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It’s not been a year since Instagram Threads was launched, and the buzz about the site is already immense! What have you planned for Instagram Threads for 2024?

Threads is a new platform and a very new opportunity for you to recollect fame and become a powerful social figure just as you envisioned. In this guide, we will tell you powerful ways to create an impact on Instagram Threads and give your marketing strategy a much-needed push!

Experts have brainstormed all the growth strategies and when you rightly follow them, 2024 is going to be a bright year for your growth on Instagram Threads. 

Let’s start!

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Instagram Threads Growth Strategy for 2024

In case you don’t know, Instagram Threads is owned by Meta (the same place where Facebook & Instagram came into existence). Threads are reminiscent of Twitter’s early days in the social media world.

Lately, Threads has been an ultimate stop for business owners, social marketers, creators, and brands to stir up conversations. There have been too many questions about how to use Threads, what to post, how to post, and what must be incorporated into Thread’s marketing strategy. 

To conclude, one of the senior marketers at says, “There’s a subtle beauty in the chaos when talking about Threads. Nobody knows where to head out, but the real feel is in taking social media forward and becoming a part of the success since the beginning.”

Understanding Threads Statistics 

Numbers and figures that we often assess as statistics play a huge significance when you are trying to understand any social media platform! That’s what we bring here for you. Let’s look at a few statistics about Threads.

Right at the launch of Threads, it witnessed 100 million subscribers in a few hours. This is a bigger number than any other app to date. A few reports also suggest that Threads might reach a revenue of $8 billion by 2025.

However, the surge in Threads users dropped after the first three months of usage. 

This analytics means that there’s not enough content on Threads. It’s an indication for you to start taking Threads seriously and find ideas. You have the biggest chance to make it big on the platform. 

10 Strategies To Grow On Threads in 2024

Here are 10 splendid strategies that will help you ace Threads marketing in 2024! All these 10 growth hacks are well-examined and approved by experts. Let’s find out!

#1. Create an Account If you Haven’t Already 

The very first step to growth is having a presence on Threads, and this makes up for our first growth strategy.

To create an account on Threads, you need to have an existing account on Instagram. Threads is linked to Instagram by Meta, and you can use your Instagram credentials to log in!

Download the Threads application from Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and sign in using Instagram account details. Once you are there, it’s all open to you, and you can start exploring. 

#2. Start Navigating the Threads Interface

When you log in to Threads, you will notice a very familiar interface. It looks like a mix of Instagram & Twitter. 

There is a feed filled with posts from users you are following, and you can engage with them in real-time Threads tweets. What you will find on Threads from Instagram is the navigation system and aesthetics. 

Everything cumulatively makes your experience with Threads a lot more seamless and integrated.

What you have to do here is find the areas of interest and navigate the interactions and follow-ups. Later, when you plan for Threads marketing or growth strategy, you can utilize all the information you have collected.

#3. Work on Building the Threads Network

Right now, as you are exploring Threads, the primary lookout for you is building connections. Start connecting on Threads by importing a list of Threads users you are following on your IG account.

As an additional step, you can explore engaging and interesting topics that share similar interests as yours. 

Seek out conversations and expand your network on Threads with meaningful contributions. This will help you connect with users and enhance your reach organically.

#4. Test & Experiment With Copies

Threads is all about creative, interesting, and engaging content. Start writing complete copies within the character limit of 500 and pair them with photos and videos. 

Experiment with various content formats and see what is most loved by your Threads audience. The only point to keep in mind is to maintain a tone that encourages your audience to engage in conversations. 

Research for ideas, look for what your competitors are posting and keep experimenting. 

#5. Don’t Think of Threads as a Selling Tool

The biggest mistake too many businesses make on social media pages is using it as a sales tool. However, this does not work because people do not always have a purchasing attitude on social media pages.

We are not saying that there are zero sales from the platforms. However, engagement matters more! You can drive sales using Instagram and Facebook ads. Expecting sales from Threads is not fair; after all, the platform is too new for it!

You must utilize Threads to make yourself visible to the targeted audience. It’s about making a name, the impact of which will last longer.

#6. Avoid Mixing Threads Hashtags With X (Twitter)

Yes, Threads and Twitter (now called X) look and feel similar; you don’t want to mix the two platforms.

The audience base of Threads and Twitter are different, and so must your hashtags. However, what you can take to Threads when you have already worked on Twitter is the strategies. 

You must implement Twitter strategies on Threads after knowing the difference between the two platforms.

Threads lacks search capabilities and does not understand a lot of hashtags. You have to understand that people will not search for your keywords, rather you have to reach your content to the desired audience on Threads. 

