How To Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram
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Ever wanted to keep your Instagram story super private? You’re not alone! Instagram Stories are a fun way to share moments, but sometimes you want to be more selective. 

You can customize your stories with stickers, filters, and more. Did you know viewers can reply directly or see who viewed by swiping up?

But what if you want to keep it entirely private or share with just one person and keep the rest out? Maybe you’re testing features or just want to keep things mysterious. Instagram’s privacy settings let you take charge!

Want to know how? Check out our quick guide on how to keep your story hidden from certain eyes! 

How to Hide a Story from Everyone in Instagram?

Instagram’s privacy settings offer a convenient way to Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram, whether it’s a single user or a group of users. You can employ the same technique to restrict the visibility of your stories, allowing only those you choose to view them. 

Here’s how:

#Step 1: Open the Instagram app and go to your Profile tab.


#Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner (hamburger menu).


#Step 3: Select ‘Settings and privacy.’


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#Step 4: Choose ‘Hide story and live.’


#Step 5:Tap ‘People’ under the ‘Hide story and live from’ section. 


#Step6: Once you’ve done that, your list of followers will be displayed. 

From there, simply individually select each person by tapping on the selection bubble beside their name. You can also search for the person’s name using the search icon option. This way, you have full control over who sees your story.


It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t provide an option to hide stories from all followers at once. 

Tips for Maintaining Privacy on Instagram Stories 

While the methods mentioned above work well for keeping stories private, it’s important to remain cautious about your privacy on Instagram. Here are some extra tips to consider:

#1. Regular Privacy Audits 

Periodically review your privacy settings to ensure they align with your preferences. 

#2. Stay Informed About Updates

Instagram often introduces new features and privacy options. Stay updated with the latest changes to make the most of the platform. 

#3. Think Before You Post 

Consider the content of your stories and who it’s intended for. This extra step can help prevent any accidental oversharing. 

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In this guide, we’ve walked you through the steps of discreetly sharing your Instagram stories. While there isn’t a direct “hide from all” option, we’ve shown you with the steps to select who gets a glimpse into your moments.  

Whether you’re testing things out, adding a bit of mystery, or enjoying special moments with a chosen few, Instagram’s settings are there for you. 

Remember, your stories are for you to share as you like, with those who matter most. With this knowledge, you’re now ready to shape your Instagram story experience just the way you want! Happy sharing! 


#1. Can I hide my Instagram story from specific users?

Yes, you can customize who sees your Instagram story. While there isn’t a direct “hide from all” option, we’ve provided steps to selectively choose viewers. This way, you control who glimpses your moments.  

#2. What if I want to hide my story from everyоne except one person?

If you want to hide your Instagram story from everyone except one person, you can utilize the “Close Friends” feature. Simply add that specific person to your Close Friends list, and then share the story exclusively with them. This way, only the people on your Close Friends list wіll be able to view it.  

#3. Is there a way to hide my story from all my followers?

While Instagram doesn’t have a direct option to hide story from all your followers at once, you can manually select specific followers to exclude from viewing your story. This way, you have control over who sees your content, allowing for a more personalized sharing experience.  

#4. Can I hide my story from non-followers or public viewers?

By default, your Instagram story is visible to your followers. However, you can adjust your privacy settings to make your profile private, limiting story visibility to particular person. This ensures that only people you’ve allowed to follow you on your private account can see your story, providing an added layer of privacy and control over your content.  

#5. What happens if I hide Instagram story from someone?

If you hide your story from someone, they won’t be able to see it in their feed or when they visit your profile. This means that your story will remain completely hidden from their view, giving you the control to choose who gets to see your content on Instagram. 

#6. Can I see who has viewed my story after hiding it from certain users?

Yes, even after hiding stories from specific users, you can still see who has viewed it.  Instagram provides a list of viewers, allowing you to track engagement and interactions. This feature remains accessible to you, providing valuable insights into your audience’s interaction with your content, even when you’ve chosen to hide your Instagram story from certain individuals. 

#7. Is there a way to hide multiple stories at once?

Instagram doesn’t have a feature to hide multiple stories simultaneously. To adjust the visibility of your stories, you’ll need to do so individually for each one. While it may take a bit more time, this ensures that you have full control over which stories are visible to your chosen audience, allowing for a more tailored sharing experience.  

#8. Can I unhide a story after it’s been posted?

Yes, you can change the visibility of a story even after it’s been posted. Simply go to your story settings, and you’ll have the option to adjust who can view it. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your privacy settings even after the story has already been shared, giving you full control over who gets to see your content on Instagram.  

#9. What if I accidentally hide my story from someone?

If you accidentally hide your story from someone, don’t worry. You can easily rectify it. Simply go to your story settings and adjust the visibility to include the person you want to see it. This way, you can ensure that they have access to your content just like everyоne else, providing a seamless sharing experience on Instagram.  

#10. Are there any limitations on how often I can hide my stories? 

No, Instagram doesn’t impose any restrictions on how often you can adjust the visibility of your stories. You hаve the freedom to customize who sees your content as frequently as you like. This means you can adapt your privacy settings to suit your preferences, allowing for a flexible and personalized sharing experience on the platform. 

#11. How will I know If someone adds me in their Close Friends list?

If someone adds you to their Close Friends list, you’ll be notified when they share a story using this feature. Their story will appear with a green circle around it in your Instagram feed, indicating that it’s exclusively shared with their Close Friends. This way, you’ll know when you’ve been added to someone’s Close Friends list. 

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