Top 15 Twitter Tools For Marketing Pros (Free or Paid)
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When 76% of Twitter users claim to have bought something after reading a Twitter conversation, we can estimate Twitter’s power on public opinion. 

Therefore, you must use Twitter to promote your business as a business owner.

If you are starting out with Twitter marketing, you can use these top 15 Twitter tools (both free and paid) to become a Twitter Marketing Pro soon.

Let’s get started! 

Top 15 Twitter Tools (or X Tools) For Marketing Pros (Free or Paid)

Twitter tools can be used to create a marketing strategy that will give your profile more visibility and engagement. We have categorized this list of Twitter Tools based on the core function they perform. 

Find the tools for your specific marketing requirement from here:

Tools For Analytics:

Analyzing your marketing efforts is an important step in promoting your business, and analytics tools help you track the performance of your Tweets with ease. Here are famous tools for measuring Twitter metrics: 

#1 Twitter Analytics  

The first tool on this list is Twitter Analytics, a built-in Twitter tool that helps you track the performance of your Tweets by analyzing all the key metrics for free. 

You can access Twitter analytics by tapping on your Twitter profile picture and gain detailed insights into like impressions and overall engagement on your individual Tweets. 

Key Features of Twitter Analytics
  • Helps monitor the performance of individual Tweets
  • Real-time insights on likes, retweets, and Twitter replies
  • Lets you track followers’ growth and overall audience engagement
  • Provides audience demographics like gender, location, and interests
  • Tracks total clicks on the links you share in your Tweets

#2 SproutSocial 

SproutSocial is a paid social media management tool that provides a monthly summary of your Tweet activity by measuring all key performance metrics. The tool also has a 30-day free trial with paid plans starting at $249/month.

If you want to measure the performance of multiple Twitter accounts, you can use SproutSocial. Its unique dashboard will provide real-time insights about your multiple accounts. 

Key Features of SproutSocial
  • Keyword and hashtag insights 
  • Audience demographics breakdown with a flow chart
  • Tracks top accounts interacting with your profile
  • Helps find terms frequently used by people to search your profile

#3 Brandwatch

Brandwatch is an online consumer intelligence tool offering social media services for multiple platforms. You can also use BrandWatch to track and analyze key metrics on your Twitter account.

This paid tool’s deep research feature provides real-time and detailed insights. The minimum package starts at $1000/ month. 

Key Features of BrandWatch
  • Provides custom reports with its intuitive UI
  • Tracks advanced and real-time metrics on Twitter
  • Deep analysis of Twitter audience with intelligent technology

Tools For Management:

Twitter Management tools can be used to create, schedule, and organize content being shared on your Twitter account. You can use the following tools to manage your Twitter account: 

#4 Planable 

Planable is a social media management tool that can help you manage your Twitter content effectively. With Planable, you can schedule and organize your content before sharing it on your Twitter profile. 

This tool also offers a collaboration feature where your marketing team can collaborate to work together and approve Twitter content with a seamless approval workflow. 

Key Features of Planable
  • Helps you plan and publish your Twitter content with its calendar feature
  • Lets you preview your Tweets before publishing
  • Offers Multi-account support for team collaborations

Planable has a free version along with exclusive and custom plans starting at $11/user for one-month

#5 GroupTweet

With GroupTweet, manage your business Twitter profile effectively with complete control over who can access your Twitter account. This Twitter management tool lets you add multiple contributors to one account, and only selected contributors can Tweet from that account.

For instance, you can add your team of social media marketers as contributors to your Twitter account and share content from multiple people on one single account. 

Key Features of GroupTweet
  • Lets you approve contributor Tweets with one simple click
  • Smart Scheduling feature to help you define your Tweeting hours
  • Provides custom Tweet formats with auto-retweets feature
  • 14-day free trial with a paid plan starting at $7.99 for five contributors

Tools For Followers

When using Twitter marketing, it is important to target the right audience to gain new followers. These tools can help you find and manage your Target audience on Twitter:

#6 Tweepi

Tweepi is an AI-powered tool that helps you gain and manage Twitter followers. With this simple yet powerful tool, you can select relevant hashtags and target users. The AI will generate a list of tweets and users you can engage to gain more followers. 

The free version of Tweepi can work just fine for smaller Twitter accounts. But if you have a huge Twitter following, you can also upgrade to its famous silver and platinum programs, which start at $12.99 and $24.99 each.

Key Features of Tweepi
  • Helps you find and target users with similar interests
  • Recommends details about the audience you want to target
  • Provides insights about inactive Twitter followers

#7 Followerwonk 

If you want to get all the insights about your Twitter audience, then FollowerWonk is the tool for you. This tool provides detailed insights about your Twitter followers, including their gender, age, location, and most active hours.

