How to Add Transitions To Instagram Reels In 2024
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Instagram Reels are gaining popularity and have become the fastest-growing feature of Instagram. 

As per the latest eye-popping statistics, “More than 95 million videos and posts are shared on Instagram each day, and users on the platform consume 17.6 million hours of reel content per day.” 

These staggering statistics make it evident that these short video clips are the most powerful tools to reach a larger audience.

However, with 2.35 billion monthly active users on reels, creating flawless reels can be challenging. This is where the reel’s latest addition, “Reels Transition Feature,” comes into play. They are a great way to garner attention and gain a massive following on Instagram.

This blog post will help you dive deeper into this amazing feature and its usage. 

So let’s get started.

Instagram Reels Transitions: A Quick Overview

Before we understand how to add them, let us understand what Transitions are.

Transition is a new feature of the Instagram reel. They are creative ways you can incorporate to seamlessly move from one clip to another in your respective reel. They add a layer of refinement to your videos, soar the storyteller aspect, and thereby make your reels visually appealing and engaging. Get learn about “how to add multiple videos on Instagram story” It would help you to reach or target the audience.

This is a unique feature that can help you flawlessly add transitions to the various clips of your reels and make your reels stand out.

Wondering how you can add them?

Here is how to do it;

How To Add Transitions To Instagram Reels?

You can add transitions to your Instagram reels/ clips in a few easy steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that;

  • Step 1: To begin the process, launch the app on your respective device, iPhone or Android.
Add transitions to instagram reels
  • Step 2: Now, either swipe to the right or click on the plus icon to make the reel.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 3: Next, select Reel and click on the blue plus sign on the left lower corner of the screen to add the posts/ clips you want to compile. Or else you can even record directly from the camera by tapping the white button in the center.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 4: Once you have selected the clips/ posts, click next.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 5: Now Instagram will compile all your clips/ posts and make them into a reel that you can easily edit. (You can even add a specific audio)
  • Step 6: Now click on edit clips/videos in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 7: You will now to re-directed to a page where you will see your posts in the order they will be played. You can even change the order or duration of each clip.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 8: Now, click on the minus icon in between the two clips/ posts you want to add the transition to.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 9: Next, you will see six different transitions that you can add to between your posts/ clips. These include zoon, blur, wrap, flare, spin, and glitch.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 10: You can choose one type of transition and apply it to all the clips using “Apply it to all.” Or else you can choose a unique transition between each clip.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels
  • Step 11: Once you are happy with the reel and its transitions, click Done. 
  • Step 12: Then tap next, and Now you can either save the reel as a draft and share it later, or you can click on “share” and publish it on your feed right away.
Add Transitions To Instagram Reels

That is it! Through the above-given steps, you can easily Add Transitions To Instagram Reels. Instagram makes it easy to add a transition to your reels.

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Types Of Transitions You Can Add To Your Instagram Reels

Instagram offers a set of amazing transitions that you can add to make your short videos/reels trend on the platform. Let us have a look at them;

#1. Zoom

This is a transition that creates an effect of going closer, i.e., zooming in, and going farther away, i.e., zooming out between the clips. This transition provides a dynamic touch to the videos.

#2. Blur

This Transition effect softens the visuals in the clips and helps create a smooth shift between the clips. Thereby creating a dreamy effect.

#3. Wrap

This transition creates a swirling effect, with one clip wrapping around the other. Thereby creating a unique and attractive visual effect.

#4. Flare

Including flare transition can add a flash of color or light between the clips of the reel. Thereby enhancing the appeal of the reel and creating a vibrant effect.

#5. Spin

This transition adds a spinning effect between the clips, making your reel more energetic and dynamic.

#6. Glitch

Using this transition, you can create an interesting reel in which a clip briefly distorts or breaks and then moves to another.

5 Reels Transition Ideas To Level Up Your Instagram Game

Let us have a look at some simple yet quirky video Transition ideas that you can add to your next Instagram reels.

#1. Screen Tap

This is one of the fun transition options; just cover the camera lens with a hand and tap the screen after filming the first clip. Then, showcase the next clip by removing your hand from the camera.

#2. Phone Twirl

This transition is similar to the spin transition and serves as the best idea for quick and fast videos. Just rotate your phone 360 degrees for a seamless transition.

#3. Hand Swipe

This is another appealing transition, just like the screen tap: swipe your hand on the camera and cover it. Then stop recording, make the changes, and resume recording with the hand in the same position.

#4. Hand Twist

This is similar to a hand swipe but requires two hands. You can request someone to hold the camera, then place your wrists together with palms facing the camera and spin them in front of the camera.

#5. Deformation Effect

This idea comprises sudden camera movement to give the perception of the deformation of the image. Then, start the clip by reversing the same movement, coinciding with action in the reel for example a head turn.

Tips To Make The Perfect Instagram Reels For Business Growth

Now that you know about adding Transitions to your reels, here are a few more tips that can help you craft the perfect reel for your business growth;

  • Create content that appeals to your audience.
  • Add trending music or if you want to use the original audio make sure it is of high quality.
  • Use high-quality images/ videos to ensure your reel looks captivating to the audience.
  • Incorporate trendy and relevant hashtags to enhance the visibility, reach, and presence of your reels on the platform
  • Many prefer to watch the video without sound, so craft catchy and relevant captions that perfectly sync with your reels.
  • Include emojis and fun stickers to make your reels alluring.

Source [Trevor Nace]


Transitions are a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your reel and make it more interesting. By mastering how to use them and add them, you can take your reels a notch higher. Remember, the key to using transitions efficiently is matching them with the tone and voice of your video. 

Now, hopefully, you are well-versed in Instagram reel transitions. So begin adding these to your reels and level up your Insta game.

FAQs For Adding Transitions To Instagram Reels

#1. Why are my Instagram Reels transition not showing?

If your Instagram reel transition feature is not working, you can try doing a couple of things;
Solution 1: Log out and then again log in to your account. This will help you remove system glitches, if any.
Solution 2: You can try updating your Instagram app from the Google Play Store to the latest version. If your app is of old version, this feature might not be visible to you.
Solution 3: Report the problem to the Instagram help team.

#2. How to make smooth transitions?

To make your Instagram reels transition effects look smooth, try and match the rhythm of the reel (added clips). If your clips include quick movements, try using transitions like wrap or spin, as they will make more sense. Also, make sure your transitions serve the purpose and complement the storytelling of the reel and not distract the viewers.

#3. How can Instagram reels be utilized for brand popularity and awareness?

Instagram reels offer a creative platform for brands to boost their brand popularity. Brands can showcase their products and services and educate the potential customers about their products using these compelling short-form videos. They can even collaborate with influencers and reach a broad audience and thereby gain popularity.

#4. What are some trending reels transitions?

Most of the trending reel transitions involve shooting 2-3 videos, then trimming them and combining them together to make them look creative and appealing. Some of the trending transitions on Instagram that you can add to your reels include screen tap, phone twirl, hand swipe, hand twist, etc.

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