How To Watch Private Videos On YouTube 2024
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Although YouTube is a platform where most of the videos are available for public viewing, for some videos, this might not be the case. YouTube has a setting that enables its creators to designate certain content as private videos as an additional measure to safeguard their YouTube content. 

Videos their creators do not wish the public to see can be viewed privately on YouTube. Here is a guide to help you understand how to watch YouTube private videos and the actions you can take to view inaccessible content on YouTube.

How To Watch Private Videos On YouTube?

You can watch private videos on YouTube using a few different methods. Here, we have offered some easy and safe strategies for your assistance in watching private YouTube videos.

#1. With creators’ access or permission

With the consent of the YouTuber or the owner of the channel, watching videos on YouTube is simple:

  • Contact the person who owns the video and ask them to email you the invite to watch the URL 
  • You can view the video if they reply by sending the link

But occasionally, we still need help seeing the private video on YouTube after receiving the link. Therefore, the following explanations could be accountable:

  • Verify that your YouTube account is accurate and active
  • You use the same YouTube account the link is sent to
  • The owner may need to share a unique link for the video to play

#2. Without the creator’s permission

If you want to view private videos on YouTube without getting approval from the YouTuber or the owner of the channel, follow the directions below:

  • Step 1: Click on the private YouTube video you want to watch
  • Step 2: Erase and delete the watch from the YouTube URL
  • Step 3: Click on the update link

Note: This step might only work for some of the users.

 #3. Watch private videos without signing in

These ways will allow you to unlock the privacy and watch the videos again if you’ve already watched them and they’re now tagged as private.

  • You can go on VideoCacheViews to get the video that was downloaded to your cache
  • Video will be turned into a new format like Mpeg-dash
  • You can now convert your MP4 format with the help of the software GPAC
  • You can play the cached version of the private video on YouTube using the VideoCacheView utility.

Once you follow these procedures, you can determine whether you qualify or the artist has given you access to a private video on YouTube by looking at the signs mentioned in further content.

How Do I Know If I Can View A Private Video On YouTube?

Check these lists to quickly determine whether you have authorization to view a private video on YouTube.

#1. Check your email

Check your email inbox to find out if you have gotten an email from that creator’s channel. The email content will also include a link to the video if you have been invited to view a private one.

#2. Grant access notification from creators

You will typically receive an email notification if a creator has allowed you to view a private video.

Once you have access to private YouTube videos, you can watch and share them as required. Let’s learn the step-by-step process of sharing a private YouTube video. 

How To Share A Private YouTube Video?

Emailing the URL to a private YouTube video is a simple way to share it with others. Below is the step-by-step process of how to share and Watch Private Videos On YouTube:

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘profile icon’ on your YouTube account
  • Step 2: Select the option’ YouTube Studio’
  • Step 3: You will find the ‘Content’ option in the menu
  • Step 4: Go to the video you wish to share and tap on its ‘privacy-selected option’ (privacy, public, or listed)
  • Step 5: Once you see the dropdown, click ‘share-privately’
  • Step 6: You will be requested to enter the email ID; once you do, press ‘OK’
  • Step 7: Press the button ‘save’ to update your changes

You can securely share the private video by following these instructions. 

However, have you noticed that sometimes public videos are made private? To understand that, dive further into this article to view that kind of YouTube video.

Is It Possible To Watch A Private Video on YouTube That Used To Be Public?

If you wish to view a private video that used to be public, you can use the following methods as per your comfort & feasibility.


You can see a video through the Wayback Machine if the creator changes the video’s privacy settings from public to private. It will be necessary for you to know the video’s precise URL. 

You can locate the video in your browser history if you’ve already watched it. Not every video will be accessible. To see if you can view the video on, take the following actions:

  • Step 1:  Enter
  • Step 2: Tap on the ‘Wayback Machine’ button at the top
  • Step 3: Search the video URL
  • Step 4: Choose the year when was video was public
  • Step 5: Find the day when the video was available
  • Step 6: You can find the video to watch it

#2. Examine Google’s cache

Google’s cache occasionally contains old screenshots of YouTube videos that have been removed or turned private. The likelihood of a video being in Google’s cache decreases with time. You’ll need to be aware of the video’s precise URL. 

You can locate the video in your browser history if you have already watched it. To examine Google’s cache, take the subsequent actions:

  • Step 1– Go on
  • Step 2– Search the video URL
  • Step 3– Press on ‘Google web cache’
  • Step 4– You can now watch the cached version if it’s available

#3. You can also use ‘YouTube Finder.’

Finding copies of videos that have been removed or made private is the area of expertise for the tool YouTube Video Finder. 

To find matches, it will search the internet for copies. The video’s precise URL must be known to you. The video might be in your browser’s history if you’ve already watched it.

  • Step 1– Go to the YouTubevideofinder site
  • Step 2– Search the video URL
  • Step 3– You can now find the search results of the video

After learning more about private video-watching methods. Let’s understand the distinctions between these public, private & unlisted videos.

What Are YouTube’s Private, Public, And Unlisted Videos?

A person can switch a video’s privacy settings to Private, Public, or Unlisted before posting it to YouTube.

#1. Private

It implies that the YouTube video is only visible to individuals you have invited and won’t appear in search results or on any of your lists of suggested videos.

There can be at most 50 usernames, and individuals must be signed into their YouTube accounts. Someone who wasn’t invited won’t be able to view or connect to it if you attempt to share it with them.

