6 Easy Ways To Watch YouTube Videos on TV
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Whether you want to stream movies or watch videos on YouTube, the experience gets better with a bigger screen.

Watching YouTube videos on your computer, tablet, or smartphone is a convenient way, but watching the same YouTube movies or videos on your big-screen TV enhances your viewing experience.

Now comes the question of how to watch YouTube on TV if your TV isn’t smart TV. Fortunately, YouTube can be streamed on Television in several ways. If your TV isn’t internet-based, you can use an external streaming device to make it into a “smart” TV. 

This blog will cover all the information you require to watch YouTube on a large screen with better images and sound.

6 Easy Ways To Watch YouTube Videos On A TV

Watch YouTube Videos On A TV

For watching YouTube videos on a TV, here are 6 methods explained in detail with a step-by-step process: 

#1. Smart TV or Gaming Console

Consider whether this is the best approach for you to watch YouTube videos. Check out the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check whether you have a smart TV

Do you have a modern smart TV that you can use to browse apps with the TV remote control and connect to the internet? 

Or, do you possess a modern gaming system like the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 that is connected to your TV and the internet?

If either of these statements holds, utilizing your device’s official app to watch YouTube will be simple. You’ll need to use an additional device to watch YouTube on a TV that isn’t online.

  • Step 2: Access your YouTube account and log in.

On the application screen of your TV or gaming console, look for the YouTube symbol. For example, if you have a PlayStation 4, you can download YouTube using the PlayStation Store app.

  • Step 3: To log in, select one of the three options displayed on the screen:

Mobile: After making your selection, open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet and log in by following the on-screen instructions.

TV: Use the on-screen keyboard to check in using your Google account.

Internet browser: To access a browser on any computer, phone, or tablet—linked to your TV’s WiFi network. After choosing, open your web browser, navigate to YouTube,com/activate, and confirm by entering the code shown on the TV.

  • Step 4: Start watching videos

After logging in, choose a video with the game controller or remote control on your smart TV. 

#2. Fix it up with a Chromecast

Streaming YouTube to your TV has never been simpler than using Chromecast. It may be used without a smart TV. Just follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the Chromecast to your television

Plugging a device into an HDMI port on your TV makes it simple to “cast” YouTube from your phone, tablet, or PC.

To utilize a Chromecast, you must:

·   TV needs to have an HDMI port accessible.

·   A Google Chromecast is usually priced at approximately USD 30.

· WiFi internet throughout your home. The device you’re streaming from and your Chromecast must be connected to the same network to use Chromecast.

· An iPhone, iPad, or Android device featuring the Google Home and YouTube applications.  

  • Step 2: Configure the Chromecast

The Chromecast needs to be turned on and hooked into an HDMI port. After that, you can use your phone or tablet to browse the internet.

  • Step 3: Select YouTube on your computer, phone, or Tab

You can now begin casting YouTube videos with your Chromecast setup. The app is available through search, the app list, or your home screen.

  • Step 4: Click on the cast icon

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of Google Chrome and choose Cast to begin scanning if you’re using that browser.

  • Step 5: Select your Chromecast name

It could be called something basic like “Hall Room TV,” or you might have given it a more imaginative moniker when setting everything up. 

  • Step 6: Enjoying watching videos

You can choose, search, play, and stop for videos in the YouTube app on your phone, tablet, or Google Chrome instead of a smart TV. 

#3. Binge on Apple TV

If you will binge on Apple TV, check out the below pointers for a smooth setup:

  • Step 1: Turn on your Apple TV, then find the home screen.

You can use the official Apple TV YouTube app to start watching YouTube videos on an Apple TV device that is third, fourth, or later generation. For the first or second generation, use Apple Airplay.

  • Step 2: Tap on the YouTube app

Your home screen displays the “YouTube” icon. Installing the YouTube app from the App Store is necessary if you don’t already have it.

  • Step 3: Sign in with your email ID

You can log in using one of three methods:

1. Choose Sign in using your mobile device to log in with the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.

2. Click Sign in on your TV to log in using the on-screen keyboard. 

3. Pick a browser on any device—PC, phone, or tablet—connected to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV. Sign in with it.

