How To Add Captions In Instagram Reels
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Instagram is a platform where people from all over the world post and watch diverse content. Thus, adding captions to Instagram posts or reels becomes of utmost importance to reach more audiences.

We all know that Instagram reels are highly rated, but sometimes, people miss out on content due to the turned-off or low volume. Most of Instagram users prefer watching reels with captions as it adds an extra layer of understanding.  

Want to know how to add captions to your Instagram reels? Or encountering problems adding captions? Do not worry; we are here to help you!

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, here is a perfect blog to help you learn to add captions to your IG reels. 

How to Add Captions in Instagram Reels?

Adding captions is just as easy as creating Instagram stories. You only need a little knowledge to use the different tools effectively. Here, we will discuss the step-by-step process of adding captions to your Instagram reels on iOS and Android.

Steps to Add Captions To Your Instagram Reels On iOS

You can flawlessly add captions to your Instagram reels on your iPhone. Follow the simple instructions to generate an IG reel with excellent captions. 

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your iPhone. 
  • Step 2: Click on the plus icon on the screen’s top-right. 
  • Step 3: Tab on the reel, here, you can create a new reel or choose the one already created. 
  • Step 4: Then click on Next.
  • Step 5: Tab on the ‘Text’ icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Step 6: Write the caption, and then you can move it around and customize its size, color, and style.
  • Step 7: Once you have completed all the edits, tap on ‘Done’ at the top-right corner.
  • Step 8: Choose ‘Next’ and click on ‘Share’.

Steps To Add Captions To Your Instagram Reels on Android

Instagram offers a fantastic feature of automatically adding captions to your desired reel. Follow the simple steps on your Android phone to curate a reel with captions.

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your Android.
  • Step 2: Click on the plus icon and tap on reels.
  • Step 3: Now record a reel, or select it from your gallery if you already created it.
  • Step 4: Select the Preview option on the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Step 5: Click on the Text icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Step 6: The transcribed words will appear on the screen, and your captions will be ready for further edits. You can move them anywhere on the screen and change the captions’ font, color, and size.
  • Step 7: Complete the edits by pressing ‘Done’.
  • Step 8: Select Next and tap on ‘Share.’ You have successfully shared the reel with the best captions. 

Different Ways to Add Captions In Instagram Reels

Add Captions In Instagram Reels

Here are several excellent ways to write and add captions for your Instagram Reels. While built-in tools may be easy to access, consider other ways to craft compelling content for your audience.

#1. By using Instagram’s built-in subtitle generator

Instagram has a built-in subtitle generator, which is a popular method when you want to avoid writing your captions. The tool helps you create your Instagram content from start to finish. You may find errors in Instagram’s built-in captions, but you can easily edit them.

The built-in subtitle generator includes creating, editing, captioning, and sharing features. It generates captions in less than a minute, and the captions offer additional benefits for the app algorithm.

#2. By using an External Captioning Software

The market is full of captioning software, so you will have many options for choosing a perfect external one. External captioning software claims to provide highly accurate captions for your Instagram reels. You will get the feeling of professional captions exclusively curated for your needs. 

These software uses AI transcription that is available for free in over 100 languages. The software is hassle-free; you can add captions directly to your video.

#3. By Hiring Professionals

Another option to consider is hiring a professional to write captions. This is an uncommon pathway because it is costly and time-consuming. However, it is more reliable and accurate than other methods. 

The transcription services will help you to create unique, purpose-serving content. It will also reduce your revision time and improve your accuracy.

#4. By Manually Typing Instagram Captions

If you cannot access the caption creation software, you must try typing captions manually. Manual typing is a slow process, but it gives you complete control over your captions. 

You can modify the captions, and they do not require further revision. Also, it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you solely wrote the content.

Do you still need clarification about what captions do? Read further to learn the benefits that captions bring to your Instagram reels.

4 Benefits of Having Instagram Reel Captions

You may not have known that Instagram reel captions can provide hidden benefits. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating captions into Instagram reels. 

#1. Better accessibility

You might not have noticed, but captions are integral to making your content accessible. They convey the idea behind the video to your audience, allowing people who are scrolling without sound to understand your content. 

Captions can also help people with hearing issues enjoy your content, and they are a bonus for helping foreign speakers grasp the language of the video better. With captions, your message will be conveyed to your audience effectively and bluntly.

#2. Enhanced SEO performance

Remember to appreciate the power of captions. Good captions improve search results ranking, make it easy for users to find your content, and boost your online presence. 

You can add keywords to your captions so that the video gets enough reach. Try incorporating one or two keywords from your niche into your video content to categorize it and help it reach the right people.

#3. Unique Content

Add captions to your videos to make them professional. These captions will make your content stand out and showcase you as an incredible creator. 