#2. Public

Everyone can view the video on YouTube because that is the default setting. It is accessible to the general public and can be shown in suggested videos and search results.

#3. Unlisted

When a YouTube video is unlisted, it is not displayed on your channel or in search results. The connection is only visible to a small group of people.

Anyone who does not have a YouTube login or account is welcome to receive the link from you. Anyone could still view this kind of video, but they would need to have a link.

Now that you understand how they differ, read further for additional advice. 

Things You Should Know About ‘Private Videos On YouTube’

Take a look at these brief but essential notes while watching private videos.

👉Works only when creators grant access

👉Sign in to the account where the creator sent you the request

👉If the video was public earlier, use Google Cache or other sites to re-watch

We hope these tips help you, but if you can’t watch private videos you can access, move further to know why.

Why Can’t I Watch Private Videos I Have Access To?

Sometimes, you cannot access the videos for which you have permission for various minor or major reasons. If so, ensure you follow these recommendations to do everything correctly.

👉Make sure your creator’s account is correct- The creator’s YouTube email and its’ YouTube account name should be linked, and you must be sent the invite for the link to the right creator’s account. 

👉YouTube account- You might have different emails to log in to your YouTube account. Make sure when you open the link given by the creator, that you should be signed in to your YouTube account with the same email the link has been sent to. 

👉’ Incognito or private window ‘- Never search the link sent by the creator on incognito or private window. You may not get the original result of the link. 

You can view the private video after fixing these pointers. Moving further, Let’s explore more out-of-the-box ideas for watching private videos besides these techniques. 

Read More:

5 Extraordinary Ways To Watch A Private Video On YouTube

A collection of other ways to watch private videos on YouTube are mentioned below:

#1. Joining membership

On YouTube, many content providers offer membership plans that let users pay a monthly subscription to access exclusive material. Joining the creator’s membership gives you access to exclusive videos and additional benefits.

Buying a creator’s membership plan can be a terrific way to view their private videos while backing their work if you regularly love what they create.

#2. Interacting with creators’ community

Private video access may be possible by participating in a creator’s community on social media discussions or platforms. Makers frequently provide their most devoted followers access to unique content.

As a thank you, you can watch private videos on YouTube by actively participating in conversations, contributing insightful comments, and showing your support.

#3. Utilizing Invitation links

Occasionally, artists could distribute invite links to their exclusive videos. It avoids the requirement for a direct request; these links can provide access to particular people or groups. 

You can easily view the private video by clicking on the invitation link if you receive one. Remember to honor the creator’s wishes and only share the URL if specifically asked to.

#4. By using third-party tools

Many third-party applications and websites claim to provide free access to YouTube’s private video content. When considering using third-party tools, you should use trusted tools with genuine good reviews.

Also, remember that you have no access permission from the video creator. It is best to rely on legal ways to prevent repercussions.

#5. Diving into exclusive content platforms

There are additional venues outside YouTube where creators have exclusive material available. These sites are primarily for sharing exclusive videos, behind-the-scene shots, or excellent content.

You can access more special videos and a wide variety of material beyond YouTube’s network by investigating these other services.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned various ways to watch private videos on YouTube, enjoy your favorite YouTube content and enhance your watching YouTube video experience. The best way to do this is to seek direct permission from the creator and always respect the terms and conditions of the uploader and platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all unlisted videos private on YouTube?

No, they aren't private. With the URL, anyone can see and share unlisted videos and playlists. If an Unlisted video isn't added to a Public playlist, it won't be visible to other viewers of the "Videos" tab on your channel page and won't display in YouTube search results.

Is it possible to share a private video on YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to share private videos on YouTube easily but to view that video creator's permission is required.

What should I do after receiving the owners' permission to watch the private YouTube video?

Watching private videos requires logging into the YouTube account the creator invited you to use.

Why can't I watch private videos on YouTube?

A few YouTubers have privately selected privacy settings by which people can only view private videos if the channel URL or individual films are shared. Since the private videos are hidden, they cannot be viewed in the search results and will not be suggested to anyone.

Is it possible to watch private videos without permission?

No, viewing private videos without authorization is not advised, as this may be against YouTube's terms of service. Respecting the choices made by the creator is crucial, as is getting permission before viewing private content.

Will I get in trouble if I accidentally share a private video?

You need to let the creator know right away. They can take the required steps to safeguard their material and stop unwanted access.

Can one share private videos with unauthorized access?

Even though access to private videos is restricted, you should proceed cautiously. To preserve the security and privacy of the content, refrain from sending private video URLs to unapproved parties.

Is it easy to convince creators to grant access to their private videos?

Be sincere, courteous, and kind while asking to view private videos. Describe what draws you to the material and offer compelling reasons for why viewing it should be allowed.

Can you watch these private videos legally?

Yes, you can view private YouTube videos legally, provided the video uploader has permitted you to do so. It is the only way to watch private YouTube videos lawfully.

Will I get into a problem if I watch these private videos?

No, you will not get into a problem if you have legal permission from its owner to watch these private videos.

Can the creator reveal my identity if I ask for private videos?

A creator's capacity to disclose your identity is contingent upon several circumstances, such as the platform or service you use to communicate with them, the privacy settings you have set up, and the creator's legal requirements.

Are these private videos safe to watch?

Yes, though it is challenging to assess the privacy of private videos with precise information about their content or origin, once you have permission, it is totally safe to watch private YouTube videos. Always be careful and follow the platform's rules.

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