Where To Find Instagram Drafts On Your Android Device Simple Steps
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Are you struggling to find the Instagram post you just edited?

Chances are, the post was saved, as a draft when you were trying to exit the app. Instagram can save your edited posts as drafts. Instagram Drafts are saved on your account and you can resume editing them later.

Here’s a complete guide on Where To Find Instagram Drafts On Your Android Device.

Let’s Learn Where To Find Instagram Drafts On Your Android Device

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

Where to Find Reel Drafts On Instagram?

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

To find your reel draft, follow these steps:

#Step 1: Open the Instagram app

Go to the ‘+’ icon on Instagram, the reel option will appear as default.

#Step 2: Tap on drafts

After you click on reels, a similar screen (in step 2) will appear, navigate to the drafts option.

#Step 3:Edit or save the draft

Once you find your draft, select the one you want to edit, and save the draft.

How To Find Story Drafts On Instagram?

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

To find the story you just edited, and accidentally saved as a draft:

#Step 1: Open your Instagram

Tap on the ‘+’ icon in the center of your home screen. Navigate to the story option.

#Step 2: Add story option

 Now, a screen like this will appear. Your drafts will appear here.

#Step 3: Choose drafts

Tap on the drafts and you can access your story drafts.

Note: Story drafts on Instagram are permanently deleted after a few days. Make sure you access them on time.

How To Find Post Drafts On Instagram?

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

If you are looking for your post-Instagram Draft, follow these steps:

#Step 1: Open Instagram

After opening the app, tap on the ‘+’ icon or the Create option

#Step 2: Select Post

Go to the post option and the default screen will appear.

#Step 3: Access your drafts

You can access your Instagram Drafts right next to the recent option. Once you find the draft, you can make edits and manage your post as a draft on your Android device itself.

How Does Instagram Drafts Disappear?

Did you know that you can keep an Instagram Draft only for a specific period? If you have found, your long-lost Instagram Draft, now is the time to edit and save it, before it disappears. So Know How To:

How To Edit And Save The Instagram Draft?

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

Once you access your Instagram Drafts, you can edit the tags, add captions, apply filters, and change the image or video itself. To edit your draft on Instagram, follow these steps:

#Step 1: Open Instagram

After entering the app, access the draft you want to edit, you can edit a reel draft, a regular post draft, or a story draft.

#Step 2: Select Your content type

Select the draft, and start editing the content.

#Step 3: Save the draft

Save the draft or you can directly share it as a new post, by tapping on the next button.

How To Create Instagram Drafts?

Create Instagram Drafts

You can always create a new Instagram Draft to save your ideas. Create your digital backup of drafts and save your brilliant content ideas with these steps:

#Step 1: Tap on the ‘+’ icon

After opening your app, tap on the ‘+’ icon, and select the content style you want to share.

#Step 2: Start editing

Make the edits for your content and then tap on the next option in the bottom right corner.

#Step 3: Select Save draft

Your content will appear, with two options at the bottom. Choose the save draft option if you wish to save your post as a draft, or you can also publish the content and share it with your audience.

Note: If you choose the start-over option, all the changes you made will be discarded.

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How To Delete Instagram Drafts?

Where To Find Instagram Drafts

If you permanently want to delete your Instagram Draft, follow these simple steps:

#Step 1: Access your draft

Once you access your draft, navigate to the top right corner, and click on the select option

#Step 2: Choose the draft, you want to delete

After clicking on the select option, choose the draft you wish to delete. At the bottom, an option of discard will appear.

#Step 3: Confirm the action

Once you confirm the deletion, your draft will be deleted permanently.

Use Instagram Drafts to Increase Productivity: 3 Simple Steps

By following these steps, you can use drafts to organize your ideas, streamline your content creation process, and ultimately boost your productivity.

#1.  Create and save drafts when you get that amazing idea

When you come across a great idea and want to save it for an Instagram post, create your post in the usual way: upload a photo or video, add captions, hashtags, and other elements, you want to include.
Before hitting the “Share” button, tap the back arrow in the top-left corner or the “Save Draft” option at the bottom of the screen.
Your post will be saved as a draft in your app, and you can access the draft later, by tapping on the “Drafts” option.

#2. Organize your drafts with a brief description

When you are in a hurry and haven’t finalized the hashtags or the caption yet, you can still save that idea as a draft.
Add a brief line in the caption of your content idea. Include the date or a brief description in the draft’s name, so that you can find the draft easily.
Manage your posts on your device and save your time!

#3. Use drafts to boost your productivity

Using Instagram Drafts can significantly boost your productivity. Instead of creating content on the fly, you can always save your ideas and work on the drafts later.
Dedicate specific times to work on your drafts. For instance, you can spend an hour each week planning and creating drafts for the upcoming week.

Use the Instagram Draft feature to optimize your workflow, edit your drafted posts, and share your stories, and reels with the world.

Final Thoughts

If you have found your Instagram Draft or your specially edited photo, select the save draft option before the draft disappears.

Yes! Unlike posted stories or reels, Instagram drafts are not saved in the recently deleted folder of your account’s settings. Neither of these drafts is saved in your phone’s gallery, so if you accidentally delete a draft, it is gone forever.

Your Instagram posts are waiting, edit that draft and share your new post!

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I recover permanently deleted Instagram drafts?

Unfortunately, you cannot access permanently deleted Instagram drafts. Once you have discarded the draft, it is impossible to recover that draft.

#2 How many drafts can I save on Instagram?

You can keep multiple drafts on Instagram. There is no limit to the number of drafts you can keep in your Instagram app as a draft.

#3 Can I create a story draft?

You can create a story draft, by saving the edited story as a draft on your Instagram app.

#4 Will my drafts get deleted if I uninstall Instagram?

If you uninstall the Instagram app, your drafts will be lost forever. You can not access your drafts if you log out or uninstall the app.

#5 Why can’t I see my drafts on Instagram?

The story drafts on Instagram disappear after the day limit displayed on the draft. If you do not access your story draft within that specified time limit, the draft will be discarded.

#6 Can I add filters and captions to my drafts on Instagram?

Yes, you can add filters and captions to a draft while editing it. You can also change the image or the video while editing the draft.

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