Transitioning From TikTok Creator Fund To Creativity Program
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Did you hear the news, creators?

Now, you can make 20 times more on TikTok with its creativity program.

Finally, TikTok is shutting down the creators’ fund program in favor of its new creativity program.

So, let’s learn what’s new, the anticipated changes, and how to really switch from the old Creator Fund to the new Creativity Program. 

Let’s get started!

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Are You Transitioning From The Creators Fund To The Creativity Program?

Before you transition to the new creativity program, you must understand how both of these programs work and if they are still available in your country or not. 

Also, not everyone can enroll in the new creativity program; there are some requirements you must meet. For instance, you need to buy TikTok views and meet the views benchmark to enroll yourself for the program.

What is TikTok’s Creator Fund?

Creator Fund is TikTok’s old monetization program that pays content creators for their ‘incredible content.’ 

Now, this program has been shut down in the US, the UK, Germany, and France. But it is still working in Italy and Spain. 

So, if you are a creator from these two countries and meet a few criteria of followers and views, you can still earn with the creator’s fund. Buying TikTok followers or opting for the free TikTok followers trial will help you reach faster to the goal of being a part of the fund.

How do TikTok Creator Fund Payouts work?

The payouts in the TikTok Creator Fund are settled on a monthly basis. Creators receive payments based on these factors:

  • Number of views on their videos
  • Authenticity of those views
  • Overall Engagement in terms of comments, likes, and shares

Pros and Cons of the TikTok Creator Fund

Pros Cons
Get paid for your work Payments aren’t that huge
Create an extra revenue stream Inconsistent payouts 
No cap on how much you can earn Does not boost your visibility
No strict contracts Video views may be reduced 
Get dedicated followers who don’t switch to other platforms Must share high-quality content consistently

The creators’ fund worked fine just for a few creators, but many had claimed it to be a fleeting revenue-sharing method with no or slow growth. 

That is why, in response to the feedback from its creators, TikTok decided to come up with a new monetization program called TikTok Creativity Program.

What is the TikTok Creativity Program?

TikTok Creativity Program is the new monetization program of TikTok, favoring long-form content of more than a minute, including live-stream videos. 

In this program, creators can earn, based on qualified views and revenue per thousand qualified views, the RPM. This means how much a site or video earns every 1000 times the ad is shown. To increase the engagement rate on your videos, or to make it reach more people for more views, you can also buy TikTok likes on videos.

We developed the creativity program based on our learnings and feedback from our creators’ community. With our new program, we aim to provide more monetization opportunities to support our creators- Maria Jung, TikTok Spokesperson.

Eligibility Requirements for the TikTok Creativity Program

The requirements to join the new program are similar to the creator’s fund, but two new requirements have been added. Fulfill these criteria to join the program:  

  • Have an account from the US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, Japan, or Korea
  • Make videos longer than a minute
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least 10,000 followers
  • Have gained 100000 authentic video views in the last 30 days

You can also opt for growth services from a top social media agency, and opt for the free services to check whether they offer legitimate services or not. For instance, get more likes on TikTok for free for your TikTok videos and know whether it is appropriate for you.

How to Join the Program?

If you meet all these requirements, follow these simple steps to join the program: 

  • Step 1: Go to your TikTok account and tap on three lines on your profile
  • Step 2: Click on Creator Tools from the menu list
  • Step 3: Scroll Down to the bottom and tap on Creativity Program Beta
  • Step 4: Enter your information to apply for the program

Although the requirements to join the creativity program are almost similar to the creators fund, there are differences in how these programs will impact creators. 

TikTok Creativity Program Vs Creators Fund: 3 Major Changes

The launch of this new program has made massive changes in how creators can earn from TikTok. These are three key differences between the two programs: 

#1 Available in More Regions

The new creativity program is covering more regions and countries than the creator fund. TikTok’s creator fund works only in six countries: the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. 

But this new program covers three more countries, including Brazil, Japan, and Korea. So, as a creator, you can reach more people with the new program.

#2 Favours Longer Videos

Although the creator fund favors short-form content, the new program is aiming to reward videos that have a longer duration than a minute. Also, these videos include live stream videos. 

So, with the creativity program, you will have to make long-form content to earn more money on TikTok.

