YouTube Channel Statistics That Matter to Marketers 2024
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What if we told you that certain YouTube data can blow your mind? Yes, it can! In the Social Media report from 2023, 54% of marketers use YouTube, and 59% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube videos.

However, there exist more facets of YouTube’s numerical data that marketers can utilize in crafting the best marketing strategies. 

In this guide, we have featured YouTube statistics, especially for marketers. You will find numerical data about YouTube’s advertising spending, revenue, users, usage, and more.

Without a doubt, this guide will give the ultimate growth map for the YouTube channel’s success. 

YouTube Channel Statistics That Matter to Marketers 2024

YouTube channel statistics is a very prominent topic for marketers to study and use insights to drive traffic and growth on YouTube channels. Statistics have numerous benefits for creating better marketing strategies. 

YouTube widely promotes video marketing and is one of the oldest platforms to come up with such a user-generated content concept. Stick to the guide to understand the best of YouTube users, usage, business stats, and all that data that will enable you to hit the ground running. 

General YouTube Statistics For Marketers

There are a few basic YouTube statistics that you must stay informed about as a marketer. This section lays emphasis on general YouTube statistics which is a must-read!

#1. YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors

Considering the paramount number of users who visit YouTube daily, it is concluded that YouTube is bigger than Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Instagram. 

This makes it the best social media platform for marketing purposes as there’s no way to reach such a huge chunk of audience on any other digital platform. 

#2. 54% of YouTube users are male

The exact data says that 53.9% identify as male users on YouTube and 46.1% as female users (for all users above 18 years old). 

From here, you know what kind of base your product needs and how many males and females it can target. Always consider the overall demographics while creating marketing strategies.

#3. Visitors spend an average of 19 minutes a day on YouTube

19 minutes on one social platform out of the busy schedule is a lot! Marketers must utilize this factor to create more engaging content for YouTube because they know that people give ample time to the platform’s content.

This tip is extremely useful to grow your audience base on YouTube and enhance the engagement rate.

#4. YouTube users exist in more than 100 countries

Out of 193 countries on the entire globe, 100 countries users have access to YouTube. With YouTube, you can reach more than 50% of users around the globe.

This is the most significant data for marketers looking to expand their audience base globally and plan advertising strategies accordingly!

Content Statistics

#1. 80% of Marketers  Believe Video Quality Has the Biggest Impact on Both Engagement and Lead Conversion Rate

Video quality directly impacts product sales. This is the biggest reason why a superior-quality video leads to better conversion rates than one with an inferior quality.

For better quality videos, you must have the right tools and tool-handling experts who will produce quality content to maximize benefit. 

#2. Users are 3X More Interested in Watching Video Tutorials on YouTube

Long-form-tutorial videos on YouTube are what the audience majorly looks out for! Hence, practicing in-detail tutorials once every week could be a better idea for marketers looking to grow traffic on YouTube.

Other types of content that trend on YouTube include video tutorials, Ask Me Anything, explainer videos, and product reviews.

#3. Amongst all Popular Videos, 70% of Them Feature Thumbnails With Titles Or Explanatory Text.

A clickbait thumbnail will allow more users to click on your videos. As a result, the more people click on your content, the better chance you have of a better play rate on YT, and more people will view your product or content videos.

Some tips to create an engaging Thumbnail include:

  • Having a good visual representation
  • Using a relevant and popular image
  • Using trendy and related title keywords

#4. In a Survey by Databox where 26 business YouTube channel owners participated to answer the common video concept they follow, the highest vote was for Educational Content. 

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. The data shows that business accounts on YouTube share more information-based content that relates to their product.

When you are a brand marketer, you might want to try this YT content trend or find some other content idea that differs from the general content. 

Advertising & Marketing Statistics

#1. Paid ads on YouTube mobile are 84% more likely to get attention than ads on television

The biggest reason why YouTube ads are working better than television ads is the onset of an era where people are more interested and inclined towards mobile entertainment rather than Television.

Hence, marketers have the biggest opportunity to focus on YT ads than TVCs. It’s affordable and has better reach and potential for creativity. 

#2. People pay attention to YouTube ads at a rate that’s 1.8 times higher than on other social media platforms

Almost all social media apps allow brands and users to run ads. However, the crucial data for marketers is the platforms where ad performance is better. YouTube ads do better than ads on other social media portals.

When surfing on YT, people have already made up their minds to watch longer content (videos). This could be a possible reason why YouTube ads have better retention rates and engagement from viewers. 

#3. YouTube launched a $100 million Shorts in (2021-22) Fund to entice Creators to experiment with producing short-form videos.