You can write the caption content yourself or hire a professional to help curate the best for your videos. This will attract the audience and keep their attention on your videos.

#4. Increased Watch time

You may be amused to learn that including captions in your videos can help increase their watch time. Research has also found that including subtitles and captions can help increase a video’s watch time by around 5%.

Eventually, this helps boost your content’s algorithm and make it reach many Instagram users. Try to write short and sweet captions between 1 and 20 characters as they perform the best.

Using Caption Tools For Instagram Reels

Using caption tools will make your work of adding captions seamless. Here is how it will help you to generate great captions for your videos:

#1. Style And Placement

Using a caption tool will help you place your caption correctly. When you do not use any specific tool, you can only place all the captions at a particular point, which does not happen with tools. You can change the placement of your caption throughout the video.

#2. Accuracy 

Using caption tools will make your captions more accurate, and essential in accessibility. You will never feel any misinterpretation of a word. Overall, words will exactly match what you want to communicate. Also, if there is any occasional word wrong, you can quickly edit it.

#3. Ease Of Use

The tool will make it easy to share the content with the team, you can edit, comment, and view the same project simultaneously. Also, you will get an outstanding editing experience when using a tool for captions. They simply make your work hassle-free.

Read More:

Professionally Captioning Instagram Reels For Brand

Add Captions In Instagram Reels

Captioning reels for brands plays a significant role. These captions help to make the brand look good. Thus, your captions should be attractive and accurate to keep your audience hooked on your content. This will keep viewers’ attention for a longer time. 

Here are a few steps toward professional captioning:

  • Step 1: Search for a captioning provider that offers high accuracy, follows Instagram’s guidelines, and helps you deliver engaging captions to viewers and consumers.
  • Step 2: Once you have created a video for the Instagram reel, upload the saved video to the captioning software. Here, you can ask for open captioning, which will help to integrate the caption into the video.
  • Step 3: Instagram’s built-in caption generator writes captions in minutes. External captioning software may take hours to do the same, while many third-party tools are excellent at giving quick results. The software provides accurate and professional captions, the perfect blend of AI and human transcribers.
  • Step 4: Review the video with captions and upload it to your Instagram story.  

Source [Wonderful Ida]


Now that you understand the importance of adding captions in Instagram reels, it is time to choose from various great options and increase your Instagram profile visibility by adding trendy captions.

Captions allow viewers to understand what you are talking about, enhancing the link between the two. Adding captions is one of the best practices for silent viewers and those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions have always been a win-win situation for brands and businesses.

Ensure that your captions are always accurate and never misspelled, and work on creating attractive and exciting IG reels.

Quick Answers For How To Add Caption To Your Instagram Reels

#1. Should one use open or closed captions on Instagram reels?

Open captions are always visible and can’t be turned off, while close captions can be turned on or off. It is advisable to use open captions to boost content accessibility and performance, as when you keep the captions open, you do not have to worry about being unavailable for the people who need them most.

 #2. Why are you not able to add captions to Instagram stories?

If you cannot add a caption to Instagram stories, captains are unavailable at your current location, or your Instagram needs to be fixed. Another possible reason could be that Instagram does not support your language yet.

#3. Which is the best way to add captions on the Instagram reels?

The best way to add captions to Instagram reels is to use a third-party tool or software that makes writing captions easy. Such software allows instant access to over 100 transcriptions, guaranteeing accurate, reliable, and efficient captions in no time. 

#4. Why can’t I see the ‘Caption’ option on Instagram?

You must know that adding captions to Instagram reels is only available on iOS and Android, not on the desktop. If you are editing the content on a desktop browser, then you might not be able to access this feature of writing a caption.

#5. How can I fix the incorrect caption on Instagram?

You can quickly fix the auto-generated captions on Instagram by clicking on the text to change or edit it. 

#6. How does auto-generated captioning for Instagram reels work?

Instagram uses speech recognition technology to generate captions automatically. It also uses technologies like Automatic Speech Recognition Technology, Machine Learning technology, and Artificial Intelligence.

#7. How to turn on closed captions on Instagram reels?

Closed captions are not readily available but can be toggled on or off by clicking the CC button on your video player.

#8. How do captions help a content creator or a brand on Instagram?

Captions make your content accessible and grab viewers’ attention as the words on the reels pop out at them. They can boost performance and help increase watch time.

#9. How can I add multiple captions on Instagram Reels?

You can manually add multiple captions to Instagram Reels or choose “Aa.” When previewing your reels, multiple captions are added automatically. You can also use a third-party app to edit the captions’ timing, position, and design.

#10. How do I put subtitles on Instagram Stories?

Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap “Your Story.” Now start creating your Story or choose photos or videos in your gallery. Click the sticker icon and choose “Captions.” Tap “Your Story” to finish your Story. The subtitles will appear automatically on your Story.

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