  • Step 4: Start binge-watching on YouTube

You can utilize the Apple TV remote control to search, select, pause, and play videos on YouTube, unlike when watching from a phone, tablet, or computer.

#4. Stick with Amazon Fire TV

Ask yourself if this is the right course of action for you. It’s easy to view YouTube on your TV screen with Amazon Fire TV, even if you don’t own a smart TV. To find out if this is the right choice for you, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Install and set up the Amazon Fire TV stick

Skip this step if your TV is already a Fire TV.

If you’re installing or setting up a Fire TV Stick, consider below pointers:

· After connecting the Fire TV Stick to a power switch, place it into an accessible HDMI port on your TV.

· If you haven’t already, change the batteries in your Fire TV remote.

· Activate the television and move the input to the HDMI port.

· Press and hold the Home button until the on-screen instructions appear on the TV screen. If you haven’t linked the remote yet, refer to the instructions.

· Use the remote to link your Fire TV Stick to your WiFi network. You will see the main screen after connecting.

  • Step 2: Select the menu
  • Step 3: Choose the YouTube app and sign in
  • Step 4: Start playing

Once everything is configured, navigate to and choose a YouTube video using your Amazon Fire TV remote to begin watching.

#5. Apple AirPlay

You can use this way to watch YouTube on your TV if it supports AirPlay and you own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

For more assurance, verify your TV model’s AirPlay compatibility on the internet. However, if your TV supports AirPlay, you can probably access YouTube on the TV via the built-in interface.

  • Step 1: Connect and set up with your Apple devices

Join the same wireless network as your TV by connecting your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Utilizing AirPlay requires this.

  • Step 2: Open YouTube on your Apple devices

The app that says “YouTube” in the app list on your phone or tablet is the red-and-white one. For Mac users, launch Browser and go to https://www.YouTube.com.

  •  Step 3: Start playing a video

A video that you click or tap should start playing right away.

  • Step 4: Tap on the Airplay casting icon

YouTube will now be instructed to look for devices that support AirPlay. Here’s how to carry it out:

👍 Apple iPhone or iPad: To access the controls, tap the video once. Then, click the casting icon located in the upper left-hand corner. The Google Chromecast symbol is seen on YouTube because it is a Google program. Select Bluetooth and AirPlay devices to start scanning.

👍 Mac: To search for AirPlay on a Mac, move the mouse pointer over the video until the controls display, and then click the AirPlay icon.

  • Step 5: Choose Airplay to enable TV or Apple TV

To accomplish this, either tap or click the item’s name in the list. The YouTube video will be instantly streamed to your TV via AirPlay.

#6. Roku

When it comes to streaming devices, Roku is a great choice. It has a ton of channels, including YouTube and Netflix. On your phone or tablet, you may do an information search with an app, and the user interface is intuitive. Start the adventure by looking at TCL Roku TVs!

  • Step 1: Switch on either Roku TV or a device

Turn your non-internet TV into a smart TV using a Roku streaming device. Roku streaming devices are inexpensive and straightforward to install.

  • Step 2: Take control of your Roku or TV remote

Using the Roku remote control, press the Home button. It’s the button featuring a house icon. Your home screen appears as a result.

  • Step 3: Choose streaming channels

Streaming Channels can be selected by swiping up or down. The Roku Channel Store is now accessible.

  • Step 4: Search for ‘YouTube’

Use the “Search Channels” section to look up YouTube. To choose YouTube, click the OK button when it appears in the search results.

  • Step 5: Add a YouTube channel

Go to the YouTube page and choose Add Channel. Now, your Roku will download and install YouTube. To begin the download, you should confirm your Roku PIN.

  • Step 6: Go back to the home screen and choose the YouTube app

Once installed, the YouTube icon can be chosen from the channel list on the home screen. 

  • Step 7: Log in to your YouTube account 

When you open the YouTube app, a code will appear on the screen. You need to use a computer, phone, or tablet web browser to validate that code to sign in. Here’s how you can do it:

· Go to YouTube,com/activate in any browser to access your YouTube or Google account.