TikTok came up with the short-form video content idea and since then, it has been trending. Instagram also opted for this idea and came up with Instagram reels.  

Here is when YouTube also launched YouTube shorts with a $100 million fund. This is an exciting YT content form marketers need to try as YT shorts are doing great in engaging viewers. 

#4. Daily views of YouTube Shorts are 15 billion.

15 billion daily views is a huge count and something worth considering.

Hence, proven, YouTube Shorts are doing extremely well amongst the YouTube audience, and marketers must try them to grow their popularity and engagement level on YouTube.

#5. The top 5 global YouTube searches are: “BTS,” “Pewdiepie,” “ASMR,” “Billie Eilish,” and “Baby Shark.” 

You must be wondering how the data of the top 5 searches on YouTube is of marketers use!

Well, all these top 5 searches will help you understand what kind of content works best on YouTube. For example, If ASMR is trending, you can make ASMR content for your YouTube channel.

#6. Branded searches make up 52% of the top 100 queries.

Branded searches are search keywords that consist of a brand name. This brand name could be of any popular user, a specific brand. For example, Pewdiepie Vlogs, and Kiehl’s Face Wash. Here Pewdiepie and Kheils are brand names. 

This means that people on YouTube are always trying to find the content of their favorite users or brands. Therefore, marketers can include brand names in their videos or channel descriptions to get users attention easily.

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Revenue Statistics

#1. YouTube’s worldwide advertising revenues mounted to 7.95 billion U.S. dollars in the third quarter of 2023 

YouTube’s popularity is quite upfront from the this data of advertisements revenue. 

If brand and user partners are paying this huge amount for ads, it means the ROI must be very high. Marketers can consider investing in YouTube ads.

#2. YouTube figures show that 90% of the company’s revenue comes from selling ads, and the other 10% comes from subscription services.

YouTube’s prime source of revenue is definitely YouTube ads. 

Digital ads have become quite popular. Hence, generously curating creative YouTube ads and getting them live on the platform is a good strategy for marketers.

Financial Statistics

#1. Approximately 30,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour by artists.

All active YouTube creators upload 1 or 2 long-form YouTube videos in a week. If you are considerate about YouTube marketing, this might be the upload consistency to consider. 

Additionally, you can explore YT Shorts on a regular basis and upload one short video of 30 seconds almost every day.

#2. For every 1000 views, the majority of YouTube channels receive $0.5 in payment.

The payment from YouTube videos isn’t a very impressive amount. Many creators have already revealed that their main source of income from YouTube is not the view count.

YouTube generates maximum revenue from YouTube ads. Hence, you are also going to earn a significant amount from YouTube ads. For this, you must create an Adsense account as soon as you become eligible. 

#3. YouTube pays $18 on average for every 1,000 ad views.

While the pay for 1000 YouTube views is only $0.5, every 1000 ad views on YouTube can get you $18. It means that 10000 ad views will give you $180. 

YouTube ads are the primary source of income and marketers have great potential to make good money out of it!

How Does Learning YouTube Statistics Help Marketers?

The sole responsibilities of a marketer are to reach a new set of audiences, know about high-performing marketing tools, and implement the right strategies that lead to better performance and increased ROI. 

To achieve all the above-listed goals, you must know the important data and figures that shall help you work on platforms and aspects that will bear better results!

If you are still thinking about how to utilize YouTube statistics and get valuable output, read below!

#1. YouTube is the Biggest Video Marketing Platform

YouTube is a 15-year-old social media platform and probably the richest one in terms of video content. Several other social media platforms have emerged with video marketing features, but YouTube remains a millennial option. 

For the Marketers-

As a marketer, it is integral to explore YouTube and find ways to build a fanbase or capture a desired set of audience. Video marketing is a worthy tool, and exploring it intelligently on YouTube is what marketers must do!

#2. Statistics Helps Curate High-Performing Marketing Strategies

The righteous way to create your marketing strategies is through the analysis of customer data. Such a process makes it very simple to find the audience’s interests that shall impact their behavior toward the product. 

For marketers-

Studying the audience size, platform’s reach, content interests, platform revenue generation, and other aspects of statistics will help  in the strategy-making process when to put it live, how to advertise it, and what customers to target.

#3. You Will See Real Results from Strategies Curated from an Understanding of User Usage statistics

After framing data-driven strategies for your YouTube channel, navigation of all those strategies also becomes very uncomplicated. Whether a success or a failure, you will know what data is working and which ones are simply failing.

For marketers-

Navigating strategies is much simpler when you frame strategies based on statistics like you can first frame strategies as per the audience size country-wise, and if do not find the required output, try audience targeting age-wise and see if that works better.

