How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Instagram
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Has someone viewed my Instagram profile secretly?

Well! This question must have come across your mind at least once.

The answer to this unanimous question is that you just cannot know who viewed your Instagram profile. 

Instagram doesn’t provide a direct feature for this, but you can definitely see who engaged with your content in the form of likes and comments. Also, you can see who viewed your Instagram Story in the last 24 hours.

Here, in this blog, let us deep dive into the different ways to know about the secret visitors to your Instagram profile.

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How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Instagram?

How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Instagram

To know who viewed your Instagram profile could be exciting for many, but unfortunately, this feature is unavailable on Instagram.  The platform doesn’t provide a direct “who viewed your profile” feature; however, there are certain ways to know who interacts with your content.

3 Steps How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Instagram 

Lets Discuss all steps How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Instagram in details

#1. Steps To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Stories

Step 1: Login to Your Instagram App
  • Open the app on your Android or iOS device.
Step 2: Tap on Your Story
  • Access your story by tapping your profile picture or navigating the “Stories” section.
Step 3: Tap Activity
  • Once you’re on your Story, tap the “Activity” option. You will get a list of users who have viewed your story.
Step 4: A Pop-Up Appears with the List of People Who Viewed the Video
  • A pop-up window will display the names of those who have viewed your story. This provides a snapshot of the audience engagement with your temporary content.

#2. Steps To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos

Step 1: Sign-in Instagram App
  • Download and log in to your Instagram app on your mobile phone.
Step 2: Tap the Profile Icon
  • Click on the profile icon, and you will get to see all your photos and videos in one place.
Step 3: Select a particular video 
  • Click on the video you want to see the number of views it has received.
Step 4: Find the total number of Views
  • After you open the video, you will see the total number of views the video has received.
Step 5: Scroll the list of the names who liked the video
  • Once you open it to check the number of views who liked your video, you can see the names of your audience and their profile. But you cannot see the profile of your audiences when you try to see the number of views. It will just be shown in the number count.

3 Alternative Ways To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Curiosity about who views your Instagram profile is common, but unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer a native feature for directly identifying profile visitors. However, there are alternative methods that can provide insights into your audience engagement.

#1. Monitor Your Instagram Stories/ Highlights

Instagram Stories and Highlights offer indirect clues about profile viewers. While the platform doesn’t disclose specific names, you can see who viewed your stories in the last 24 hours. 

If you consistently notice the same accounts interacting with your stories, it suggests they are interested in your content and may frequently visit your profile. This method doesn’t provide a comprehensive list, but it offers a glimpse into the engagement patterns of your audience.

#2. Switch To Instagram Business Account

If you want more detailed insights into your profile visitors, consider switching to an Instagram Business Account. This account type provides access to Instagram Insights, a feature that offers analytics on your account’s performance. 

Although it doesn’t disclose the identity of specific profile viewers, it offers information on the regions, demographics, and peak activity periods of your followers. Analyzing this data can help you better understand your audience and create content that will maximize engagement.

#3. Making Your Private Account to Public Account/ Professional Account

Converting your Instagram account from private to public or switching to a Professional Account can indirectly reveal profile visitors. Public accounts inherently have broader visibility, making your content accessible to a larger audience. 

This increased exposure may attract more profile visits. Additionally, a Professional Instagram Account provides insights into your audience’s demographics and behavior, allowing you to optimize your content strategy.

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Third-Party Apps That Help You Know Your Instagram Profile Views

Although Instagram itself doesn’t have any feature to help you know about the visits to your profile, several third-party apps are available in the market and also claim to provide accurate data regarding the visits. 

These third-party apps should be cautiously considered as they can risk your user’s privacy by asking for more personal information. 

Here are some third-party applications you can use to know who views your Instagram profile:

#1. For Android: Follower Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram claims to provide detailed analytics about your Instagram profile, including information about who views your posts and interacts with your content the most. 

The app presents data in user-friendly graphs and charts, making it visually appealing for users seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their Instagram audience.

#2. For iOS: Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App is designed for iOS users and operates similarly to its Android counterpart. The app claims to offer insights into your Instagram profile views, allowing users to see who has recently visited their profile. 

Unlike other third-party apps, it has an easy-to-use design and extra tools for monitoring your followers and engagement stats.

