Top 20 Strategies For Rapid TikTok Growth
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On TikTok, it’s not uncommon to go from 500 followers to 56K in just 6 weeks. Take the example of a famous writer, Nat Eliason, or a popular brand like Piglet in Bed, and the list is endless. 

But how can you reach a wide range of audience and capture rapid growth? 

With this blog, we bring you the top 20 strategies for rapid TikTok growth.

Top 20 Strategies For Rapid TikTok Growth

The below-listed growth-strategies are handpicked after carrying out market research and gathering insights from TikTok. 

1. Follow Current Trends

Trends are critical growth factors on social media platforms like TikTok and utilizing trendy content, audio, hashtags, or challenges in TikTok video creation strategy can help gain more engagement on your account. 

If you scroll through the videos on the platform, you will notice most of the time, there are several videos made in a similar pattern or using the same audio. It is because the particular type of content is trending. 

To identify trending content, you should consume a good amount of content on the platform and look for audio clips that you can use in your TikTok video content creation strategy. 

2. Identify Target Audience

To seek the desired growth on TikTok, you need to know who your target audience is and what kind of content can enhance their interaction and involvement on your TikTok posts. 

It will give you an idea of for whom you’re creating content and the type of content that interests them. You can also look for the type of content your competitors are creating. 

Jot down some notes about the videos that gave them maximum engagement after observing them, and then apply them in combination with your unique ideas. This makes it easy to identify and attract more of your target audience. 

3. Create Your Own TikTok Challenge

If you feel that the current trends or challenges going around on the platform don’t suit your business niche, think and creating your own. Come up with a challenging strategy that resonates with your brand and also makes communication with the target audience. 

Do your research before starting a challenge, and promote it to the extent possible. Encourage more and more people to follow the trend, and soon, you will have numerous users know about your brand. 

Challenges are the heartbeat of TikTok and a lot of users come forward to take part in it. That said, it furthermore helps increase reach and visibility on the platform. 

4. Set Up A TikTok Business Account

If you want to increase your brand awareness or are planning to post content centred around your brand, sign up for a business account. 

A business account will help you better connect with your audience and provide insights into your engagement, audience data, performance, and more to help in creating better content strategies. 

Without a business account, you cannot access the advertising and marketing tools offered by the platform. These tools help increase your brand's visibility and target a defined audience. 

5. Add Appropriate Captions To Your TikTok Videos

Content accessibility is an integral thing to pay attention to and a key strategy on TikTok. You should add proper and closed captions to your videos on TikTok so that viewers get to know the context of your videos. 

Adding text overlay will showcase what the person in the video is saying. Though captions are a small thing, they will make a big difference. 

Relevant and niche-related captions will help your visitors understand what the content or brand is about. They will be able to resonate better, and the text in the caption will help increase the reach of your videos in related searches. 

6. Cross-Promote Your Content 

Let your audience on other platforms know that you are on TikTok. YouTube and Instagram are the best places to repurpose your TikTok videos. After uploading your content on TikTok, save it on your device with the platform’s logo and your account’s handle in the corner. 

It will help your audience on other platforms to easily find you on TikTok. Cross-promoting helps you reach new audiences, and using a single content piece, you can easily tap on double the audience than what you used to. 

7. Use Relevant Hashtags

Just like hashtags are essential for other social media platforms, they play a big role on TikTok, too. Captions will offer insights about your video or add humour, whereas hashtags make your videos reach new users on the platform. 

Tools like TikTok hashtags will help you find popular and rewarding hashtags with good followers. Adding them will be highly beneficial for your TikTok account discoverability. 

Before selecting the hashtags for your account, it is important to know your audience. As you start putting hashtags, TikTok will also suggest a few that are relevant to the ones you are already using. 

8. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is incredibly beneficial for creators as it helps them build a loyal community. Such content types bring more engagement to your account and add authenticity. By repurposing user-generated content, you give a shout-out to your audience and highlight your community.

People are more likely to interact with such posts and they also like brands appreciating their audience. It will help improve the engagement rate and also reach of your account. 

The best part is that without putting effort into creating your own content, you will get a lot of stuff to post on your feed. It is one of the best ways of supporting other content creators and expanding your reach. 