#4. A Higher ROI on YouTube Marketing and Advertising Spend

Once you start curating, navigating, and monitoring your YouTube ads and marketing strategies leveraging important data and statistics, you will see that you have a better output and ROI.

For marketers-

Rather than implementing marketing strategies created from assumed data, find statistics and base your strategies on them for better engagements and interactions from users, all because you are already aware of what the viewers love to watch.

#5. Better Utilization of Marketing Tools & Increase Efficiency of Ads

When you know the consumer data well, increasing the efficiency of all the marketing strategies becomes easier. You will have better results and be able to utilize your time better in finding the right tools with ease and extracting the right information.

For the marketers-

As you get the right navigation to draft YT strategies, you will know which strategies would require which tool. You would not have to struggle to find tools and save your time which you can later utilize to draft more marketing strategies.


To summarize the blog, we would like to tell all the marketers that this set of YouTube statistics is all you need to start with real and aggressive YouTube marketing.

Right after reading this guide, you are supposed to run for an Excel sheet, curate an apt marketing calendar, and give yourself the space to thrive. All the YOUTUBE ads, content layout, and other strategies you would be crafting will take some time to show results, but remember; they will do it for you!


#1. What YouTube marketing statistics do you need to know?

As a marketer, you must conduct deep research on marketing stats that relate to audience size, user interest, trending content, total revenue, content statistics, platform revenue, and a few general ones.

Altogether, everything should help you understand what works well on the platform and how you can utilize it for your product’s marketing needs.  

#2. How does YouTube marketing work?

YouTube marketing is primarily video marketing, however, there are so many different opportunities you can avail yourself of from the platform.

YouTube is a platform from which a marketer can extract a loyal audience or promote a brand. Being one of the most trending content spaces, YouTube is a much better marketing tool and also one of the oldest ones. 

#3. How important is video in marketing in 2024?

Video marketing in 2024 has immense significance. As per one of the studies, 91% of marketers are going to leverage video content in 2024.

Videos work as a crucial asset and help curate engaging content that captivates audiences and drives sales and ROI. The videos impact viewers’ opinions and understanding of the topic.  

#4. Why is it important to know YouTube marketing stats?

Knowing YouTube marketing statistics has the following benefits for marketers and content creators:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Statistics Helps Curate High-Performing Marketing Strategies
๐Ÿ‘‰ Navigation of Strategies is Possible Through Statistics
๐Ÿ‘‰ You Will See Real Results from Strategies Curated from an Understanding of User Usage
๐Ÿ‘‰ A Higher ROI on YouTube Marketing and Advertising Spend
๐Ÿ‘‰ Better Utilization of Marketing Tools and Resources & Increase Efficiency of Ads

#5. Should I invest in YouTube ads?

Yes, you must invest in YouTube ads. As of the data mentioned in the guide about YouTube ads-

๐Ÿ‘‰ YouTube earned nearly $29 billion in ad revenue in 2021
๐Ÿ‘‰ YouTube’s global advertising sales reached $7.07 billion in the third quarter of 2022.

This shows that top advertisers are investing in YouTube ads and it is worth the money.

#6. What should I pay more attention to – YouTube ads or YouTube Videos?

Both YouTube ads and YouTube videos require your attention! While YouTube videos are an ongoing cycle, YouTube ads are occasional.

When you are advertising a brand, you must want to run YT ads for a special discount season, or upcoming events where you want maximum engagement.

#7. What is the ideal length of YouTube videos that perform?

15 minutes long from YouTube videos is a decent size to consider. However, you have the option to play around with the content length.
Another fact is that you must explore YouTube Shorts of 30 seconds as YT Shorts have a 15 billion everyday view count. 

#8. How can I get better ROI from YouTube marketing?

The key factors to getting a good ROI on YouTube depend on-
๐Ÿ‘‰ Content Consistency
๐Ÿ‘‰ Renewed Strategies
๐Ÿ‘‰ YouTube Ads
๐Ÿ‘‰ Creative Content
๐Ÿ‘‰ Cross Platform Marketing

#9. What is the most popular content on YouTube?

The top 5 global YouTube searches are: “BTS,” “Pewdiepie,” “ASMR,” “Billie Eilish,” and “Baby Shark.” 

From here, we can conclude that the top 5 trending content on YouTube could be music, ASMR, songs, baby shows, and podcasts. All five genres cover almost all the top niches. 

#10. Who is YouTube’s biggest audience?

As per the data floated by Statista, the largest audience on YouTube is from India with a total count of 462 million users in October 2023.
The United States is the following country on the list with a total count of 239 million YouTube viewers.

Third on the list is Brazil with 144 million users and then is the United Kingdom with 56.2 million users.

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