However, it’s crucial to note that Instagram’s policies discourage the use of third-party apps that promise to reveal profile viewers. Even if these apps are very appealing, you should proceed cautiously. 

The accuracy of these apps is also questionable, as Instagram constantly updates its algorithms, making it challenging for external applications to provide real-time and accurate data.

How Can I Increase the Number of People Viewing My Instagram Profile?

In the vast landscape of social media, standing out on platforms like Instagram requires strategic efforts to boost visibility. Here are the three fundamental approaches to increase the number of people viewing your Instagram profile. 

By combining these three strategies, you should be able to create a solid foundation for expanding your Instagram presence.

#1. Make Your Instagram Account Public

The simplest yet often overlooked strategy is ensuring your Instagram account is set to public. Privacy settings restrict visibility, and by switching to a public account, your profile becomes accessible to a broader audience. This foundational step is crucial for anyone aiming to expand their reach on the platform.

#2. Post Engaging Content Regularly

Consistency is always important when it comes to creating or posting content. Grow profile visits on your account by regularly posting on your profile. Also, the Instagram algorithm favors accounts that frequently post and boost their visibility on users’ feeds. This can include a mix of captivating images, interesting captions, and even stories or reels to diversify your content.

#3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags serve as a powerful tool for increasing discoverability on Instagram. Research and implement popular and relevant hashtags in your posts to reach a wider audience interested in specific topics or themes. 

However, it’s essential to maintain a balance by not posting excessive hashtags, as this behaviour can be noted as spam at times. Instead, you should focus on the important hashtags that match your post.

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Determining who viewed your Instagram profile remains a mystery, as the platform intentionally safeguards user privacy by not providing direct visibility into individual profile visits. 

While curiosity about profile viewers is common, it’s important to rely on Instagram’s native features, respecting the platform’s privacy policies, and avoiding potentially unsafe third-party apps that claim to offer such insights. 

Embracing the inherent privacy of Instagram promotes a secure and user-friendly environment for all.


#1. Is it possible to know who viewed my Instagram Profile?

No, Instagram does not provide a native feature that allows users to see who viewed their profile. The platform prioritizes user privacy, and this information is intentionally kept confidential. Be cautious of third-party apps claiming to offer this functionality, as they often operate against Instagram’s policies and may pose security risks.

#2. Can someone tell if I viewed their profile on Instagram?

As of Instagram’s current features, no users cannot see who viewed their profile. The platform doesn’t notify users about profile visits to maintain privacy. 

#3. Can someone see how many times I viewed their Instagram profile?

No, Instagram does not provide information on the frequency of profile views. The platform keeps profile visit data confidential, ensuring a level of privacy for users. 

#4. Does an Instagram Business account know I’m viewing their content?

No, Instagram Business accounts cannot see specific individuals who view their content. While Business accounts have access to analytics that provide insights into overall audience demographics and engagement, individual profile view information is not disclosed.

#5. How can I block who stalks my Instagram profile?

Instagram does not offer a direct method to block individuals from viewing your profile. By changing your privacy settings, making your account private, and exercising caution while sharing content, you can, however, maintain control over who sees your content. 
Remember, there is no proper way to spot Instagram profile stalkers. If an app claims to offer this, exercise caution and prioritize your account’s security.

#6. Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?

Yes, if you view someone else’s story, they can see that even if you don’t follow each other. Though Stories are designed for temporary sharing, you can still see whoever views it, but only for a 24 hrs period of time.

#7. Can I check who viewed my Instagram highlights after 24 hours?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide a feature to see who viewed your highlights after the 48-hour expiration. Once the highlight duration expires, the platform no longer retains specific viewer data for that content

#8. Can I see who screenshots my Instagram story?

As of now, Instagram does not notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. Instagram does not have this feature so as to encourage more natural and private interactions among users.

#9. Can you see who saved your Instagram photos?

No, Instagram does not provide information about who saved your photos. Saved content is private to the user who saved it, maintaining a level of discretion and respecting user privacy.

#10. Can a third-party app show who viewed your Instagram account?

While third-party apps can offer insights into profile views, it’s essential to approach them with caution. Instagram discourages the use of such apps, and they may pose security risks. The platform does not support or provide information on individual profile viewers to maintain user privacy.