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Are you curious about how Twitter decides what you see? 

Relax. We have your back with our 2024 guide to share details about how the Twitter algorithm works. 

Whether you’re a user or a marketer, discover practical insights to enhance your Twitter experience. 

Gain confidence about using Twitter and make the most out of your Twitter journey in 2024 using the Twitter algorithm.

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What is the Twitter algorithm?

The Twitter algorithm significantly influences how we see content on our timelines. Instead of just showing some random content, it works like an intelligent organizer, ensuring we see tweets matching what we like.

The algorithm looks at many things to decide which tweets are most important for us. It monitors how we’ve engaged with in the past and what is our interest. This special way of organizing tweets really matters as it helps in choosing tweets we’ll enjoy or find interesting. 

This is super important for both regular users and businesses trying to reach people on Twitter. Knowing how the algorithm works helps everyone make the most out of their time on the platform, making Twitter a better place to connect, share, and discover in 2024. 

Understanding these simple but important details helps content creators and influencers plan their social media calendar for Twitter and create content strategies according to followers’ interests.  

For example, the Twitter algorithm decides if a post is good or not based on engagement within the first minutes. This means by posting at a time when most of your followers are online; you can boost your engagement and signal to the algorithm that your content is indeed worthy to be ranked higher.

How Does the Twitter Algorithm Work in 2024?

In 2024, the Twitter algorithm acts like a smart helper. In this section, we will understand how the Twitter algorithm selects tweets for your timeline.

#1. Candidate Sources

On Twitter, Candidate Sources involve hand-picking the most relevant tweets to suit your timeline. They select tweets that align with your preferences, ensuring your timeline perfectly reflects your interests.

How it Works:

Candidate Sources on Twitter include two main sources: In-Network and Out-of-Network. This approach maintains a balance, ensuring your timeline is diverse with a mix of familiar faces and fresh discoveries.

In the In-Network source, tweets come from people you follow, now optimized using a smart model called the Real Graph that predicts tweet likability based on your connections, ensuring tweets from people you interact with more appear first.

For Out-of-Network Sources, Twitter uses intelligent methods to select tweets beyond your direct followers. By analyzing your interests and engagements, it is designed to suggest tweets you might like, even from people you don’t follow directly. 

Why it Matters:

Understanding Candidate Sources offers insight into how Twitter selects the tweets you encounter. Twitter skillfully mixes In-Network and Out-of-Network sources. This combination helps construct your timeline. 

It’s filled with tweets from familiar connections. Additionally, it includes those that share content with the same interest as yours. This mix ensures your Twitter experience remains engaging and diverse, according to your preferences.

#2. Tweet Ranking

Tweet Ranking is how Twitter decides which tweets should catch your eye first. It’s like creating a Twitter VIP list by analyzing your past interactions.

How it Works:

Twitter’s Tweet Ranking algorithm focuses on showcasing tweets that hold significance to you. It considers two main factors: tweets from people you frequently interact with and tweets about subjects you’re interested in. 

This isn’t solely about displaying the newest tweets; it’s about highlighting the ones that align with your Twitter history. It’s akin to having a personalized spotlight on tweets tailored to match your interests.

Why it Matters:

This process matters because it ensures that your Twitter feed is personalized. By prioritizing tweets based on your engagement and interests, it ensures you see the most relevant and engaging content. 

This personalized approach helps create a Twitter experience centered around what you care about, similar to having a spotlight focused solely on tweets that resonate with your preferences.

#3. Filters and Product Features

After ranking tweets, Twitter incorporates Filters and Product Features to refine your tweet selection further. It acts as an additional layer of refinement post-ranking.

How it Works:  

#Filters in Action: Filters act as Twitter’s guardians, ensuring your timeline suits your preferences by blocking unwanted content and avoiding repetition.

#Product Features Balancing Act: Twitter balances Product Features to blend tweets from accounts you follow with potential discoveries, maintaining a mix between familiar and new content.

