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Hold onto your scrolling thumbs, TikTok fam – the font just got a glow-up! Whether you're a TikTok pro or just starting this journey, we're here to spill the tea on this font switch. 

What's the deal? Why TikTok Sans? Are TikTok users happy with it or missing the old style?

In this article, we'll uncover the new vibe of TikTok, discuss all the details, and get to the bottom of this font change news and know how are people reacting to it.

Know About TikTok Font Change Feature

TikTok, in a bold move, has rolled out its very own custom font, the TikTok Sans. 

Previously, they used to use a font called Proxima Nova, but it's time to say goodbye to that. This new font is all about being easy to read, making sure you remember what you have read. 

TikTok Sans is like a language superstar; it can handle lots of languages right from the start. The letters are now friendlier with “bigger openings and clearer strokes,” making them easier to tell apart. 

The shapes are simpler, too, making them recognizable in different languages. They also made the letters a bit bigger and increased the space between the lines to make everything easier to read. 

Imagine it like TokTok giving its letters a cool, new outfit. You will see these changes first if you use TikTok in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, or Vietnamese. And guess what? TikTok plans to add even more languages later.

But wait, some folks have noticed the change and aren't too happy about it. They say the new font makes things a bit tricky to read. Changes can be a mixed bag, but as TikTok keeps growing, so does its font. 

Why Did TikTok Change its Font?

So TikTok gave its letters a little modification by changing its font, but why? The change isn't a huge deal; some users noticed the letters looking a bit closer and slimmer. The funny thing is that many users didn't even spot the switch, but some did. 

Turns out, TikTok spilled the beans in a blog post on May 17, 2023, introducing TikTok Sans. TikTok just wanted to keep things fresh and modern, like giving their letters a stylish new look.

But why mess with something that’s working? Well, TikTok likes to keep up with the times, stay visually cool, and listen to its users. 

Maybe someone wished for a different font, and TikTok thought, “Why not?” It's like nodding to creativity and making sure everyone’s happy scrolling through their TikTok journey. 

How TikTok Font Design Affects Users?

Ever wondered why fonts on your screen feel a certain way? Let's explore how these characters quietly influence our emotions and thoughts on social media platforms like TikTok.

#1. Fonts Aren't Just Letters

Fonts are not just letters on screen; they affect how we use a platform. For TikTok, changing the font isn't just about looks. 

It's about making things easy to read, accessible and keeping users engaged. The font choice shapes how we see content, move around the app, and connect with TikTok.

#2. Finding The RightLook

Choosing a font isn't just about making it look good; it's also about making it work. TikTok’s design team had to think about things like readability on a small screen and how well the font reflects TikTok’s fun vibe.

#3. Fonts Speak Brand

Branding is like a language, and the font you choose is part of that talk. TikTok, known for its lively community, probably wanted a font that matches its personality. 

Changing the font is a smart move, reinforcing or redesigning what we think about TikTok.

#4. Why Do Fonts Matter?

Fonts mess with our minds in a good way. Different fonts make us feel different things. Bold and playful fonts can make us excited, while clean and simple fonts give off a modern vibe. 

TikTok understood this and implemented it to create an experience that clicks with their audience. 

How Is The New TikTok Font Different?

Let's talk about TikTok fonts. Imagine the old font and new one are like close siblings, but with a tiny tweak. What's the scoop? Well, the letters got a bit closer, like a cozy family huddle, and they decided to slim down - just a touch. 

But here’s the thing -  these changes are so subtle that many TikTok fans didn't even spot them. So, TikTok fonts got a little slimmer, and it was hard to find the change.

Before the switch, TikTok’s go to font was the Classic -  Proxima Nova Semibold, a font that was like an old friend, especially in video captions. Some users might still use the old font on their screen due to the old app version. 

But if you got the update, TikTok’s letters slimmed down a bit. They are thinner and snugger now. 

Can You Switch the TikTok Font Back To The Old Style?

If you are considering returning to the old TikTok font, that might not be possible yet. So, before attempting font alterations, it's essential to understand that TikTok is committed to its new style. 

For Android users, tweaking your phone settings won't make a difference; even changing the phone’s main font won't affect TikTok’s new appearance. 

