Trendy Instagram ID Names or Usernames for Girls and Boys
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With over 1.4 billion Instagram users, one way to differentiate your account from others is by creating a unique username. Therefore, girls and boys desperately search for good Instagram ID names.

But what if your search ends here? Yes, this guide will share more than 350 trendy Instagram ID names or usernames for girls and boys.

Further, it will reveal the secrets of setting up the best username with a guide on changing your Instagram username. So, let’s begin!

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350+ Trendy Instagram ID Names for Girls and Boys

As every Instagram user is different, their profession, style, attitude, thinking, etc., will differ from one another as well. Therefore, choosing a username that perfectly showcases your personality is important.

So, check out our selection of over 350 Instagram usernames and pick a suitable Instagram ID. All the username ideas will pique your audience’s attention quickly.

#1. Trendy Cute Username for Girls

Explore the handpicked suggestions of extremely cute usernames for all the girls out there. These adorable usernames for girls perfectly blend sweetness and style. So, choose any username and create a statement with every click.

  • cute_princess
  • thecalmhustler
  • thebarbiegirl
  • drama__queen
  • angelbyheart
  • Balloon_Face
  • Sizzling_senorita
  • sweetlikesugar
  • Darling_Dragon
  • Little_Miss_Cupcake
  • Silly Goof
  • Piano Girl
  • Snooty Cutie
  • An Aphrodite
  • Gummy Bear
  • Hollywood Girl
  • Everything Bagel
  • Misses and Kisses
  • Rainbow_Pearls
  • Silent_Eyes
  • Honey_Bell
  • Starry_Angel
  • Piggy_Honeybear
  • Honey_blossom_dimples
  • Strawberry_Applepie
  • Bubbly-Snowflake
  • Cute_Circle
  • Misty Moles
  • The_Internet_Princess
  • Jasmine Moon
  • Marsh_mellow

#2. Trendy Cute Username for Boys

You can mix your masculinity with trends by choosing the following cute Instagram IDs for boys. It will reflect what you do and who you are, helping you up your Instagram game.

  • Beacon_Bin
  • Caption_master
  • Cool_Whip
  • Far_racer
  • Eye_lover
  • Floating_heart
  • FoggyFoam
  • Greasy and Grassy
  • Hitch_hiker
  • Jackhammer
  • Lil_Shark
  • Man_of_the_hearts
  • meN_citY
  • Moneyflashy
  • Neurotic
  • Heartbeat_skipper
  • bigB_Rest
  • Mollen_Mist
  • The_Thunder
  • Pasta_Pins
  • Genuine_genius
  • Billy_Hills
  • Lowercase_Guy
  • Foodieforever
  • Local_lion
  • Boy with a cute face
  • Crazy Joker
  • Skyscraper
  • Candy Cough
  • Manhattan_men

    #3. Aesthetic Username for Girls

    Often girls find ‘never heard before’ usernames for their Instagram account. For those, here are some super aesthetic and unique Instagram usernames that can make your profile stand out from the crowd.

    • Legends of Narnia
    • Moon Babe
    • Fresh Like Freesia
    • Paradise Heights
    • Peachy Princess
    • Billie Jean
    • White Bug
    • Old and Rusty
    • Anonymous
    • Mad Woman
    • Psychotic Girl Bands
    • Eyeliners Ripped Jeans
    • Emo kids of 90’s
    • Freckles on my Skin
    • Sugar Giggles
    • Giddy as a Child
    • Little Stitious
    • Curious Chloride
    • Donut Holes
    • Nerd Dog
    • Alpha and Lambda
    • 22 And Already Tired
    • Moronic Acid
    • Evil Spawn
    • Illicit Heart
    • Nachoozzz
    • Designated Martian
    • Mad Mammals
    • Soft and Mushy
    • High on Caffeine

    #4. Aesthetic Username for Boys

    If you are looking for aesthetic user IDs for Instagram for boys, wait here! Read the following selection of top aesthetic usernames to help all the boys exude their coolness and confidence.

    • Heavenly Haze
    • Mystic Flame
    • Love Pistol
    • Oceanic Oracle
    • Thunderbolt Blaze
    • Mystic Knight
    • Celestial Savior
    • Phantom Phoenix
    • Oceanic Aurora
    • Dragon Donkey
    • Sense of Rumour
    • Seabreeze Soul
    • Phantom Prince
    • Mystic Ninja
    • Dream Wisp
    • Nightfall Guardian
    • Crimson Raven
    • Ethereal Euphony
    • Willow Whisper
    • Enchanted Essence
    • Monkeytail
    • Velvet Phantom
    • Sea Storm
    • Oceanic Oasis
    • Wildfire Blaze
    • Celestial Siren
    • Stellar Bloom
    • Ember Frost
    • Luminous Lagoon
    • Enchanted Meadow

    #5. Stylish Username for Instagram for Boys

    Being stylish can never go off the trends on social media platforms like Instagram. So, what about having a stylish username as well? If you are a fashion influencer, these usernames can mirror your stylish lifestyle.