#Fine-Tuning for You: It keeps your timeline fresh and diverse by not overloading it with the same source’s tweets.

#Feedback Matters: Twitter considers community feedback to create a timeline predominantly filled with positive content.

Why it Matters:  

Understanding the behind-the-scenes actions on Twitter is key. These actions—Visibility Filtering, Author Diversity, Content Balance, Feedback-based Fatigue, Social Proof, Conversations, and Edited Tweets—contribute to crafting the “For You” experience. 

#4. Embedding Spaces

Think of Embedding Spaces on Twitter as a tool that helps the platform find tweets and users similar to what you like. It’s how Twitter figures out what stuff and people are a lot like the things you enjoy.

How it Works:

Embeddings are like little tags that give a number to what you’re into and what tweets are about. It’s like turning interests and tweets into numbers. 

Then, Twitter checks how similar these numbers are to decide what tweets and users are close to what you’re into.

Why it Matters:

If the numbers match up well, it means the tweets and users are similar to your interests. So, when Twitter talks about Embedding Spaces, it’s really saying, “Let’s find stuff that’s a lot like what you enjoy.”

It’s like having a personal assistant that understands your liking and brings you more of what you want to see.

#5. Mixing and Serving

On Twitter, Mixing and Serving means adding the final touches to your timeline. It’s like putting together a mix of tweets from your friends and some interesting ones from people you don’t follow directly.

How it Works:

Mixing and Serving is Twitter’s way of blending your friends’ tweets with other interesting ones. It chooses the best ones from people you know (In Network) and some from those you don’t follow (Out of Network). 

Twitter doesn’t pick tweets randomly; it looks at what’s happening to give you an interesting and trendy timeline.

Why it Matters:

This is important because it makes your Twitter experience unique. By mixing tweets from different sources keeps your timeline fresh with new ideas while still showing posts from your friends and tweets that keep you engaged. 

Twitter (X) Algorithm Ranking Metrics 

The Twitter algorithm is like a guide that follows certain rules to show you tweets you will like. This system ensures you see your niche-based content. Now, let’s explore the key metrics this algorithm uses to rank tweets. 

#1. Relevance

In Twitter metrics, Relevance is the star. It looks at what you have done before, like who you follow and what tweets you chat with. Your location and tweet topics also matter. 

It shows niched tweets based on your interaction and the people you follow. So, when Twitter talks about Relevance, it’s all about filling your timeline with tweets that fit your interests. 

#2. Recency

Recency is the timekeeper in the Twitter algorithm. It’s all about what’s happening right now. The algorithm keeps your timeline fresh with the latest trends and current events. 

Think of it as your Twitter newsfeed, showing you what’s hot and happening. So when you see tweets about the latest game highlights or posts from your favorite content creator, that’s Recency at work; ensure your feed is always up to date and filled with what’s trending. 

#3. Variety

Variety is the spice in your timeline. The algorithm likes mixing things up to keep your feed interesting. It’s not just about one topic; it wants to show you different perspectives and spark cool conversations. 

Imagine it as a DJ playing a mix of your favorite turns and some surprising tracks. So when you see tweets with a diverse point of view, that Variety plays its role. It ensures you see tweets with a mix of different voices and ideas.

#4. Visuals or Multi-Media

On Twitter, pictures and videos work better than just text. The algorithm prefers tweets with visuals; they get more likes and shares. If you want your posts to get noticed, think creatively and add trendy pictures or videos related to the post. 

Tweets with visuals like images or GIFs catch people’s eyes. So, be imaginative and make your tweets look interesting. That way, more people will pay attention to what you’re sharing. 

#5. Account Credibility

On Twitter, credibility matters a lot. Accounts that consistently share great tweets and engage with their audience tend to get a thumbs-up. The algorithm checks factors like an account’s age, the number of followers it has, and how frequently it posts interesting content. 