9. Use Stich Or Duet Feature With Viral Videos

You can stitch features of TikTok for your brand by stitching videos with viral videos. The feature is very effective in increasing the reach and engagement of your account. By making duets, you get a chance to create new content and also engage with other creators. 

If others make duet videos with you, their followers will see your content and come across your account. 

10. Use Trending Music

Music is a key factor when creating TikTok videos. The sound in your videos is highly beneficial in keeping your audience engaged and interested. Furthermore, the choice of sound should resonate with your video content and help users understand the whole video. 

We recommend using popular songs that your audience already knows and loves. The more famous song you choose, the higher the chances of your TikTok videos ranking on the algorithm. 

11. Be Consistent

Being consistent with your postings will help you in the long run. Your efforts to post content consistently will keep your audience interested, and they will wait for more. Ensure that your content aligns with your brand, and try to post more often. 

You should identify your niche properly, that is, the type of genre in which you want to create content. Choose the one on which you think you will have enough to talk about and engage your audience. 

12. Follow Top Creators On The Platform

The strategy is very useful for two major reasons. First, you will stay updated with the trending audio and content formats. Secondly, if you engage with their content, chances are your content will also start getting noticed. Joining the popular content creators is fun, whether you engage with their audience in the comments or stitch videos with theirs. 

Put yourself in front of the other creators, and wherever you feel there is an opportunity, join others. It may take more time than you expected to get along with them, but soon, your brand will be noticed by many. 

13. Add Proper CTAs

Many users may enjoy the content you post, but are they following you? Adding a CTA at the end of your videos can encourage new visitors to follow your account and stay updated for more. For instance, CTAs like “Let me know what you think in the comments below” can keep your audience engaged. 

CTAs not only make it easy for your audience to connect with you, but it also keeps them engaged with your brand. It makes them feel inclusive and involved with you. Using attractive CTAs will encourage more people to click on them and take the required action. 

14. Collaborate With Influencers 

Influencer marketing will work great on TikTok, besides Instagram. Working with influencers will make it easy for you to spread the word about your brand. You should keep in mind that influencer marketing involves some cost, depending on the level of influencers you work with. 

When influencers create videos for your brand and post them on their handle, your brand’s awareness among the masses, and also your target audience increases. 

15. Post At The Right Time

Posting your TikTok videos at an optimal time will help you make the most of your videos. By looking at the analytics of your account, you can pinpoint the best times for yourself. That said, the hours and days when most of your followers are online. Posting videos at the right time will help ensure your audience sees your videos. 

It helps increase the engagement and reach of your account. By posting at different times of the day, you will reach different audience types and fuel the growth of your TikTok account. 

16. Craft A Series With Multiple Videos

You can consider creating some interesting one-off videos, but you should also plan to post a content series. A series of videos will keep your audience coming back for more. Content series are popular on social media platforms, where a string of videos is interconnected. 

The format requires consistency and agility but is a rewarding one. It will help build a loyal TikTok community and bring heightened engagement to similar videos. 

17. Make Full Use Of TikTok Features

One of the best ways of making your content reach the masses is by fully utilizing the platform’s features. Engage with the audience, view content created by other creators, like, share or comment on the videos created by your audience, and similar other techniques will help you in the long run. 

TikTok offers a whole set of tools for creators, brands, and businesses to make the best use of the platform. You should fully utilize the ones available to your advantage. This will help you uncover some of the hidden benefits and effectively reach the masses with your content. 

18. Analyze Growth And Emphasize What’s Working

Study the analytics section of your TikTok account and see what is working for you. This will give you a clear understanding of whether you are heading in the right direction and creating the right content type for your target audience. Monitor your account's performance consistently and create similar videos to the ones performing well. 

Refining your marketing strategies is important for growing your TikTok account, and it is possible with data-driven decisions. Collect insights about your account from the TikTok analytics section and act accordingly. 

19. Nurture Your TikTok Community

You need to put in consistent efforts to grow your TikTok community. Not every time you create content will give you the expected results, and that’s okay. The audience’s interest on the platform keeps changing, and they keep looking for something unique each time. 

