Ways To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online in 2024
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Do you want to watch a YouTube video that was deleted by the platform? Though it is true that YouTube gives a heads-up that a deleted video cannot be accessed again, there are a few ways in which you can. 

We bring some of the best solutions that will help you view deleted YouTube videos. Keep reading to gain access to them again.                        

Is it possible to find deleted YouTube videos with or without a link? 

You must have heard that if something is on the internet for once, it will stay there forever, till eternity. Now that you know finding deleted YouTube videos online is possible let us find out how.

5 Ways To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online in 2024

We share some of the tried and tested ways of watching the videos that are deleted from YouTube. These methods are not only easy to use but will help you find deleted videos efficiently. 

#Method 1: Find Videos Through The Browser History 

There is a possibility that you have watched the video before on YouTube, but it has been deleted now. In that case, you can find the URL of the video too, from your browser history. Let us see the steps of navigating through the History of the Google browser as an example. 

  • Step 1: Open the browser, and on the extreme right corner at the top of the screen, there are three dots. It opens the menu of the browser; click on them. 
  • Step 2: From the menu, select the option that says “History.” The list of the URLs visited by you through that browser opens up. Look for the YouTube video URL you watched earlier, which is now deleted. 
  • Step 3: Navigate to the URL where the YouTube video was listed once. Chances are that through the history tab of your browser, you will get to see the video again. 

#Method 2: Through The Internet Archive Websites

There are several Archive websites on the internet where you can find content that is deleted from a platform. One of the popularly used websites to find deleted content is Archive.is. 

  • Step 1: Open Archive.is on the browser to access deleted YouTube videos. 
  • Step 2: On the dashboard, you will find the search bar, where you must paste the deleted video’s URL. 
  • Step 3: A list of options will appear with the videos the platform has found in its database. 
  • Step 4: From the listed videos, pick the one you want to view. 

Such platforms, after crawling on different platforms on the internet, store content. It crawls YouTube videos also, and saves them in their database. If the deleted video was archived on such websites, you will easily find them. 

#Method 3: Find Videos Through Search Engines Like Google

Google is one of the widely used search engines, and it has a comprehensive bot that crawls through a large amount of content. You may find deleted YouTube videos on the search engine. 

The search engine allows a user to leverage different approaches to be able to find some information about the deleted videos. 

Follow the steps listed below to find references to the deleted YouTube videos on the Google search engine. 

(Note: For this method to make it work in your favour, you will need the YouTube video URL.) 

  • Step 1: Find the URL of the video which you want to watch, but is deleted. 
  • Step 2: Extract the watch ID of the video from the video URL. The watch ID of the video is the code you will get from the URL within the parameters. 
  • Step 3: On the search bar of Google, paste the video watch ID and press enter. 

The search results that you get will contain keywords related to your search from different websites. You may find the video that you are looking for or some information about it. 

#Method 4: Using The Wayback Machine

To make the Wayback machine work in your favor, you will need a video URL. Wayback Machine is one of the widely used archive websites that help you find content on the internet that was initially deleted. 

Go through the steps of watching videos through the Wayback machine. 

  • Step 1: Open the webpage of the Wayback Machine website. 
  • Step 2: Copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste that onto the search bar. After hitting enter, a calendar will appear, and you will see a year highlighted. This highlighted year is the time when the Wayback machine crawled the video. 
  • Step 3: Click on the year when the video was crawled, and you will also get the specific date when the video was crawled. Under that date, you will find snapshots of the video; click on any. 
  • Step 4: A page and the video you want to watch will appear on the website. Click on the play button to watch it. 

You also need to know that chances are the video was not kept on the platform for a long time after being uploaded. If such is the case, there are possibilities that the Wayback Machine did not crawl it. The videos not crawled by the Wayback machine cannot be played. 

#Method 5: Through The Online Tool (YouTube Video Finder)

There is an online tool available named “YouTube Video Finder,” which provides a way to view or retrieve all deleted YouTube videos. The tool offers an efficient shortcut to users with which they can access deleted YouTube videos through the URL. 

Without accessing Wayback Machine or the search engine, using the tool directly will help you get access to the deleted videos. Let’s find out how to access deleted videos using the tool. 

  • Step 1: You will need the URL of the video that you want to access. Paste the URL in the search box.
  • Step 2: After pasting the URL, press enter or click on the “Search” option so that the tool can start the finding procedure. 
  • Step 3: The online tool then provides results of the videos that it finds, either on the Wayback machine or on any of the search engines. 