#7. Plan on Leveraging Hashtags and Trends

Hashtags might not be a great tool for Threads as of now, but it is a significant one that you must start leveraging for your Threads content.

Find some popular hashtags relevant to your niche content and then incorporate them in your posts strategically. 

Such an act will enable your content to get a widespread reach amongst the desired audience base and increase your post’s discoverability on Threads. 

Also, keep finding the latest features and trends that accelerate your participation in Threads conversations on trending topics. Remember to not stuff unwanted hashtags on your Threads posts. 

#8. Analytical Performance Report Every Fortnight

Social media work involves immense work on analytical reports regularly. You can take the help of the built-in Threads analytics that provides a platform for understanding various types of topics and posts that resonate with the audience.

Look for patterns and track engagement metrics to make a data-driven decision and improve the content strategy continuously. 

Additionally, make a report of your current content performances and analyze which ones are working better amongst the Threads audience. You must do this every fortnight (once in 14 days). 

#9. Monetizing Your Threads Presence

Various avenues allow monetization opportunities on Threads. Utilize this and earn money with the help of Threads. 

As you start building your presence on Threads and a substantial follower count, you are open to exploring brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and collaborations.

You can utilize your Threads audience and drive traffic to your web store, monetized platforms, and other online stores. 

#10. Market Your Thread Tweets on Instagram

Cross-platform marketing is a very underrated factor. However, continuity can bear sweet fruits. 

The biggest reason why you must promote cross-platform marketing, especially for Threads and Instagram, is because of the matching audience base.

All Threads users are Instagram users. Putting Threads posts on Instagram and Instagram posts on Threads will attract the audience on both platforms, helping you build a dense connection base on Threads. 

Reposting takes a minute, but the long-term benefits are recognizable.

3 Tips To Get Started With Instagram Threads In 2024

Are you all set to streamline Instagram Threads growth strategies for 2024? Here’s a list of tips you must follow to see results!

#1. Explore the App

30 million people on Threads are constantly scrolling, exploring, and adapting to the new Interface of Threads. But should you be doing that? Yep! The first step to learning is exploring, and hence, you must be keen about exploring a platform at the beginning. 

Brands and creators have found a space to mingle and create striking copies on Threads. But nobody is telling you to do that now! First, take your time to explore the app and know how it works. 

Don’t forget to connect with like-minded people on Threads. As per reports, the Threads algorithm picks up your interests very fast and curates a likewise feed for you.

#2. Prioritize Community Connections

At this point, you must take Instagram Threads as one social media platform where you can interact and engage with communities

The Threads app follows up on Instagram, which means your followers on Instagram can follow you on Threads, too! You can start connecting with all the known ones right away.

The best way to understand this is to continue doing what you are doing on Threads while finding new ideas for engaging copies.

#3. Take Your Time to Build Up

No, you don’t have to stress right now about the Threads calendar, research, or anything for that matter. It is the time to chill, explore, and find joy while using the app. 

It’s not mandated to have a Threads strategy or curate the right content; you must take your time!

In the coming time, you might also witness new feature rollouts and updates. 

As per Adam Mosseri’s recent post on Threads, users can start to see trend-related features and recommendations in some time on Threads. Hence, this time is only for you to understand the platform.

How does Threads Growth Strategies Implementation Help Content Creators & Brands?

Marketing strategists, brands, and content creators have an expanded work scope after the Threads launch. They have a new platform and a new opportunity to interact with their customer base and enhance performance.

Here is a list of advantages particularly for marketers, creators, and brands, from Threads marketing in 2024.

#1. Promotes audience engagement

Threads’ winning concept is the interactions anyone can have with their audience. For brands and content creators, it is a real-time opportunity to drive communication marketing.

Start engaging conversations with audiences and build the connection. You also have an opportunity to know what your fans, followers, and customers expect from you as a content creator or a brand.

#2. Enhances & amplifies visibility

If you have not been able to shine on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Threads might be an icebreaker for you.

Acting and associating with Threads regularly will get the visibility that seems missing on other social media platforms. Shining amongst a 30M+ audience (Threads) is easier than trying to gain recognition among 2 billion users (Instagram).

#3. A chance to shine on a platform like Twitter

Many brands and content creators have not been able to make it big on Twitter. Many of them do not even have an account yet. Threads are a chance to finally make it there.

Threads have a similar layout and concept to Twitter. Thus, you can finally explore something like Twitter and the best part is to see results. The good part of a new platform is the fair view with which it sees all users.

