TikTok Shadow Ban: What It Is & How to Prevent It
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TikTok shadow banning is a significant issue because it arbitrarily reduces content creators’ visibility on the platform. This invisible criticism can happen for a number of reasons, often leaving users confused and upset. 

To maintain a prosperous and engaged presence on this well-known social media network, one must understand what a TikTok shadow ban is and how to stay out of one.

What Does TikTok ShadowBan Mean?

When the platform changes a user’s content reach without giving them advance notice, it’s known as a “shadow ban” on TikTok. This kind of punishment is typically applied in response to claims that certain terms of service or community guidelines have been broken on TikTok. 

The videos of the impacted user are far less visible to others when they are shadow-banned, particularly in essential places like the “For You” page, which is vital for attracting new viewers and engagement. 

A drastic decline in likes, comments, views, and general audience participation may follow. Unlike a complete account ban, a shadow ban is more subtle. 

The user can still contribute content, but its reach is gradually limited, which makes it challenging to grow or interact with the TikTok audience successfully.

How To Know That You Are Shadowbanned On TikTok?

How can someone identify if the TikTok account is shadowbanned, as the platform does not notify any TikTok user regarding Shadow Banning? Here are a few signs that can help content creators understand if their account is shadowbanned:

#1. Drop in Engagement

The most obvious indication of a shadowban is an abrupt, notable drop in interaction. 

You may be shadowbanned if, despite maintaining regular posting frequency and content quality, you observe a decline in the number of views, likes, comments, or shares on your videos. 

This change is particularly noticeable if your account had a steady or growing audience engagement before the drop.

#2. Lack of visibility on the “For You” Page (FYP)

TikTok’s FYP is a primary driver for content discovery. If your videos are not appearing on the FYP as they used to, it may indicate a shadowban. 

The FYP algorithm favors engaging content, so a sudden absence from this page, especially when your past content consistently made it there, suggests a potential shadowban. 

You can occasionally check this by using a friend’s account or an alternate account to see if your content appears on the FYP.

#3. Absence from hashtag search results

Hashtags on TikTok are essential for discoverability. If your videos do not appear while searching through hashtags, then your account might be shadowbanned. 

If videos are not returned by searches for hashtags you have used, especially if they are popular or often used hashtags, this should raise red flags. If you were previously using these hashtags to gain momentum, this is extremely pertinent. 

Try searching for any of your most recent posts using the hashtags you used to see if that proves this.

How Long Does Shadow Ban Last On TikTok?

Shadowban on TikTok is a serious problem that occurs only for some days. Depending on how serious the ban is, the length of time may change. Minor infractions might result in shorter shadowbans, often around 14 days, while more severe violations can extend the duration. 

Content visibility is significantly reduced during this time. To lift the ban, creators should avoid further violations, possibly delete offending content, and continue posting within community guidelines. Patience is key, as TikTok does not explicitly state the ban duration.

What Causes Shadowban On TikTok?

If you clearly understand what to do and what not regarding your content to make it more engaging with your audience on TikTok, it will help you to explore the world of social media success. 

On the other hand, if you do not, you may violate the platform’s policy and get a shadow ban. Here are three major causes of the shadow ban on TikTok.

#1. Violating the TikTok Community Guidelines

Violating rules can lead to a shadowban. Key areas where users often stumble include:

  • Posting adult content: It’s prohibited to post any kind of adult related content on TikTok. It includes any kind of nudity and sexually disgraceful graphics, which will lead to immediate shadowban.
  • Promoting dangerous acts and challenges: Videos that encourage dangerous challenges or acts can be flagged. TikTok takes content that can cause physical injury very seriously.
  • Engaging in bullying and harassment: Bullying and harassment are strongly condemned on the platform. Any content judged derogatory to specific people or groups could be shadowbanned.
  • Engaging in hateful behavior: Hate speech or content that promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or other identities is quickly acted upon. Such content can result in a shadowban, as TikTok aims to promote a respectful community.
  • Displaying violent extremism: Contents that tend to portray any kind of violence or terrorist behavior to an extreme level or even a little is totally prohibited. Such content can lead to shadowban and also your profile can be permanently suspended for this.
  • Infringing copyrights: Copyright issue is also a major problem and it can lead to shadow ban on your content and profile.

#2. Engaging in Spammy Behavior

Engaging in spam-like behavior can also result in a shadow ban. This includes repetitive commenting, posting duplicate content, or excessively using hashtags irrelevant to your content. 

Such behaviors can flag your account as inauthentic, reducing its visibility. TikTok’s algorithm aims to promote genuine engagement. 

Therefore, any manipulation, like purchasing likes or deploying bots to follow, could lead to a shadowban. Anything that goes against the platform’s intention to promote natural connection risks being punished.

#3. You May Get Shadow Banned by Accident

Sometimes, users get shadowbanned by accident. Errors in the algorithm or incorrect content interpretation may cause this. A video can be flagged as inappropriate because of an automated moderation system error or misunderstanding. If users feel they have been unfairly shadowbanned, they can ask TikTok’s support team for a review.

How To Prevent Shadow Ban on TikTok?

Maintaining steady audience engagement and growth on TikTok requires preventing a shadow ban. Following the recommendations below will reduce the likelihood of a shadow ban, guaranteeing that your content reaches your audience regularly.

#1. Double-check for Community Guideline violations

Read the Community Guidelines on TikTok very carefully. These guidelines include a wide range of topics, such as hate speech, violence, and explicit content. It’s crucial to check your material regularly complies with these requirements. 

It is essential to be aware of potential boundaries because often seemingly harmless behavior can unintentionally cross them.