Closely observe how your audience reacts to the content you post and try to engage with them with polls, Q&A sessions etc. Respond to their comments, address their shares, and keep posting the content type they like. 

20. Invest In A Growth Service

Organic growth of your account needs time and consistent efforts. Moreover, if you are not finding time to build your online TikTok community, consider investing in TikTok growth strategies. Choose a reliable website that offers growth services for social media platforms like TikTok and increase brand awareness unexpectedly. 

The growth and marketing services for TikTok are growing in popularity because of the increasing competition on the platform. Though the service can help you buy followers, you will have to keep them engaged with your unique content strategy. 

Why Is TikTok Growth Important for Creators, Brands And Businesses? 

TikTok is booming with popularity when it comes to social media platforms and has billions of active users scrolling through the feed daily. The platform is not limited to businesses like dance or cooking classes. Instead, it provides tremendous potential for creators of all niches to reach their target audience. 

Boosting the reach of your content on TikTok will help businesses with increased conversions and more revenue. Additionally, the same will help influencers and content creators achieve their goals, collaborate with some of the major brands with which they have always wanted to, and have a high potential to build lasting relationships with their target audience. 

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Best TikTok Categories To Grow In 2024

If you are figuring out the type of content you want to create on TikTok to seek growth instantly, we recommend creating content on popular categories. The platform has a vast range of categories, out of which we have picked a few that will give you the best results. 

Dance Videos: Since the app's launch, dance has been the most popular category. Its inclusive and intuitive factors make it famous. The platform has a good amount of fresh content uploaded, re-created, and stitched in the category. 

Fashion: Many users look for content in this category for inspiration. Creators share their styling sense or their favorite outfits with the audience. A large number of fashion inspiration videos are found. 

Collaboration Videos: One of the categories in which you will find numerous videos made daily by influencers and brands. It involves creating content to promote the products or services of a brand. 

Tutorials: Another popular category that has a lot of videos made daily. You can create tutorial videos to bring more viewers to your account. 

Daily Life Videos: Many content creators on the platform have gained good reach by creating videos on their daily lives. It is also a well-perceived category on the platform that will help you gain momentum. 

The Bottom Line: Use The Power Of Proven TikTok Strategies

The growth of an account on TikTok is unrivaled, and we see it staying strong in the future as well. You can implement the above-mentioned strategies and see what works well for your TikTok account. Remember to measure your profile’s performance to determine insights on areas of improvement. 

Consistent efforts, crafting high-quality content, strategic planning, and approach will help you achieve significant growth. Roll your sleeves up and start making your TikTok profile stand out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok’s growth strategy?

TikTok’s growth strategy refers to connecting and engaging with your audience to grow your profile or brand’s awareness and reach. The steps taken for growth revolve around experimenting with content formats and making decisions from the available data.

What is the fastest-growing category on TikTok?

The fastest-growing category on TikTok, as per the reports, is “entertainment”. The category has been the most popular consistently for years and is still booming, with a lot of content created daily.

Is 500 views good enough for my TikTok account?

Getting 500 views on your videos when starting on TikTok is a good number. However, there is no definite number of video views that you can consider successful for your account.

Can I get 10k views on TikTok?

You can expect 10k views on your videos if you have been uploading content for a while now, on TikTok. Reaching the number for beginners is tough, but consistent efforts will help you attain objectives.

What is the best TikTok strategy to grow organically?

TikTok growth requires experimenting with different content types. You will need more than one strategy to achieve the desired results. Organic growth is a process that takes time and will need consistent dedication.

Is it essential to use hashtags on TikTok?

Is it essential to use hashtags on TikTok?

How can I engage with other creators on TikTok?

Engaging with other creators is one of the easiest ways of bringing more engagement to your account. You can check their content, like, share, and comment, and also take inspiration from there. Taking part in trends and challenges relevant to your brand is helpful too, in fostering consumer loyalty.

How can I increase TikTok followers on my account fast?

Taking part in popular trends and challenges, creating content your target audience is interested in, adding relevant hashtags, and posting at optimal times are a few strategies to help you attain goals and attract followers on TikTok quickly.

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