This is like building trust with your followers. So, if you want to rank your Twitter account, keep tweeting quality content, engage with others, and watch your credibility climb. It will make your tweets more visible and valued. 

#6. User interests

On Twitter, it’s all about you. The algorithm pays attention to what tweets you like and engage with, and then it shows you more of that stuff. 

The algorithm also looks at how long you spend on certain types of content and what links you visit often. So when you see tweets matching your interests, the algorithm works for you. 

#7. Location

Your location adds a personalized touch to your Twitter feed. The algorithm takes note of where you are to add more tweets and news about your surroundings to your timeline. 

For example, if you are in New York, expect to see more tweets about local events and news. It’s like Twitter is your local guide, ensuring your feed reflects the happenings in your area. 

So, that’s how Twitter decides what you see – by analyzing the special metrics. They mix things up to keep your timeline interesting and show tweets that match your interests. Now, let’s move forward and see how your actions on Twitter play a role in what pops up on your feed. 

The Role of User Interactions on Twitter Algorithm

On Twitter, what you do matters. Your interactions with tweets shape what appears on your feed. Now, let’s explore how your actions team up with the X algorithm.


When you tap the heart, you say, “I like this!”. The algorithm notices. Now, more similar content pops up on your feed. It’s like creating a playlist of tweets with similar content types you will enjoy – all because you tapped that heart.


Retweeting is like saying, “This is awesome; everyone in my network should see it!” Hit that retweet button, and the algorithm takes notice. It spreads the word, ensuring the tweet gets the spotlight and reaches more people in your Network.


Sharing on Twitter is like shouting, “This is worth checking out!” When you hit that share button, the algorithm listens. It boosts the tweet, ensuring it travels far and wide and reaches more audiences.

On Twitter, your likes, retweets, and shares create a rhythm for your feed. Now, let’s learn more about practical tips for ranking your next tweet.

15 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Ranking 

Get the most out of Twitter with these 15 practical tips. These insights will guide you toward effective Twitter engagement from when to post to engaging with trends. Let’s explore each tip in detail.

#1. Post your Tweet at Optimal Times

Timing is key on Twitter. Post when your audience is most active to maximize visibility. Know your audience’s schedule for more eyes on your tweets. It’s like catching up with friends when they’re most likely to see it. Timing matters!

#2. Focus on Consistency and Audience Engagement

Be a regular in your Twitter space! Consistent tweeting keeps you in the loop. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and starting conversations. It’s like being a good friend—always there and ready to chat.

#3. Make Keywords and Hashtags handy

Use popular keywords and hashtags in your tweets. It’s like adding labels to your posts, making them easy to find. Think of it as putting your tweets on the map so everyone knows where the good stuff is!

#4. Monitor your Content’s Performance

Keep an eye on your tweets’ popularity! Monitor likes, retweets, and comments to see what clicks with your audience. It’s like checking the scoreboard to know which plays scored big. Stay informed and refine your Twitter profile.

#5. Interaction Is Key

Boost your Twitter game by interacting! Reply, like, and retweet—it’s the secret sauce for a growing Twitter presence. Think of it as turning on the charm, making your tweets more discoverable.

#6. Craft Compelling Threads

Tell stories through tweet threads! Share your tale, one tweet at a time. It’s like writing a short story in snippets—interesting and easy for your audience to follow. Create threads that keep them hooked!

#7. To the point Calls to Action

Don’t beat around the bush! Be clear in your tweets about what you want your audience to do. It’s like giving them a roadmap—direct, simple, and leading them to take the actions you want. 

#8. Pin your Tweets with Purpose

Pin tweets strategically! It’s like showcasing your best work at the top of your profile. Choose tweets that reflect your skills and expertise—whether it’s a viral post or a key message. Make your profile an instant window into what makes you shine on Twitter.

