How to Become Popular on YouTube
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YouTube is one of the best places to get exposure and become popular.

Considering what everyone else has to say, you may think that creating a channel and uploading the video isn’t enough.

Becoming popular on YouTube goes beyond ‘just uploading the videos’. 

It is also about managing and monitoring the channel regularly for growth. Once you start managing your account properly, you’ll be able to reach out to a larger target audience. 

The only thing you need is to have the right skills, especially in terms of creating and managing your high-quality videos. 

If you aim to become popular on YouTube, this blog will guide you through the whole process, right from creating to managing every small aspect. 

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How to Become Popular on YouTube?

How to Become Popular on YouTube

Managing a career on YouTube and working towards becoming popular isn’t as easy as it seems. You may be spell-bounded by seeing the glorious and flashy life that most YouTubers live. 

However, it is all about becoming popular, which is why you need to adopt the right measures to establish a career as a popular YouTuber. Some of the prominent steps you need to take to become popular on YouTube are as follows:

#1. Pick the Right YouTube Channel Name

Your YouTube channel’s name is the identity of your channel. So, you must choose a YouTube name that resonates with your audience and what you will be putting up on your channel. 

A lot of creators usually prefer going by their name. On the other hand, some creators name their channel depending on the industry they’re in. 

#2. Choose the Right Niche

You must focus on the niche once you’ve picked up the name. YouTube is the hub for creating and uploading content, with so many niches available. So, you cannot think you’d be uploading videos across all niches. 

If you want to grow on the platform, you must pick only one niche and stick to it. It is often easier to grow in one niche than divide your attention into multiple ones. 

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#3. Set a Consistent Posting Schedule

It is extremely crucial to have a consistent posting schedule because that’s the only way your audience will notice you.  You must identify your target audience and establish a posting schedule depending on their activity time. 

You should also research what time your audience is most active. It will help you understand the timing of posting.   

#4. Edit Every Video Properly

Editing your videos is a crucial skill. Your audience wants high-quality videos from you, which is only possible if you edit your videos like a pro editor. You are responsible for editing every video properly to cater to the audience’s needs. 

#5. Bring Improvements With Each Video

As you start posting videos regularly, make sure to bring improvement to each of them. You can’t stay stuck in the old format itself. You must bring improvement to every video and ensure that it is performing well. Experimenting regularly with your videos can play an important role in capturing your audience’s attention. 

How to Create The Perfect Video Clickbait Titles

Do you want extra and organic views on your video? There’s nothing better than clickbait that works on these. But creating a clickbait isn’t as easy as it seems, right? Some of the steps to follow for creating the perfect video clickbait are as follows:

#1. Approach Baiting Carefully

Through clickbait, you can convince your audience to watch your video. However, the catch is that you should balance excess and less to prevent a bad reputation. 

#2. Use the Spotlight

You don’t need to summarize the entire content, but adding a few words for the spotlight can add to the delight. You may add specific parts explaining why one would view the content. 

#3. Include Emotional Features

Emotions have always been considered to be one of the perfect clickbait ideas. Therefore, you should create titles that have emotional elements to them. 

#4. Make Shocking Revelations

Shocking revelations often come off as controversial ideas. Adding the title that the video contains shocking revelations will make your audience click on the video quickly. 

#5. Use Thumbnails to Highlight Important Elements

No one will read long titles, so it is advisable to keep them as precise as possible. Thus, consider adding iconic images and symbols that can convey one meaning. 

#6. Follow 180 Degree Rule

The editing may seem a little unreal, but it never goes wrong. Thus, you may follow the 180-degree rule where the characters look at each other to create a realistic impact. 

Go Ahead and Focus on YouTube Growth with YT Shorts 

Focus on YouTube Growth with YT Shorts

With the growth of every social media platform, short video formats like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok have become popular. Amidst all these, YT Shorts is taking the edge over other platforms and formats. 

YouTube shorts are one of the best channels for fostering your YouTube growth. While you focus on long-form content for generating traffic, views, and likes, focusing on short video content via YT shorts ensures you can reach the audience on a larger scale. 

You can put valuable content on YT shorts, catch the audience’s attention, and then redirect them to the longer videos. 

Today, if you can convince your audience to watch your video for 60 seconds via YouTube Shorts, you can redirect them to longer videos. If your goal is growth on YouTube via YT shorts, the videos you create must be relevant to each other so that the audience also follows them. 

The only condition is that you optimize your YouTube Shorts videos for SEO, too. As 73% of the audience relies on short videos to learn about a new product or service, you can create videos in a similar niche. This will play an essential role in capturing the attention of a huge audience. 