With Followerwonk, you can search multiple Twitter bios to find your target audience on Twitter. This is a paid tool with a monthly plan starting at $29.

Key Features of FollowerWonk
  • Compare Twitter followers 
  • Track monthly follower losses and gains
  • Special Keyword tool to find users to target 

#8 Circleboom

Circleboom is an intuitive Twitter management tool that provides followers insights to spot fake and inactive accounts and helps do a Twitter cleanup by deleting those inactive accounts.

This tool also provides in-depth audience insights and smart search tools to help brands find and build their target audience on Twitter. You can access a free version of Circleboom with limited features or else subscribe to its premium plans.

Key Features of Circleboom
  • A smart search feature to help you find new accounts to target
  • Live Keyword and Hashtag search to find the target audience.
  • Available as an app to help you manage your Twitter accounts on the go

Tools For Monitoring

Monitoring tools can help you measure the impact of your Twitter marketing campaigns and find trending topics to suggest content ideas for your strategy. You can use the following tools to monitor your Tweets: 

#9 TrendsMap 

TrendsMap is a unique tool that lets you monitor all the trending conversations on Twitter. With Trendsmap, you can select some keywords to analyze any topic being discussed globally or regionally.

It is a free tool for basic trend tracking; however, if you want to gain advanced insights, you can upgrade to its paid version.

Key Features of TrendsMap
  • Provides real-time insights into Twitter Trends
  • Filtering tool to get insights about specific audiences from a selected region
  • Lets you track words, hashtags, and users from the last decade

#10 KeyHole 

KeyHole is an analytics and reporting tool that provides detailed insights into your marketing strategy’s performance. With KeyHole, you can measure the performance of each campaign in real time. 

This tool has a free version, and its paid plans start from $79 per month for small businesses

Key Features of KeyHole

  • Special account handling and influencer management services.
  • Real-time dashboard providing a detailed overview of your campaigns
  • Custom and ready-to-print report

#11 Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a free monitoring tool that provides simple analytics for your Twitter account. Its well-organized dashboard provides insights on retweets, mentions, and replies in PDF or Excel format.

This tool is completely free and also available as an app for mobile devices.

Key Features of Twitonomy

  • A geolocation tool to help you track the mentions from all across the globe
  • Offers visual analysis in charts about your Twitter performance
  • Gives practical insights from your interaction with your followers

Tools For Scheduling

If you want to schedule your Tweets, you can use special tools that help you plan and schedule your Twitter content. Here are some of the famous tools for scheduling Twitter content:

#12 Loomly

Loomly is a social media scheduler tool that helps businesses plan, create, and schedule Twitter posts in advance. This tool also has a collaboration feature that allows teams to work together on creating and approving Twitter content before it gets shared as Tweets.

You can try Loomly’s free trial by signing up to its website. The paid plans of Loomly start at $35 per month.

Key Features of Loomly
  • Automated publishing feature for sharing tweets
  • Content library to help you organize your entire content in one place
  • Suggests content ideas based on the latest social media trends 

#13 MeetEdgar 

MeetEdger is also a great Twitter scheduling tool that helps you schedule and publish content on Twitter.

MeetEdgar also lets you track the performance of your Tweets with a simple dashboard. It has a 7-day free trial with paid plans starting at $24.91.

Key Features of MeetEdgar
  • Real-time tracking of your Twitter content performance
  • Content library to save your published content for later repurposing
  • Organize content in special categories 

Tools For Content Creation

To save your time and improve efficiency, some content creation tools for Twitter can come in handy. Use these tools to create Twitter content:

#14 Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool providing writing assistance with its grammar check and suggestions features. You can also use this tool to create professional and error-free Twitter content.

Grammarly can be downloaded as a free extension on your device, but you can also get a premium plan to get advanced features like premium suggestions, tone checks, and passive voice warnings.

Key Features of Grammarly
  • Instant grammar and spelling checks with automated suggestions
  • Helps in achieving a consistent writing style in all Tweets
  • Compatible with Google Docs and Gmail

#15 Canva

If you need help in creating images and videos for your Twitter account, you can rely on the famous design tool called Canva. 

This tool has gained massive attention from designers and content creators with advanced design features. You can use this design tool for free or else use a paid plan to get access to special features. 

Key Features of Canva
  • Custom templates for creating Twitter content
  • Image library with illustration icons suitable for Twitter
  • Variety of typography and text tools

Multiple other tools can help you in meeting your Twitter marketing goals. But before you select a tool for your business, it is important to assess some crucial factors.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Twitter Marketing Tool

Choosing the right Twitter marketing tools can help you maximize the gain from all your marketing efforts and improve your overall efficiency. Therefore, use these factors to analyze a Twitter Marketing Tool:

#1 Scalability

Always ensure to analyze the scalability of a tool. Like if your business expands and you gain a huge Twitter following, your Twitter marketing tool should be capable of handling large volumes of data about your Twitter audience.