#9. Use Questions and Polls to increase Engagements 

Getting your audience involved is one effective method to increase engagement! Ask questions or create polls—it’s like opening a conversation door. Your followers can share their thoughts easily, making your posts more discoverable across the platform.

#10. Get Your Account Verified

A verified Twitter account stands out, ensuring your audience of your authenticity. It adds credibility, making people more confident in engaging with your content. That blue tick signals your account’s account’s authenticity and significance on the platform.

#11. Use Eye-Catching Visuals 

Make your tweets stand out! Using cool pictures is like putting a spotlight on your content. Whether it’s vibrant images, fun GIFs, or interesting videos, visuals make your tweets look awesome and get noticed by more people on Twitter.

#12. Repurpose Top-Performing Content

Give your top-performing tweets a second life! It’s about taking what worked before and sharing it again with a fresh touch, reaching a wider audience, and making your best content work for you again

#13. Use Humor

Adding humor to your tweets makes your content more enjoyable. But remember, choose jokes that fit your audience and the situation. A well-timed, appropriate joke can boost your social media presence. So, keep it light and genuine.

#14. Follow the Trends

Following trends on Twitter keeps you in the loop. When you add trending topics to your tweets, you become part of what’s happening now, boosting your visibility and engagement. Keep your content current and connect with a wider audience.

#15. Engage on the Platform

Being active on Twitter is like being part of the community. Respond to comments, join conversations, and connect with others—it’s what makes social media enjoyable. Being engaged helps you build a real, long-lasting presence on the platform.

Follow these 15 tips to make your Twitter game strong. Now, let’s explore how the Twitter Algorithm impacts users and marketers.

Impact of the Twitter Algorithm on Users and Marketers

The Twitter algorithm quietly shapes the experience for users and marketers. Users enjoy their feeds, making the platform engaging and satisfying. From breaking news to niche hobbies, the algorithm ensures the user sees the content that aligns with their interests. 

For marketers, decoding the algorithm is important to grow their presence and enhance their brand reach. They use this understanding to align their strategies with algorithm preferences, boosting visibility and engagement on their content. 

Understanding how the algorithm prioritizes content allows marketers to craft their strategies. Compelling content and strategic post timing become important. Active audience engagement ensures your posts are visible to wide audience feeds. 

Steps to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy to Beat the Algorithm in 2024

Having a solid marketing strategy is important to standing out on Twitter. Here, we break down the steps to help your brand shine. Follow these simple steps to boost your visibility, connect meaningfully, and stay ahead of your competition. 

Step 1: Audit your accounts

Start by understanding your current Twitter presence. Understand your follower demographics, engagement metrics, and the type of content that performs well.

Step 2: Set goals

Define clear and measurable objectives for your Twitter marketing efforts. Whether it’s increasing followers, boosting engagement, or driving website traffic, having specific goals guides your strategy.

Step 3: Check out the competition

Study your competitor’s Twitter activities. Identify what works well for them and where there might be opportunities for differentiation. Learn from their successes and challenges. 

Step 4: Create guidelines

Establish consistent brand guidelines for your Twitter presence. Define your brand voice, messaging style, and overall image you want to project to our audience.

Step 5: Make a content calendar

Create a content calendar that aligns with the Twitter algorithm’s preferences. Ensure a mix of content types, prioritize recency, and plan posts that resonate with your target audience. 

Step 6: Use Twitter analytics

Regularly review analytics to assess your tweet performance. Use this data to refine your strategy, identify trends, and understand what resonates with your audience.

This systematic approach ensures a detailed and effective Twitter marketing strategy, enhancing your engagement and impact for 2024.

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5 Key Twitter Features for Marketing

Enhance your Twitter marketing with these 5 essential features. Discover these tools to stand out from the competition on Twitter. 

#1. Twitter Trends

Boost your marketing strategy with Twitter Trends. Stay current, engage with a wider audience, and align your content with trending topics for increased visibility and Relevance on the platform.