    • BossMan
    • SwaggerMaster
    • MrPerfectionist
    • TheGentleman
    • TheMaverick
    • MrAttitude
    • TheRider
    • MrConfident
    • The_Viking
    • TheConqueror
    • TheWarriorKing
    • MrWild
    • TheLegendMaker
    • TheProdigyChild
    • TheTrailblazingTrendsetter
    • King of Devil’s
    • Soul Hacker
    • Dad of devil
    • MrUnstoppable
    • TheDetermined
    • MrSmooth
    • TheAudacious
    • ThePatriarch
    • MrPowerhouse
    • TheGameChanger
    • Insta King
    • Hell Boy
    • Dead Deal
    • Swag Boy
    • Ghost Rider

    #6. Stylish Username for Girls on Instagram

    Instagram-savvy girls can use stylish Instagram usernames to showcase their elegance and beauty. The following trendy and stylish usernames will set your profile apart in the fashion world of Instagram.

    • QueenlyVibes
    • RebelChic
    • SassySiren
    • BadassBabe
    • FearlessFashionista
    • GirlbossGlow
    • ChicChick
    • GlamGoddess
    • StyleSiren
    • BossBabeVibes
    • TrendsetterTales
    • ClassyCouture
    • EdgyElegance
    • FashionFrenzy
    • GlamorousGirl
    • FierceFemme
    • HighFashionista
    • BoldBeauty
    • LuxeLady
    • MajesticMaven
    • PoisedPrincess
    • RadiantRebel
    • DaringDiva
    • ChicConfidence
    • EmpoweredEnchantress
    • FabulousFierce
    • GlitterGoddess
    • HighHeelHottie
    • IconicImpressions
    • JetsetJewel

    #7. Savage Username for Girls

    Girls can reveal their fierceness through the savage user IDs for Instagram. All these savage Instagram username suggestions can help the girls leave a strong impression on their profile visitors.

    • Vanilla Cutie
    • Pretty Screen
    • Saver Morning
    • Dew Life Lover
    • Lover of Love
    • Cutest Flatmate
    • Stunning Light
    • Fresh Daisy
    • Daddy’s Princess
    • Doll Face
    • Insta Lover
    • High Maintenance Babe
    • Always Fruity
    • Rare Gem
    • Garden Rose
    • Pretty Poison
    • Dirty Whiter
    • Ya Future Lover
    • Sweet Aunty
    • Fresh Foam
    • Funny at Parties
    • Summer Bunny
    • Baby Face
    • Sweet Sounding Violin
    • Scented Angel
    • Blue-eyed Mermaid
    • Bold Touch Big
    • Jelly Hub
    • Future Queen
    • Adorably charming

    #8. Sassy Username for Boys

    Boys can be sassy and bossy, too, right? So, discover the best sassy Instagram usernames and tell your profile viewers about your cheeky personality. Select something that makes your username as bold as you are.

    • Kingofstyle
    • BossMan
    • TheRuler
    • Fearless Fighter
    • Fearless Firecracker
    • Bold Boss
    • The Bold Explorer
    • Style Icon
    • Swaggy King
    • The Braveheart
    • Jazzy Wolf
    • Snazzy Guy
    • Suave Dude
    • Funky Rider
    • Bold Fella
    • Driven Champ
    • Slick Soul
    • Brazen Prince
    • Enigmatic Chap
    • Gritty Rebel
    • Edgy Warrior
    • Funky Prince
    • Bold Operator
    • Savage Sheep
    • Swag Guru
    • Curious Chad
    • Lively Owl
    • Dizzy Guy
    • Goofy Puppy
    • Roaring Panda

    #9. Cool Instagram Username for Girls

    Are you still scrolling through your other social media profiles to find attractive and cool usernames? Fret not! Here are some fantastic and cool Instagram usernames for girls that can capture your personality.