#2. Do not upload any content that violates TikTok’s rules

This is a necessary step that follows the first one. Take care with the stuff you publish. Steer clear of contentious, graphic, or damaging subjects and concentrate on making content that is upbeat, interesting, and appropriate for TikTok’s wide audience. 

Remember that inappropriate content may still result in a shadow ban even if it is promptly deleted, so avoid posting such content in the first place.

#3. Avoid getting engaged in behavior that the platform considers inauthentic or spam-like

TikTok wants to promote real conversations. Avoid sharing the same content frequently, bombarding people with likes or comments, and obtaining followers or likes through unauthorized third-party programs. 

These actions may mark your account as fraudulent. You must put all your attention into creating unique and exciting content and developing a genuine relationship with your audiences.

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4 Ways to Remove Shadow Ban On TikTok

You can remove a shadow ban on TikTok, though it’s challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are four effective ways to potentially lift the ban:

  • Remove flagged content

Your first priority is to find and remove any content that might have violated TikTok’s community guidelines. Look over your videos and remove anything considered offensive or illegal. 

You can show TikTok that you are following their guidelines by doing this, which can help get the limitation. 

  • Uninstall and reinstall TikTok

Sometimes, all you need is a quick tech refresh. Certain settings of the TikTok app can be restored by reinstalling it after removing it. 

This can occasionally assist, especially if the problem is connected to an app function, but it does not ensure that a shadow ban will be lifted.

  • Contact TikTok’s support

If you think you were wrongfully shadowbanned, contact TikTok’s support staff. Explain your problem clearly, humblely, and generally, and request any further information or help you might need. 

It’s a crucial step in resolving the issue directly with the platform, even though response time and results may differ.

  • Switch to a Business TikTok Account

Some users have reported that switching to a business account has helped them overcome a shadow ban. While not a guaranteed solution, it’s worth trying, as business accounts sometimes have different algorithms and engagement patterns. 

But remember that converting to a corporate account may limit the kind of music you can play and other features.

Bonus Tips To Stay Clear From TikTok Shadow Ban

Some pro tips creators should keep in mind that can help your TikTok account stay clear from the Shadowban are mentioned below: 

  • Keep an eye watch on your content quality
  • Limit automation tools
  • Choose licensed music
  • Post Content within legal boundaries
  • Respond to notifications
  • Report issues, if any


When someone engages in spammy behavior or violates community norms, TikTok will apply an unseen restriction known as a “shadow ban.” It affects user engagement by drastically lowering content visibility. 

To prevent this, creators should completely follow TikTok’s principles, refrain from engaging in inauthentic behaviors, and concentrate on creating unique, polite material. 

Maintaining an upbeat and noticeable presence on the social media platform requires that users comprehend and abide by the guidelines.


#1. Is shadowban real TikTok?

On TikTok, shadowbanning is indeed a legitimate practice. The platform is using this to restrict the exposure of content that can break its community guidelines or behave unsolicitedly. 
Although TikTok does not formally acknowledge shadowbans, a number of user reports and anecdotal evidence point to their existence. 

#2. How do I fix Shadowban on TikTok?

You can look for the main reason for the shadow ban and observe your content carefully. You should look for the exact issue and fix the problem. You can also reinstall your application.
If it continues, you may consider contacting TikTok’s support staff. Remember that patience is essential because the shadowban might not be lifted immediately.

#3. Why did my content get shadowbanned, even when I followed all guidelines?

You can sometimes get shadowbanned for no reason. This can be the outcome of incorrect interpretations or algorithmic mistakes. The platform’s automated moderation algorithms may inadvertently flag content. 
If such happens, then you can file a complaint to the TikTok support team directly by addressing your issue. Also, the exact reason for the shadow ban by providing your content and also explain how you can maintain all the rules and guidelines securely.

#4. What happens when I get shadowbanned on TikTok?

After you are shadow-banned, your content becomes significantly less visible on TikTok. As views, likes, and comments decline, there will soon be less interaction. 
A larger audience will view your content much less frequently because it appears less on other people’s “For You” pages. The duration of this restriction may range from a few days to several weeks, contingent upon the reasons for the shadowban.

#5. Can I pay to remove the TikTok shadow ban?

No, a TikTok shadow ban cannot be lifted by payment. Users breaking TikTok’s rules risk having their accounts shadow banned, which money cannot remove formally. 
You should read and stick by the community guidelines, remove any content that may have caused the ban, and wait for the suspension to terminate. 

#6. Can I use my TikTok account after a permanent TikTok shadow ban?

Viewers are barred from seeing or promoting your content when your TikTok account is permanently shadowbanned. You will be able to use your account, post videos, and communicate with other people nonetheless.  
You must fix the issue immediately if something like this happens.

#7. Why is my TikTok video getting 0 views?

If your TikTok videos receive no views, then Shadowban could be one reason. Other reasons could be app technical problems, publishing when your audience is less engaged, or problems with the video’s visibility settings. 
You can solve this problem by checking that your content complies with TikTok’s requirements and trying various uploading techniques.

#8. Are TikTok shadow bans permanent?

On TikTok, shadow bans are typically not irreversible. The time of the shadowban usually lasts for a few days and also it depends on how critical the reason for the ban was. Your content is less visible at this time. 
If you believe the shadowban is unjust, you can ask TikTok’s assistance to lift it.

#9. What are the reasons behind TikTok’s shadow banning?

The primary causes of TikTok’s shadow banning are community guidelines violations (posting offensive content, endorsing risky behavior, bullying or hate speech, copyright infringement), spammy or inauthentic behavior (using bots, leaving repetitive comments, or using irrelevant hashtags), and occasionally algorithmic flags.

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