· After filling in the blank with the TV code, click Next.

· After selecting Allow access, watch as YouTube opens on your television. If a prompt on your TV asks you to choose a YouTube account, use the Roku remote.

  • Step 8: Start watching your favorite YouTube videos

Navigate using the arrow keys, and choose a video by clicking OK. Have fun with your videos!

You can enjoy YouTube on TV now that you know about an alternative platform. To start with YouTube on TV, let’s quickly review some tips.

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Quick Tips For Watching YouTube Videos On A TV

Watch YouTube Videos On A TV

To make watching YouTube videos on a TV easier, consider these few easy tips to do the task smoothly.

#1. Connect your computer with a TV 

An HDMI cable can be used to connect your computer to a TV for use as a monitor. It lets you watch YouTube videos on your television by using your computer’s web browser.

#2. Use the web browser to visit the official YouTube website.

If you decide not to activate the YouTube app, open the browser of your Smart TV and go to the YouTube official website. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to avoid linking their Smart TVs to their Google Accounts.

You can access YouTube on TV by following these directions. Further, we will evaluate the necessity of watching YouTube videos on TV.

Why Should You Watch YouTube Videos On A TV?

Is watching YouTube on TV necessary when we can do it on our phones just as quickly? Let’s talk about the perks of watching YouTube videos on TV.

#1. The bigger the screen, the more entertainment: Everyone can sit on the bigger screen and watch YouTube videos together. 

#2. Family, friends, and fun: To play games together, for dance practices, for fun activities, watching YouTube on TV can be helpful and entertaining. 

#3. Group learning: For group studies and learning, YouTube on TV serves a greater purpose. 

#4. Children’s growth together: These days, it is witnessed that a lot of children are learning things from YouTube, and watching on TV helps both parents and their children to connect.

#5. Good for eyes: Watching YouTube on a mini screen can affect your eyes. However, on TV, it might let you enjoy without harming your eyesight.


We have understood different ways by which we can watch YouTube videos on television with this article. Select the method that suits your preference and is compatible with your device, and have a seamless YouTube video-watching experience on TV.


1. How can I watch YT on my TV, like a smart TV, without using a different device?

Connect a smart device, like a Fire Stick, Roku, or Chromecast, to your normal TV to activate smart TV capability.

2. Can I watch my local channels on YouTube?

Yes, you can watch local channels on YouTube if you have a paid premium subscription to YouTube TV.

4. Can I connect TV through the computer?

Yes, you can connect your computer to your TV and use it as a monitor by using an HDMI cable. You may now watch YouTube videos on your television by using the web browser on your computer.

5. How can I access free offline YouTube content?

To watch videos offline, save them to your device. The following procedures will allow you to download the video:

Navigate to the Watch video page.

Click Download or Tap More to view more options “Download.”
When the video is downloaded, it will become blue after the video has finished downloading.

6. Is screen mirroring an excellent option to binge-watch YouTube on TV?

Yes, it is an incredible technology that protects your portable device’s screen—like an Android or iPhone smartphone—onto a larger screen wirelessly. With it, you can easily enjoy movies, pictures, apps, and more on a big TV screen!

7. Can we cast YouTube on our TV with a USB cable?

Yes, you can use a USB cord to cast YouTube to your TV. If your TV has an HDMI port, you can use a USB-to-HDMI adapter.

8. Can we start screen mirroring from an any Apple device?

You can start screen mirroring from an iPhone or any Apple device.

9. Can I download YouTube videos on TV?

Yes, you can download YouTube on TV easily and watch it offline too.

10. After screen mirroring, can I use any other social platform?

Yes, after screen mirroring, you can use it for any Apps, videos, or pictures.

11. Is it essential to have a smart TV to play YouTube videos?

There are more ways to launch YouTube videos than smart TVs. For further information, see the aforementioned articles.

12. Is it safe to watch YouTube videos on TV?

Yes, it is entirely safe to watch YouTube videos on TV.

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