    • Mellow Queen
    • Cupcake Hugs
    • Broadway Queen
    • Chocolatey Queen
    • DivaDinner
    • Moon Maker
    • Twilight Queenbee
    • Tigger Fresh
    • Capo Queen
    • Cutezinworld
    • Royal Prince
    • Bikewithgirl
    • ChessPrince
    • Magic Peach
    • Kitty Shine
    • Lovecapri
    • natureBase
    • Admire The Girl
    • Sizzling Teapot
    • Sparkly Champagne
    • Colourful Poppins
    • Gold Peonies
    • Sugary Heaven
    • Star Shadow
    • Classy Claire
    • Magic Lily
    • Popcorn Pixie
    • Pretty Lilac
    • Resilient Girl
    • Tweed love

    #10. Cool Username for Boys on Instagram

    Boys searching for usernames that offer a cool vibe can pick anything from the following list. All the given username ideas will improve your online presence and keep you attractive and frosty.

    • Silver Shades
    • Nucking Futz
    • Yoyo Guitarist
    • Feature Swag
    • Compact Racer
    • Virgin Vanilla
    • Heart Ticker
    • Bean Never Seen
    • Tiny Hunter
    • Creepy Camp
    • Beacon Boss
    • Magical Mutes
    • Gamer Tales
    • Interior Bad
    • Freak Bad
    • Micky Mack
    • Texas Tiger
    • Claudio Clouds
    • Jupiter Fest
    • Busy San
    • Big Bites
    • Creepy Cramp
    • Polly Crest
    • Frustrated Monk
    • Tattoo Puncher
    • Planted Brain
    • Lover Drooper
    • Mind Freezer
    • Tricky Mind
    • Football Champ

    #11. Attractive Username for Girls

    If the girls want to keep their Instagram username unique and interesting, opting for an attractive username for girls will be suitable for them. The given attractive username ideas will surely impress your viewers.

    • Gingerbread
    • The tooth is heavenly
    • Goldie
    • Munchkin
    • Dynamo
    • Sharing is mindful!
    • Blackberry
    • Daffodil
    • Hare’s ears
    • Banana Muffin
    • Sewed
    • Rummy
    • Sugar Pie
    • Sovereign
    • Wavy Q
    • Sierra Leone
    • In paradise
    • Dark Diamond
    • Butterfinger
    • Affectionate
    • Soft drink
    • Peaches
    • Idonadi
    • Dimples
    • Squinting
    • I-Cutie Patootie
    • Mon Cheri
    • Cayenne
    • Pearl Stealer
    • Balance_Beauty

    #12. Eye-Catching Username for Boys

    Boys can show their individual personalities with some attention-grabbing Instagram usernames. All the following ideas for usernames will catch a lot of eyeballs and keep them in the limelight.

    • Easychristian
    • King Eyeball
    • Eagle Eye
    • Fast Hands
    • Renegade
    • Storm Chaser
    • Shockwave
    • InformerBoy
    • Slingshot
    • Postive_Thinker
    • Spiritual_Mind
    • Smart Swag
    • Panic_Point
    • Unusual Guy
    • Mind_Gamer
    • Man with Beard
    • Unique Guy
    • Victor_Von_Doom
    • Bruce Banner
    • Swag Swamped
    • Humanity_Inside
    • Baby Bold
    • Show Runner
    • Bean Never Seen
    • Roundglobe
    • Space Walker
    • Opel Speedster
    • Cool Pineapple
    • Troll Born Confused
    • Mr.Lucky

    #13. Unique Username for Boys and Girls

    Whether you are a boy or a girl who does not want a specific category username for your Instagram handles, you can use any unique username. It helps you remain creative while maintaining your individuality.

    • Gougreat
    • Zakhep
    • popkiss
    • Nightmare
    • Groovy angel
    • Cross_Thread
    • Pokie
    • foxer
    • cutestlittlecupcake
    • Swampmasher Happy
    • Boystymade
    • introverteddude
    • blade_woman
    • Super_Sandy
    • happy_jock
    • reality_bites
    • Women Vine
    • Wolfandmoon
    • turn_fair
    • Dog_Bone
    • Skull Crusher
    • Micky Wreck
    • chain_breaker
    • Gamin
    • angelic_smiles
    • coyote_flowers
    • thesoulflowerqueen
    • bill_dates
    • Midnight_ Rambler

    Now, you have the whole list of different Instagram username suggestions. But how will you choose anyone from this extensive list? Read the next section.

    How to Choose a Username for Your Instagram?

    While so many different usernames are available for both girls and boys, selecting the most relevant username can be tricky. But, if you follow the checklist mentioned below, you can easily find the right one.

    #1. Be Creative When Choosing

    Never be afraid to be creative with your Instagram username. You may think out of box usernames for your profile, but keep it relevant. Consider combining words and use your hobbies or interests in your username.