However, you must note that YouTube short videos may not be monetized entirely. As long as you are dedicated to optimizing the videos, you’ll be able to gather millions of views.  

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What are the Benefits of Becoming a YouTuber?

Many individuals are considering becoming YouTubers, especially after observing all the limelight YouTube brings them. 

Some of the major benefits of becoming a YouTuber include the following:

#1. Way of Self-expression

If you’re looking for a platform to express yourself without the fear of being judged, you should rely on YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel helps you become confident so that you can monitor what you can post and what you can’t. Becoming a YouTuber is all about being frank and speaking for yourself. As you get to express yourself more, you will become more confident. 

#2. Alternative or Permanent Source of Income

Many creators have often agreed that they started YouTube as a side hobby while in college. This side hobby can earn you a lot of money if you’re focused on it. Believe it or not, your YouTube channel can become a great income source for you. Once you start racking up millions of views, there won’t be any need for you to look back. 

#3. Means of Communication

Are you someone who likes meeting and interacting with new people? Well, YouTube can be one of the best modes to communicate with the audience. YouTube will allow you to interact with people around you and also become a means to meet new people. Moreover, constantly communicating can also help boost your confidence. 

#4. Give the Audience More Content

All your audience ever wants from you is good content. Thus, that should be something you must cater to. You will find a wide content range to post on the platform. You need to ensure that the type of content you post is something that caters to your target audience. 

#5. Extra Source of Traffic

If you have a social media page or website and want an extra traffic source, YouTube can serve the purpose accurately. YouTube can also help in redirecting traffic to the website. Moreover, as views and traffic increase around your YouTube channel and website, you will be able to find a significant way to earn revenue. 

What Skills Do You Need to Be a YouTuber?

What Skills Do You Need to Be a YouTuber

A YouTuber is a ‘one-man army’; you must have often heard of it, and there’s no lie to it. As a YouTuber, you will need to possess many skills so that you can work on growing them initially. 

The right set of skills will contribute not only to your personal growth but also to your overall growth on YouTube. Thus, the skills that will give you a push is as follows: 

#1. Researching the Market

Research is one of the most basic yet important skills. In terms of research, you have to be thorough with keywords and trending videos. This will help you understand what the audience is searching for the most on the platform. 

#2. Learn YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is one of the major requirements to grow on the platform. There are too many videos on the platform, and it is quite common for you to get lost when you don’t optimize your channel. 

In the case of YouTube SEO, you will need to constantly update the descriptions and optimize the titles so that they catch the attention of the audience.  

#3. Video Production

If you want to indulge in YouTube video production, you will need to develop technical skills.  Therefore, you need to pay attention to technical aspects like set design, lighting, sound design, and video quality. 

#4. Be a Video Editor

Video quality can never excel if you are not proficient with video editing. As a video editor, you will have to look into what parts of the video are appropriate and what needs to be removed. 

You will also be responsible for adding music, special effects, and text to the video. You must excel in video editing software, too. 

#5. Look at Graphic Design

You must learn graphic design to create banners and thumbnails for your videos and channels. You can start with the very basics by learning from tools like Canva before shifting to the more advanced ones. 

#6. Be Good at Marketing and Promotion

Going the extra mile with your promotion strategies doesn’t hurt anybody. You need to learn the basics of YouTube marketing and promotion, along with the algorithm, to help your videos stand out. 

#7. Focus on Channel Analytics

Growing and managing your YouTube channel will also mean keeping track of data. Therefore, you must focus on learning channel analytics to learn about views, subscriber count, and watch time. 

Learn 5 Best YouTube SEO Tips to Follow

5 Best YouTube SEO Tips to Follow

Being discoverable and visible on YouTube is about following the proper SEO tips. Some of the prominent SEO tips that can help you include the following:

#1. Use Relevant Descriptions

Descriptions are an important part of YouTube videos. It provides a gist of what the audience can expect. The description that you put up should also be relevant to the video. You may use the right keywords in the descriptions. 

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#2. Focus on Trending Keywords

Keywords are of utmost importance for growing on YouTube. You should focus on primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords so the audience can find your channel in a search. A keyword research tool like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, or Semrush is advisable to find relevant keywords for your videos. 

#3. Set Channel Tags

YouTube also suggests using tags to help the audience understand what the video is about. Once you use channel tags, you must place them carefully. Not being careful with the channel tags can lead to the video being penalized. Keep the tags in your YouTube videos as simple as possible. 