Besides the top five ways of viewing deleted YouTube videos, there are a few bonus tips that will help you. However, please know that the methods listed above don’t guarantee accessibility to deleted videos. Know a couple of other ways that increase the chances of finding deleted YouTube videos. 

Alternate Ways to View Deleted YouTube Videos

In addition to using Wayback Machine or using the search engine, there are other ways in which you can view deleted YouTube videos. These methods will work whether or not you have the video URL with you. 

#1. Contact The Video Owner

You often know the owner of the video or have access to the point of contact who uploaded the video initially. If that is the case, it is easy to retrieve the deleted video by reaching out to them. 

You can either ask them to re-upload the video or ask them for the URL so that you can access it using a foolproof means. Alternatively, ask them for another way of accessing it, if that’s possible. 

#2. Explore Other Video Platforms

At times, a video that is deleted from YouTube may be found on any other video-uploading platform. The video owner may have uploaded it at other places other than YouTube. A few popular video hosting platforms are Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. 

Using similar video information that was available on YouTube, you can look for the video on these platforms. If luck favors, you may find the deleted YouTube videos on other platforms. 

Can You Watch Deleted Videos Without Links?

There is a possibility that you do not have the link to the deleted video. What if we say that even without the video link, you can view deleted YouTube videos? Using the Google search engine, you can find the videos that are now deleted from the YouTube platform.  

In the search bar of Google, type in the title of the deleted video and click enter. If the video was uploaded to other platforms besides YouTube using the same title, you can have access to the file. 

Make sure you either remember some keywords used in the title or the description or have the URL to access the deleted video. Without such information, retrieving deleted videos on the internet is rare. 

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Final Thoughts

We have put up this guide to help you view deleted YouTube videos with greater ease. You can probably watch it again, though not on YouTube. However, if the video owner re-uploads the video, the same will be available but will have a different URL. 

Go watch the deleted YouTube videos using the tips and tricks listed above, if you were looking forward to it. 


#1. Will the deleted videos from YouTube go on forever?

Unfortunately, the videos, once deleted from YouTube, cannot be recovered again on the platform. If a video breaks the rules or policies of the platform, they are deleted forever and even the owner cannot recover it. 
However, there are a few tools or archive websites using which you can easily view the content that was deleted from YouTube. 

#2. Can I recover deleted videos on YouTube?

If a video is deleted from YouTube, and you are not the owner, you cannot access it on the platform until the same is re-uploaded. However, you can still watch it online on any other platform, even after it is deleted. 
You can either use the Wayback Machine or Google search to view deleted videos. If you are the owner of the video, the only way to recover it on the platform is to re-upload the video that was once deleted. 

#3. Is it possible to see the videos that were deleted from YouTube?

Yes, though not everyone is aware of the fact that they can view YouTube videos even after they were removed from the platform. No matter what the reason behind deleting them is, you can view deleted videos. 
With the help of video URLs, from Google search, through Wayback machine, and more. It is possible to easily view the deleted YouTube videos. 

#4. Does YouTube store videos that were once deleted?

No, there is no YouTube database or recycle bin where it will store the videos that were once deleted from the platform. When the videos are removed or deleted, they are gone forever. However, you can find the videos or watch them through other means. 

#5. Is there a way to view private videos on YouTube?

There is a way to view private videos on YouTube, though you will not find it listed on the channel directly. They are only accessible with the link. 
YouTube provides a different link for private videos, and they are not found anywhere on the internet. Only the channel owners can provide the link to private videos for people to watch them. 

#6. Does Wayback Machine work on YouTube?

Wayback machine does work for viewers if they want to watch the deleted YouTube videos. However, to use the Wayback machine, you will need the link to the video. The video existed on a link, and you will need that YouTube link to access the video once again on the Wayback machine. 

#7. Can I watch deleted YouTube videos for free? 

Yes, you can easily watch the deleted YouTube videos for free through the Wayback machine. The website archives videos and doesn’t charge anything from the viewers to view deleted videos. 
You will need the URL of the video to be feeded to the Wayback Machine portal. You can then watch the deleted YouTube videos on the portal.  

#8. Do I need to have the URL of the deleted videos to watch them?

You will need the video’s URL when using a way-back machine or a similar archive website to view the deleted YouTube videos. Without the URL, the tools cannot provide cached results. Viewing videos without the URL is also possible, but the results are not guaranteed. 

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