How To Get More Followers On TikTok For Home Videos
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Home decor or design videos are booming on TikTok, from entertaining do-it-yourself tutorials to transforming projects. The hashtags #interiordesign #design #interior #homedecor #architecture #home #decor are some of the most widely used ones on TikTok for decor and interior design. 

And as per SMEBusinessNews, home décor has a decent audience on TikTok, making it a popular channel for driving sales.

This proves traditional marketing is no longer enough for home decor or design-related enterprises to build their brands. To succeed, jump on the TikTok craze and make it a prominent strategy in your marketing plan.

But to get a strong foot in home decor, you must have a killer strategy to gain more followers on TikTok, who can view and like your decor and design videos.

And that’s precisely what this blog will help you with. 

Here, you will explore proven ways to increase the number of TikTok followers for your home decor content.

How to Get More TikTok Followers for Home Decor or Design Videos?

  1. Create High-Quality Videos With Good Lighting

How do you make a high-quality video or what is a high-quality video? Is it just limited to creating engaging content or presenting it well? 

No, it is important to hook your audience to your videos and multiple factors work on it like content, video editing, camera angles and majorly lighting. If you aren’t visible or there are shadows or what you are trying to show doesn’t have much light then these factors can make your content look dull.

Hence, a high-quality video is about the perfect lighting plus showing the content in the right way whether it's ideal kitchen cabinets, that elegant bedroom makeover, the DIY hacks or some home decor tips. These little efforts can help you get more followers for your business on TikTok. 

  1. Collaborate With Influencers Of Your Niche

Collaborating with influencers on TikTok is the best way to get more followers that too in a simple and accessible manner. Wondering how? 

Go through your niche and see what kind of content is majorly loved by your audience then look for similar TikTok influencers who have the same niche and produce content that is same as yours.  

Now, collaborate to create an amazing TikTok video it can be a challenge, a home decor hack or doing a design task together on screen can be loved by both niches of influencers. 

It will not only help you reach a wider audience but also because of engaging content it will help you get more followers for your TikTok page. 

  1. Adapt To Trends Related To Home Decor Or Design

TikTok is all about creating trendy content. Keep up with the newest memes, hashtag challenges, dances, tutorials, transforming projects and challenges going viral if you want to increase your exposure. One of the easiest ways to hop on the TikTok trends is by using famous and highly-reached sounds and music. 

Incorporating these sounds, and trends with your customized videos can keep your content exciting, but it also allows you to capitalize on other well-liked videos to connect with a larger audience that can also become your TikTok followers.

Think about giving trends a personal touch. Your videos will stand out from identical videos if you inject some originality into well-liked trends. 

  1. Utilize Viral Songs and Music

TikTok recommends videos on FYP if the videos contain popular trending songs. But how to know about the famous trending songs on TikTok? 

Firstly, navigate the top 100 songs on Spotify and many of these top songs are already being used on TikTok. It’s not a prediction but TikTok works with record labels and that’s how they collide with each other.  

All you have to do is start making a video using these songs. For example, if you are showing a home decor transformation from before and after make sure your videos have popular background music this will help you create engagement, reach a wider audience and get more followers. 

  1. Enhance Engagement by Using Live Features (virtual tours)

Live features of TikTok are a great way to give a virtual tour of your home design sites to demonstrate to the viewers how things initially looked like and how you are transforming them. 

In this session, you can take questions from the audience, which enhances the engagement, interaction, and interest of viewers which further leads to getting them to follow your TikTok page. 

  1. Make a Series Showcasing Your Designs

A series is an excellent method to connect people with you. It generates curiosity and excitement among the audience to see the result of your work. 

For instance, you can make a series of home renovations where you can show them old v/s new versions of space and the design you implement in each room. It will bring people again and again to your page to see what is new there.

  1. Post Regular Content

Regularity in your post is one of the most vital elements to gain more followers. If you are active on TikTok, there's a greater chance that people will view and share your videos. 

Continue uploading even if you receive few views; followers will find an active TikTok account more appealing than one that doesn't often post fresh stuff.

  1. Use Hashtags Related to Home Decor and Designing

Incorporate relevant, industry-related or brand-related hashtags, such as #homedecor, #home, #homedesign, #ABChomes, etc. when posting a video that showcases designs or home décor. Instil popular and recommended hashtags in your videos to appear on FYP if someone searches for those hashtags. 