    #2. Keep Your Username Simple

    Choose a username that is easy to read and search. Avoid using difficult words that make it impossible for people to recognize your username. Stick with a short, catchy username that is simple to pronounce and remember.

    #3. Choose a Username that Matches Your Style

    Going with an Instagram user ID that perfectly goes with your style is essential. It helps people understand you better and they may know what they can expect from your profile by just looking at your username.

    #4. Avoid Using Additional Characters

    Overdoing things like using additional characters in your Instagram username may convey mixed signals to your viewers. Sometimes, usernames with excessive characters look like spam accounts as well. So, it’s better to avoid doing so.

    #5. Do Not Make It Too Longer

    The longer usernames are difficult to remember and search for. A memorable and concise username will likely leave a solid impression on viewers and help you maintain a balance between simplicity and uniqueness.

    But what if you already have a username? Can you change it? Well, yes, individual Instagram user can change their usernames easily. How? Let’s find it here.

    How to Change Your Username on Instagram?

    If you have the same username for a longer period, you can change it at your convenience. It will literally take you a few minutes to do so.

    # Step 1: Go to Your Instagram Profile

    Grab your device and log in to your Instagram account. Once logged in, go to your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner.

    # Step 2: Click on Edit Profile

    Once you visit your Instagram profile, you will see an option ‘Edit profile’ right under your Instagram bio. You have to tap on that option.

    # Step 3: Enter the New Username

    After clicking ‘Edit profile,’ a page will open where you will find a username field. When you open it, you will see your old username there. You need to remove it and type the new username.

    # Step 4: Save It

    After that, you need to save it by clicking on the blue tick that you can find in the upper right corner. That’s it! Your new username will be saved.

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    Final Thoughts

    In a nutshell, both boys and girls can select a username that will best suit their preferences and styles. This guide has revealed the best captivating Instagram user IDs for both girls and boys.

    Further, it has also shared some tips on choosing a username that will effectively convey their personality. If you want to change your existing username, this guide will be helpful for you as it has provided steps on how to do it.

    Even after changing your username, if gaining followers seems like a challenging task for you, consider buying followers from Choose a suitable package and watch your follower count soar.


    #1. What are the best Instagram ID names or usernames for boys and girls?

    The choice of Instagram usernames or Instagram IDs depends on several factors, such as your personality, style, profession, etc.
    So, it will be better if you conduct thorough research to find a username that perfectly showcases your true identity.

    #2. What are the things to keep in mind when choosing an Instagram username?

    While setting up your Instagram usernames, you must know that there is a limitation of 30 characters, and you cannot use any symbols or punctuation marks in your username.
    So, it will be better to go for the short and precise username instead of the long one. Also, always pick something that resonates with your profile.

    #3. Should I choose an Instagram username according to my style?

    Yes, certainly. In fact, you should choose your Instagram username as per your style. It will enhance your presence and express your unique personality.
    Selecting a username as per your own style can also catch more eyeballs and help you create a strong impression as well.

    #4. Can I change my Instagram ID?

    Yes, changing your Instagram ID is possible. If you want to do so, just follow the below-mentioned steps:
    Step 1: Log into your Instagram account and visit your profile
    Step 2: Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ that you may find under your profile bio
    Step 3: Now, hit the username field and type the new username
    Step 4: Click on the blue tick mark to save your changes

    #5. Is it possible to take any username that is already used by another user?

    No, you cannot use a username that is already in use. If you do so, the actual username owner may report your account for violation or infringement of your legal rights.
    Therefore, it is best if you use another username that is not used by any Instagram user. You will stay safe from unnecessary legal or copyright issues.

    #6. Can an individual use a username that reflects their profession?

    Yes, anyone can use a username that mirrors their profession if they want. It will be an effective and smart choice to help your clients find you easily on Instagram.
    There are several professional-themed usernames available online. You may choose from them or come up with your unique Instagram ID.

    #7. How to be creative with the Instagram username?

    Being creative with your username simply indicates that the sky is the limit, and you can experiment with anything. To include creativity, you may pick a username that has a rhythm, like FunkyMonkey, CatInTheHat, etc.
    You may go further and use adverbs such as Whimping Willow. If you want, you can also use a one-liner username like Narcissist.

    #8. Do I need to use special characters in my Instagram username?

    No, using special characters in your Instagram username is unnecessary. But your Instagram ID must contain periods, letters, numbers, and underscore.
    The individual users cannot even include any punctuation or symbols in their usernames. So, be specific and choose something that distinguishes what you do.

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