity of a newly uploaded video through YouTube Analytics if it’s your video. For other channels’ videos, watching view count and engagement metrics over time can indicate rising popularity.

#7. Why is watching popular videos good for making content?

Well, these videos give you a peek into what people really like to watch, what’s trending now, and smart ways to grab people’s attention. This info is super helpful for creators and marketers for planning marketing strategies.

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