#2. Twitter Circle

Enhance your personalized communication with Twitter Circle. Customize your content for specific user groups, building direct connections and impactful interactions with your audience. 

#3. Twitter Communities

Create or join groups to build an active Twitter community. These spaces allow focused discussion around shared interests, boosting your brand presence within niche audiences.

#4. Twitter Spaces

Engage with your audience in real-time conversations with Twitter Spaces. This feature allows you to host live audio discussions, allowing direct interaction and building a more personal connection with your followers. 

#5. Twitter Lists

Organize and simplify your Twitter presence with Lists. This feature helps you categorize accounts by interests, ensuring you stay updated and engage strategically with influencers and industry leaders. 


For marketers, success means creating engaging content, posting strategically, and interacting with the audience. Thus, understand how the Twitter algorithm works and create content strategies accordingly with the help of this guide. 

Marketers can navigate Twitter effectively by aligning with relevance and media formats. Building a solid strategy involves auditing accounts, setting goals, studying competitors, and planning content.


#1. How Does Twitter Algorithm Work? 

The Twitter algorithm works to customize your experience. It monitors what you like and does on Twitter, curating a timeline just for you. By focusing on things you enjoy, from breaking news to niche hobbies, it shows your feed full of content that aligns with your interests. 

#2. How does the Twitter algorithm prioritize your post?

The Twitter algorithm boosts posts based on their Relevance, how trendy they are, and user engagement. It looks at what you like, share, and post to determine what to show you. So, creating engaging and timely content helps your posts get more visibility in users’ feeds.

#3. Is the Twitter algorithm public?

Yes, in 2024, Twitter made part of its algorithm public. Elon Musk shared the code on GitHub, allowing anyone to see how it works. Before this, the algorithm was private to the platform only. 
Now, users can get insights into how tweets are picked for their timelines, helping them improve their content for more visibility and engagement.

#4. How can I enhance the ranking of my Tweets?

To rank your tweets on Twitter:
#1. Engage Actively: Interact with content you like, reply to tweets, and use the heart button.
#2. Post Regularly: Maintain a consistent posting schedule to stay visible.
#3. Create Visual Appeal: Incorporate eye-catching visuals, images, or videos in your tweets.
#4. Use Diverse Content: Mix up your content with varied formats, ask questions, and run polls.
#5. Build Credibility: Stay active, post enjoyable content, and engage with your audience for credibility.
#6. Keep it Fresh: Regularly introduce new and interesting content to maintain engagement and reach.

#5. How do I increase my engagement on Twitter 2024?

To boost your engagement on Twitter in 2024:
#1. Interactive Content: Create polls, ask questions, and encourage replies for user interaction.
#2. Timing Matters: Post when your audience is most active to maximize visibility.
#3. Catchy Content: Include compelling visuals to catch attention and increase engagement.
#4. Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags to broaden your tweet’s reach.
#5. Respond Promptly: Engage with comments and replies to create an active community.
#6. Retweet and Share: Share content from others, and they may do the same, increasing your visibility.

#6. How do I get noticed on Twitter in 2024?

To get noticed on Twitter in 2024, craft engaging content, join trending conversations and use eye-catching visuals. Respond to comments, retweet interesting posts, and maintain a consistent, authentic presence. 
Building a unique and engaging Twitter profile helps you stand out and attract attention.

#7. What is a good engagement rate on Twitter 2024?

A good engagement rate on Twitter in 2024 typically ranges from 1% to 5%. This engagement rate shows the percentage of your active followers who engage with your tweets by liking, retweeting, and commenting.
Increased interactions mean your audience is active and getting interested in your content.

#8. What is the best time to post on Twitter?

The best time to share on Twitter depends on when your audience is most active online. Generally, weekdays during lunch hours (12 PM to 1 PM) and evenings (5 PM to 6 PM) see higher engagement. 
However, it’s essential to review your analytics to pinpoint the optimal posting times for your specific audience.

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