#4. Provide Timestamps

YouTube timestamps are one of the best ways to know the beginning and end of your video. Segregating timestamps will allow your audience to check where they can find important parts of the audience and at what point they begin and end. 

As a result, more people will turn up to watch your videos rather than just skip them. Moreover, it also helps boost the video’s SEO ranking. Consider adding timestamps to the video description so the audience can navigate better. 

#5. Create Amazing Playlists

As your YouTube database expands, you should make playlists to improve user experience. A keyword-optimized and organized playlist will help your audience navigate your channel better. You should consider segregating the playlist depending on the niche or genre of the video. 

How to Leverage YouTube Growth from Analytics?

YouTube is home to around two billion active users, inclusive of all creators. So, you should know that there’s a huge market out there to reach your target audience. 

How do you reach them? You optimize your channel. YouTube channel optimization with analytics can be one of the best ways to track your growth and increase your revenue. 

Once you plan to leverage your YouTube growth with Analytics, here are all the steps you should follow:

#1. Identify the Top-Performing Content 

YouTube Analytics dashboard will help you get a thorough idea of your best-performing content. You can segregate the videos that are performing the best and eventually make changes to your posting schedule accordingly. 

Once you identify your top-performing content, you should consider posting similar kinds of videos. However, make sure the videos aren’t repetitive and boring to watch. 

#2. Have a Look at Audience Insight

YouTube analytics can help you get audience insights. Make sure to use it properly to understand what videos are performing well. Furthermore, concerning audience insight, you must analyze how many impressions they are bringing in. 

#3. Keep a Check on Engagement Metrics

There are specific engagement metrics you must constantly measure, especially in terms of subscriber count and comments. You must carefully analyze the engagement schedule, specifically at what time you receive the most comments. You should also check how many shares are there across your videos. 

#4. Conduct A/B Testing

In the initial stages, you must set the A/B testing criteria. Thus, you may post videos in your niche but in different formats. Conducting A/B testing will help you understand what types of videos are performing well on your channel. 

#5. Do Proper Competitor Analysis

Like websites on Google, YouTube also requires competitor analysis. As a part of analytics, you should conduct competitor analysis regularly. In this regard, you should check out the videos of other creators in your niche. You must analyze how their videos are performing and which ones are performing the most. 

Collaborate with Other YouTubers for Faster Growth 

YouTuber collaboration is one of the best ways to grow on YouTube. Once you have picked up a niche and are constantly posting on it, your prime aim should be to ensure that you collaborate with YouTubers on that niche. You can research some of the collaborators in that niche and reach out to them. 

While creating these collaborative videos, you must create informative as well as engaging videos. At the same time, you should also cater to the needs of your target audience. 

Collaborating with other YouTubers ensures their followers may also follow and engage with you. This would play an essential role in gaining a lot of subscribers naturally. 

When you’re collaborating, create videos that resonate with the target audience. Apart from collaborating with Youtubers in your niche, you may choose some from different niches. 

This often helps get varied subscribers and reach a wider base. As a result, the chances of growth via diversity increase, thereby bringing in a lot of opportunities. 

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What are the Common Challenges when Growing on YouTube?

Growing on YouTube may seem easy, but it often comes with its hurdles. One of the biggest challenges to growing on YouTube is content saturation. 

Since YouTube already has millions of creators from across the world, it can be really difficult to leave your mark on the public. This can be extra difficult when opting for niches like lifestyle or gaming. 

As one of the growing creators on YouTube, you need to look for ways to keep your audience entertained constantly. This would play an important role in creating the mark and ensuring that you’re growing, too. 

Furthermore, if you follow what everyone else does, it could be quite daunting, as you may not get the opportunity to show your charm. Thus, consider taking a different route so that you can stand out from others. 

Another major challenge that most of the creators, especially those in the early stages, face is the YouTube algorithm. Considering how Google’s algorithm keeps changing, YouTube does the same. 

The sudden change or shift in algorithm may make you reconsider your entire strategy to boost your visibility. In certain situations, due to the algorithm, you may have a hard time catering to the needs of your target audience. 

In the initial stages, you must understand what the YouTube algorithm is and how it works. The final major challenge common among all new YouTube creators is discovering their channel. There’s a difference between getting genuine views and racking up emotional ones. 

YouTube also follows SEO, which may play an important role in your videos being discovered. If you need help getting your content discovered, your initial focus should be on SEO. 

These challenges in the initial stages can act like a setback for many creators. While you may consider giving up as the best option, you shouldn’t do so. After all, that’s one major aspect that will determine your growth. 

Source [Mementoe]

Wrapping Up 

There’s no doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular search engine platforms in today’s time. Once you start uploading videos on this platform, you will get a lot of exposure, too. 