#3 Pays Creators More

Many top creators like SoonyFaz posted on Twitter how the new creativity program is paying more than the creator fund. 

Also, even one spokesperson from the company claimed that creators in the creativity program can earn up to 20 times more than they did in the creators fund program.

Quick note: The Creativity Program is now available in the US, UK, Germany, and France, and those enrolled in the Creator’s fund can switch to the new program.

3 Easy Steps To Switch From Creator Fund To Creativity Program

If you are currently enrolled in Creator Fund and want to shift to Creativity Program, for better opportunities you can simply follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process:

#Step 1: Go to your TikTok Profile

First, go to your TikTok profile and open settings.

#Step 2: Visit your Creative Fund Dashboard

In settings, tap on Creators tools, and then click on Creators Fund Dashboard.

#Step 3: Find the option to Switch to transition 

At the bottom of your dashboard, tap on the Switch button, and you will transition to the new program.  

Once you switch to this new program, you can increase your earnings with more long-form and original content creation on TikTok. 

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7 Tips For Maximizing Your Earnings With TikTok Creativity Program

People are making thousands of dollars with the new creativity program, and you can, too, achieve your financial goals through this program with these seven sure-shot tips:  

#1 Make longer and more engaging content

Since this new program favors long-form content, focus on posting longer and more engaging videos on your TikTok to gain maximum from your TikTok audience.

#2 Utilize TikTok Live

The creativity program also favors Live streams, so start using TikTok Lives to engage with your audience. As your engagement will grow, so will your earnings. 

#3 Participate in challenges and trends

Improve your earnings graph with active participation in TikTok’s challenges and trends. It’s a win-win situation; you will gain more engagement on your videos and increase earning potential for your TikTok content. 

#4 Direct your YouTube audience to your TikTok account

If you also own a YouTube channel or even a Twitter account, direct your social media audience to your TikTok account and add more and more followers. 

#5 Engage more with your audience

Become more active with your replies and engage more with your audience. Start responding to all their questions and build your own TikTok community. 

#6 Make content on trending niches

Just like trending audios help you reach newer accounts on Instagram, making content on Trending niches will also help you reach more TikTok users and maximize your TikTok earnings. 

#7 Diversify and be consistent

Once you have started earning a few dollars from the creativity program, don’t stop. Diversify your content types and become more consistent. The algorithm becomes magical once you hit just the right engagement mark, and that’s where the real leap begins. 

Final Thoughts: Boost Your TikTok Earnings Now!

Earning from TikTok has really become easier with this new monetization program, and if you still haven’t explored the potential of the creativity program, you are really missing out on a goldmine.

Guess what? Your original videos will start getting rewarded once they reach the 1000 qualified views mark, and since TikTok said the earning potential will be 20 times more, you can expect to earn anywhere between $4 to $8 for every 1000 views. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the new program and start earning!


#1 Is it true that TikTok is shutting down Creator Fund?

Yes, TikTok shut down the creator fund in December 2023. But don’t worry if you are currently enrolled in the creator’s fund and earning through it; you can simply switch to the new creativity program and continue earning with longer videos.  

#2 What was the TikTok Creativity Program Beta?

The Creativity Program Beta was the testing phase of TikTok’s new monetization program. This was launched in February 2023, and users at least 18 years old could join the program back then. 

#3 What is the new payout program for TikTok?

TikTok’s creativity program is the new monetization program for TikTok creators. Now, with this program, creators can earn with long-form content, including live-stream videos. 

#4 Where is the TikTok Creator Fund still available?

TikTok’s old creator fund is still working in Italy and Spain. If you are based in these countries, you can still monetize your shorter videos and keep earning with the Creators Fund.

#5 Where is the TikTok Creativity Program available? 

This new creativity program is now available in the US, UK, Germany, and France. So, if you are in these countries and earning creator’s fund, you can simply switch to the new creativity program, through your creator fund dashboard. 

#6 How much does the creativity program beta pay?

TikTok itself claimed that the creativity beta program will pay almost 20x more than the old monetization program. Many users on Reddit have claimed to earn almost $3700 from a single TikTok video. 

#7 What videos qualify for the creativity program?

Videos with a duration of more than one minute are eligible for the TikTok creativity programs. According to the new updates, even livestream videos can be monetized with this new program.

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