Hashtags not only drive search results but also give you topics to create content on TikTok that will reach the maximum untapped audience and will help you grow followers. 

Apart from business-related hashtags, one can also add these popular side hashtags: #fyp, #foryour, #foryourpage #viral, #tiktok, #trending, #duet, #funny, etc. 

  1.  Share Your Videos on Multiple Social Media Networks

If you have a large following on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, it will take you less time to grow one on TikTok with the help of cross-promotion. When you link your TikTok account to other accounts, your submitted video is shared with more audiences and places. 

Different social media networks will help you get more audience that can follow you on TikTok. Sharing your creations on social media platforms like YouTube can also work wonders. Many people use YouTube to look for TikTok videos; you may compile your content and post it there.


5 Content Ideas For TikTok Home Decor And Design Videos

Are you prepared to begin but require some inspiration? Here are five content ideas for TikTok home decor and design videos to try:

  1. How-to Videos 

Make quick how-to videos that instruct viewers on utilizing your items to beautify their homes. In addition to being a popular form of content on TikTok, how-to videos also work well in the home decor or design niche.
Here are some popular home decor and design ideas: 

  • How to create a DIY wall art for your home? 

  • How to use limewash paint? 

  • How to create checkered patterns on your home wall? 

  • How to combine multiple design themes for your living room? 

  1. Behind-the-scenes Videos 

Transparency and reality will help you get more followers, how? Share videos on what happened behind the scenes when creating content for home decor and designs. 

It is rare for audiences to witness the labor-intensive process involved in designing and producing home décor ideas and items. Thus, this is an excellent method of getting their attention.

  1. Q&A Ssession Videos

Organize an online Q&A session with your company's designers or product specialists to let customers learn more about the principles and offerings of your brand. 

Having direct communication to know your audience’s opinion will engage them and make them feel valued. They will feel free to ask questions and this will create a positive impact and will lead to gaining more followers. Also, it will help the brand to produce likable content according to their users.

  1. Decoration & Design Tips Videos

Make videos demonstrating the possibilities for your ideas and products. People on TikTok adore being inspired. But make it real and easy for them, divide your videos into parts and give piece-by-piece information. 

For example, A video showing how to create beautiful pots for a home's garden area. First, tell them about the DIY base, colors to use, hanging material, decor items, and final look. To increase interaction with your followers, you can ask them in the video to share what they have created after being inspired by your content. 

  1. Before and After Videos

Organize a before-and-after challenge so that people may discover how to make their places better with your ideas. Finding challenges on TikTok is a terrific idea, and working with influencers and designers can help you become more visible.


TikTok platform offers your business countless chances to interact with its audience variously all thanks to its emphasis on innovation, fun, and usefulness. Finding relevant content ideas, improving your videos' performance, and engaging with the correct viewers have all been covered in this blog.

Any site, including TikTok, where videos go viral significantly increases your followers because of content with wider reach, brand recognition and this will encourage viewer conversion, and even allow you to monetize your content for additional income. Now that you know more about how to get viral on TikTok, it's time to seize the initiative and create a successful strategy for yourself.


1. How do I get more TikTok followers quickly?

Finding a niche where you excel -home décor or design—, providing engaging informative content consistently, and concentrating on your content creation for platforms like TikTok is the best course of action to gain more TikTok followers. 

2. Is TikTok suitable for designers?

Designers get to express their creative skills, and aesthetic appeals in a fun and engaging manner on a platform like TikTok. Whether it's through storytelling, adding humor or visually appealing content, designers' distinctive approaches can be easily carved out for their audience on TikTok. 

3. Which TikTok hashtags are currently trending in the area of home decor?

A few Home decor hashtags that are currently trending are as follows: #interiordesign, #design, #interior, #homedecor, #architecture, #homeinterior, #decor, #homedecorideas, #diyhomedecor, #homedecorinspo, #homedecorworld, etc.

4. What do 500 TikTok views mean for design and decor videos?

For new or small users, 500 views is a reasonable starting point. Remember that the quality of views matters more than the quantity, so pay attention to other engagement indicators like shares, likes, and comments.

5. Can a TikTok home decor video go viral within a day?

Creative home decor videos that are infotaining and meet the criteria of what users want to watch then it easier to go viral. TikTok has certain algorithms to decide whether the content can go viral or not. If one uses the correct parameters then it's definite that a video can go viral in a day.


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