Meanwhile, iPhone users, if you go for some complex solutions, try some tricks yet all these efforts won't bring back the classic TikTok font. Even after navigating through these steps, there is no magical restoration of the old TikTok font. 

Unfortunately, if you are not a fan of this new font of TikTok, there is no straightforward way to revert. You will be sticking with the new font for a while until TikTok comes up with some updates for font customization. 

What If You Can't See Tiktok's New Font on Your Screen Yet? How to Fix it?

If you are not able to see the new TikTok font on your device and wondering where that font change went? No worries, let's fix that. Try the below-mentioned quick step-by-step process and update or restart your app.

#Step 1: Go to Playstore

To start the process, just tap on the Play Store on your device.

#Step 2: Search for “TikTok” and Click Update

In the Play Store, tap on the search bar, put “TikTok,” and hit enter. Now, on the TikTok app page, click on the Update button.

#Step 3: Restart the App

After installing updates, restart the app to make changes available for you. 

Still no change in your app? Be patient. Since the update is rolling out slowly, it is quite possible that the new font may not yet arrive in your area, so you don't need to rush.

Remember that custom fonts are not available on TikTok at the moment. The app decides what everyone sees. Changes can be a little difficult to adapt for some users, but most TikTok users just brush it off and enjoy what the platform actually offers. 


Essentially, TikTok switched to TikTok Sans for a more modern look. Some users find the new font challenging. The new font is designed to be larger and clearer so that people with vision problems will be able to see it clearly.

TikTok Sans is in different languages, showing that TikTok wants everyone to feel included. Sadly, you can't change the font on your TikTok profile right now. But don't worry; the TikTok team is working on it for future updates, so you can use custom fonts for your profile hopefully.


#1. Did TikTok change its font?

Yes, TikTok changed its font. They now use their new font called TikTok sans, which looks cleaner and more modern. So, when you are scrolling through TikTok, you will notice a new and updated font all over the app.

#2. What are the specific changes made to the new TikTok font (TikTok sans)?

TikTok Sans features several changes compared to the old font:

1. Bigger Opening and clearer Strokes: Enhanced letter visibility and readability, especially beneficial for users with visual impairments.

2. Sleek and Uncomplicated Shapes: Simplified design for improved recognizability across different languages.

3. Increased Size and line Height: Promotes a more comfortable and engaging reading experience for TikTok users.

#3. Does the new font affect accessibility for users with visual impairments?

Yes, TikTok claims that the design of the new font prioritizes accessibility. The largest size, clearer strokes, and increased line height are intended to enhance readability for users with visual impairments. 

Nonetheless, some users have reported challenges with the new font, underlining how crucial it is to keep checking if the font is easy to use for everyone and make changes if needed based on what users find challenging. 

#4. Will the new TikTok font be available in all languages?

The current implementation of TikTok sans includes support for a selected number of languages. The languages are

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Indonesian

  • Turkish and

  • Vietnamese

However, TikTok aims to expand language support over time, with plans to slowly make it work for more languages in the future. This strategic approach aligns with TikTok’s commitment to include everyone worldwide by making new fonts with many different languages, creating a diverse and inclusive experience for users.

#5. Can I change the font on my TikTok profile?

Unfortunately, Tiktok currently does not offer any options for customizing the font on your profile or video caption. The platform uses the same font for all users: the TikTok Sans. However, there are third-party apps and editing software that allow you to create text overlays with different fonts for every TikTok video.

#6. Why did TikTok decide to change its font?

TikTok changed its font to maintain a fresh and modern appearance. The design team aimed for a stylish look, aligning with TikTok’s dynamic nature and the desire to keep the platform visually appealing as before.

#7. What to do if I haven't received the TikTok font update?

To receive the new TikTok font update, go to the Play Store (or App Store for iPhone users), search for “TikTok,” click on the “Update” button. After successfully updating, restart the app. The new updates will roll out to your app. 

#8. How are TikTok users reacting to the new font?

As a result, TikTok's users have different reactions. Some enjoy the clean design of TikTok Sans, while others find it difficult to use. TikTok values user feedback and aims to enhance the font in accordance with the experience of its users.

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