#2 Integration with other platforms

You must analyze the tool’s capability to integrate with other platforms. You might need to integrate your Twitter marketing tool with a CRM tool or with a content creation tool to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

#3 Tool’s Compatibility with your specific business needs

If your marketing efforts include collaboration, you must select a tool that offers a team collaboration feature. If your marketing strategy is content, you must select a tool that can offer content ideas based on the latest trends.

#4 Automation Feature 

If your business receives some common queries, then you must also analyze the automation feature of your marketing tool. A tool with automation features can help you send automated responses to common business queries. 

#5 Customer Support and Reviews

Lastly, you should also consider customer support provided by the tool to resolve technical issues promptly. Also, read all customer reviews and ratings provided by other users.

Even after using Twitter marketing tools, you might need additional efforts to gain results on Twitter. Therefore, you can use some proven tips to create an effective marketing strategy for your Twitter account. 

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4 Tips To Develop A Twitter Marketing Strategy

Although a Twitter marketing strategy has various elements to cater, you can pair these tips with your Twitter marketing strategy to create a much stronger impact on Twitter:

#1 Research your Twitter audience with Twitter analytics

Use Twitter Analytics to learn more about your Twitter audience. Research your Twitter audience and analyze what they like, their active hours, and the topics that interest them to create a better content marketing strategy for your Twitter. 

#2 Set clear goals in your Twitter marketing strategy

The next tip is to decide your business goals on Twitter. Decide what you want to achieve on Twitter. It could be getting more followers, promoting products, gaining website traffic, or increasing overall engagement on your Twitter profile.

#3 Optimize your Twitter content with keywords and hashtags

If you want to reach a wider audience with your Twitter marketing campaigns, then you should also optimize your Twitter content with relevant keywords and hashtags. Including some relevant hashtags in all your Tweets will help improve the overall visibility of your content.

#4 Track the performance using analytic tools

Lastly, use analytics tools to track and measure the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign. Monitoring the impact of your marketing campaigns is important to understand how well your Tweets are doing and later alter your strategies to get better results. 

Conclusion: Use The Best Twitter Tools To Grow In 2024!

These Twitter marketing tools will assist your Twitter marketing process and help your Twitter account gain more attention from your target audience and reach your goals easily. Use these best Twitter tools to ace your Twitter marketing, promote your products, and grow on Twitter in 2024.  


#1 How is Twitter used for marketing?

Twitter features like Twitter ads and promoted Tweets are used to build brand awareness and promote products and services. As a business owner, you can start sharing promoted content on Twitter and gain audience attention. 

#2 Which are popular Twitter tools?

There are many Twitter tools that you can use for Twitter marketing. Famous options include Twitter Analytics, BrandWatch, GroupTweet, and Circleboom. You can also select tools on the basis of a particular function they perform. 

#3 Can I promote my brand on Twitter for free?

Yes, you can use some free Twitter marketing tools like Planable, Tweepi, and Trendsmap for your marketing on Twitter. These tools can assist you in your Twitter marketing process and help you promote your business or brand for free.

#4 What is the best app to manage Twitter?

Planable and GroupTweet can be great tools for managing your Twitter account. Both of these accounts offer a free trial, during which you can sign up for their services for a limited number of days and later upgrade to use their advanced features.

#5 How do you promote your business on Twitter?

To promote your business on Twitter, you can start a Twitter marketing campaign and start gaining audience engagement on your Twitter profile. You can also use Twitter Marketing Tools to get more people to interact with your Twitter content.  

#6 What are the best Twitter marketing tools? 

Finding the best Twitter marketing tool for your business can take some analysis. However, many trustworthy tools, such as Tweepi, SproutSocial, and Twitnomy, are being used by business owners. 

#7 Can using Twitter tools increase followers?

Yes, many Twitter marketing tools assist you in gaining more followers for your Twitter account. Tools like Tweepi, Followerwonk, and Circleboom can deeply analyze your followers and provide Twitter profile names that you can target in your Twitter marketing strategy. 

#8 What is Twitter’s paid marketing Tool called?

Twitter’s paid marketing tool is Twitter ads. With Twitter ads, you can create and run various types of ad campaigns and share promoted tweets to promote your business. 

#9. Is it safe to use Twitter marketing tools?

Yes, it is completely safe to utilize Twitter marketing tools for content creation, planning, or any other Twitter-related requirement.

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