#4. A fresh opportunity to become famous 

As we have already said, Threads is a fresh platform bringing new opportunities to win an audience. Brands have an opportunity to create compelling copies that help with better communication marketing.

Creators and users can interact and engage to build connections and reputations that pave the way to so many bright opportunities. 

What Is The Future Of Threads In 2024?

The future of Threads is very uneven and unascertained. Meta has a history of creating social media apps that are successful, but Threads is a competition to one of the biggest social apps.

Threads, as a social media platform, is heavily concerned about catering to a brand-safe environment for marketers and advertisers

When we come to the app’s features, we can predict a direct messages system and robust following. They have already launched their web applications.

We are sure that Threads engineers are working on many feature updates and we might see some of them getting live in 2024! The best suggestion for now is to at least have a username on Threads and a ready-to-explore attitude.

Threads Growth Opportunities & Risks in 2024

Here is a quick glimpse of Threads opportunities and risks in a few pointers.

Growth Opportunities

  • Threads’s success will eventually lead to Twitter’s failure and a well-planned growth strategy.
  • Threads has to become its own product in order to excel.
  • GenZ has used Twitter and Threads to make a good one under Instagram and altogether Meta.
  • The greatest advantage is Meta’s inbuilt support for advertisers and other products other than what advertisers already possess. 


  • Threads is most unlikely to take over Twitter. However, smaller contenders like Mastoon or Bluesky might get knocked off.
  • Threads might get contaminated with fake content, fake news, and polarization.

Did Twitter’s Failure Pave The Way for Threads’ Success?

Threads is getting successful because, somewhere, Twitter is defrosting. There might be some truth about this statement, but that is not the only reason.

Meta has tried creating many products to give tough competition to popular social media apps. However, they failed in quite a few of them. There is more required than just a good idea and strong execution.

Below is an insight on all apps that meta launched in place of existing apps, and they failed!

  • TikTok – Lasso
  • Pinterest – Hobbi
  • Snapchat – Poke
  • Vine – Riff
  • Quora/Reddit – FB Questions
  • Houseparty – Bonfire

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Instagram Threads is just at the beginning, and you don’t know how far the platform will go! The only point you must keep in mind is that tomorrow, when you see Threads benefit creators, brands, and other users, you must not regret it!

Right now is the time when you can start from scratch and do a great job. This guide enlists ample and sufficient strategies you can follow to envision growth on Threads account. 

However, do not miss out on consistency, whether small or big. Keep the flow on!

All the Best.


#1. What should I do to grow on Threads in 2024? 

The most important practice you can decide for Threads in 2024 is to take some time out of your day and explore the platform. Once you start doing it, you will get an idea about what is required to make it big on Threads.

#2. What should be my marketing strategy on Threads?

An important marketing strategy for Threads in 2024 is to not have a serious strategy in place. Take it slow, understand the app, and do what feels correct and exciting.
While everyone is just exploring, you must explore the app’s potential. The only point is to stay consistent in finding the app’s best features and utilizing them to grow. 

#3. Should I post on Threads daily?

It’s not essential to post on Threads daily. If you can, then you must do it, but it’s not necessary. 
Threads is a new launch by Meta, and you must take time to know the app better and see what kind of posts work better amongst the audience.

#4. Do I need to hire someone to handle Threads accounts for my business? 

If you have the bandwidth to hire someone for Threads, then you can do it! However, Threads is at a growing stage and not a platform where you can spend consistently as of now.
The best part is to know the app yourself first, and then, in the coming time, look for apt Threads marketing needs when the platform has made it amongst the audience.

#5. Will my Instagram account get deleted if I delete Threads?

No, Threads users can now delete or deactivate their profile without deleting their Instagram account. The feature can be found within the settings menu.

#6. Can I delete my Threads account separately from my Instagram account? 

Yes, it is now possible to delete your Threads account separately from Instagram. This feature is recently added on Threads.

#7. What categories can use Threads for growth in 2024? 

All categories and niches can explore Threads in 2024. Whether you are a brand, content creator, or regular user, Threads welcomes all! 
Beauty, lifestyle, food, technology, clothing, marketing, and every other niche can start building a network on Instagram Threads. 

#8. Is Threads available on the web?

Yes, Instagram Threads is now available on the web, which means anyone with an internet connection can access the Threads on the web. 
With the help of any web browser, you can navigate and use the platform. You can view posts, interact with them and also post your Threads.

#9. How many characters can I include in a Threads post? 

You can create a Threads post with a maximum character limit of 500. However, you can include GIFs, Photos, and other visuals on your Threads posts. 

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