However, the only condition is that you must post the videos carefully and craft them properly. At the same time, you should carefully manage your channels properly so that you can observe the changes and grow properly. 

FAQs: Become Popular on YouTube

#1. Is it worth creating a YouTube channel?

Of course, it is. If you’re planning to grow on YouTube, you should start giving it some thought and start with a YouTube channel. Once you create the channel, it will be worth the wait.

Moreover, one of the best parts of creating a YouTube channel is that you will become famous and also start earning after a significant period. However, if you want it to be worth it, you also need to ensure that you collaborate and promote your channels. 

#2. How can I get started with creating a YouTube channel?

The first step is ideation for creating a YouTube channel and then proceeding forward with other steps. You need to create your channel account and choose the right name. You also need to decide the niche in which you will be posting the content.

After that, you will have to set up a regular content posting schedule. When you’re in the growing phase, it is important to constantly post videos on the channel. This will play an essential role in gathering engagement and capturing the attention of the audience. 

#3. What is the fastest way to become popular on YouTube?

Regular posting and audience interaction are among the easiest ways to become popular on YouTube. Apart from that, you may also consider collaborating with big YouTubers in your niche. This will ensure that your audience from their account will also come to your account and follow you.

It is important to note that you should also post high-quality videos. These high-quality videos, which are informative and engaging, will attract your audience’s attention, especially organically. 

#4. How can I effectively promote my YouTube channel to attract more viewers?

You should make proper use of YouTube SEO so that you can get as much visibility as possible. This would include optimizing the description and title of your video carefully. Therefore, you should consider using the right keywords, as that would bring the most organic views.

At the same time, it is also important to understand what your audience wants. You may consider engaging with your YouTube community to understand what works best for your audience. After gaining a significant number of subscribers, you may host giveaways or contests as those gain more traction. 

#5. How do I monetize my YouTube channel?

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you can easily do it from YouTube Studio. Before you monetize your entire channel, you will have to gradually monetize each video. However, you must meet the monetization policy guidelines.

You need to link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account and have at least 1000 subscribers. Apart from that, your channel must have a watch of 4000 hours in the past 12 months. You must note that the monetization amount you receive may vary depending on the country you’re located in.

#6. What equipment do I need to start a YouTube channel?

Getting started on YouTube with the right equipment can play a vital role, especially in terms of growth. As a growing channel, of course, you want your audience to recognize you, but for that, they need high-quality videos. To create high-quality videos, you need good equipment.

A good camera for shooting, a high-quality mic, and a high-performing system are the basic equipment required. A high-performing laptop or PC will help you edit your videos, ensuring that you can churn out good-quality videos. 

#7. What types of content perform well on YouTube?

YouTube is a very dynamic and diverse platform. Thus, different types of content perform in different manners on the platform. However, certain types of content perform very well on the platform. Some of the prominent ones to do well include vlogs, celebrity gossip, comedy, and sketch videos.

A lot of YouTube users also want to view content related to product reviews, shopping sprees, hauls, video game walkthroughs, guides, and tutorials. Children are also using YouTube on an active scale today, which is why you will also find child-related content performing well on the platform.

#8. Is it necessary to follow a consistent posting schedule on YouTube?

Yes, a consistent posting schedule is one of the best ways to grow on YouTube. All your audience wants is to see valuable content, but they also need it to be regular. When you’re in the growing phase, not being consistent with your posting schedule may lead to your audience forgetting you.

Soon, they may move to other channels that post videos consistently. This can be extremely deadly for your account and prevent you from growing. Moreover, it will also need fixing in terms of monetization. 

#9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when managing a YouTube channel?

When you’re working on managing and growing your YouTube channel, one minor mistake can cost you a lot. A lot of beginner content creators make certain mistakes that often cost them a lot in the long run, such as focusing only on views and subscribers rather than on the content.

Many creators also create videos without research, leading to their videos not performing well. Your video intros and outros are extremely important, and they should be a part of all your videos.

Not including them and directly jumping into the video can make your video appear unprofessional, which may prevent you from catching the attention of your audience. 

#10. How can I utilize analytics and insights on YouTube to understand my audience better?

The YouTube analytics tab will give you a deeper understanding of what your viewers and audience want. Researching around the same will help you understand how your videos perform. Once you understand the content gaps, you can make changes to your platform accordingly.

The analytics and insights tab will give you a summary of your videos, especially in terms of which ones are performing the best. Therefore, you’d be able to observe the change and make necessary improvements to your videos accordingly. 

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