How To Enhance TikTok Follower Base On Entertainment Videos
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Creators on TikTok have explored multiple niches and features to gain millions of followers and attain stardom quite actively through their videos, as it has a diverse user base. Out of various types of videos, entertainment videos have taken a major part of the popularity list over TikTok. 

Today there are enormous TikTok entertainment followers who are constantly looking for different video content on the platform. This gives an amazing reason for video creators to look for different ways of boosting entertainment videos.

Read the following array to learn about what entertainment videos are on TikTok, why they are essential and the ways to enhance TikTok’s follower base on entertainment videos.

Why is it Essential to Enhance TikTok’s Follower Base?

The home screen on the TikTok app includes two different feeds, namely, “Following” and “For You.” The “For You” page is dictated by the algorithm of TikTok; however, the “Following” feed is loaded with videos only from the accounts that the TikTok user follows. It depicts that the more followers one has, the more following feeds their videos will appear in.

No doubt, your content can easily come on the “For You” page. However, having your video content seen by people who follow you can help you with your content going viral in a flash of time. Additionally, it also aids you to get more engagement from your TikTok followers.

Entertainment Videos on TikTok: An Overview

The world of entertainment is full of showbiz trends on TikTok. With over 535 billion hashtags views, entertainment videos on TikTok have remained a consistently popular category of video content. 

Numerous TikTok entertainment followers are constantly browsing for videos like clips from movies or TV shows, funny or animated videos, dance videos, videos with numerous challenges, trendy filters, new trends on TikTok, and so on. 

It is apparent to say that the entertainment category has brought the pop culture on TikTok quite alive. There has been a steady entertainment content growth over TikTok because it is full of exciting entertaining content.

How to Enhance TikTok Follower Base on Entertainment Videos? 

No matter if you are new to TikTok or someone looking to drive your TikTok account to the next level, follow the below-mentioned steps to enhance your TikTok follower base on entertainment videos. 

1. Define Your Target Audience

Knowing your target TikTok audience will help you gain the right number of followers. To do this, firstly, look at your competitors in the entertainment categories, check on videos that they are posting, and take note of viral entertainment videos. 

Secondly, try your uniqueness in creating and blending entertainment and pop culture on TikTok videos. Doing this will gradually help you grow your TikTok follower base.

2. Research and use Viral Trends 

You cannot go beyond what’s trending if you want to make a space for yourself in the entertainment category over TikTok. TikTok trends are a big thing to increase your TikTok followers. 

So, stay updated, and look for viral trends, challenges, and sound bytes that you can use in your video content on TikTok. You can also try creating your videos on real-life trending events. 

3. Use the Right Hashtags in the Right Way

TikTok hashtags, when marked appropriately, help users find your content and eventually turn out to be your potential TikTok entertainment followers. Start typing relevant hashtags for your entertaining videos and see the number of views those hashtags are getting.

Some of the popular hashtags in the entertainment category on the platform are #entertainment, #viral, #trending, #foryou, #fyp, #dance, #viralvideos, etc.

4. Participate in Challenges

Exploring viral entertainment video challenges and participating in those challenges will also help you gain more followers for your TikTok profile. So, participate in trending TikTok challenges and post those videos on the platform. 

Additionally, you can also start a new challenge using a branded hashtag on TikTok and expect it to go viral.

5. Provide Clear Description for Your Videos

Producing entertaining videos on TikTok helps in enhancing your follower base. However, it is not just about creating videos but also having clean and clear video descriptions. Having a clear description of your videos can increase the visibility of your content.

The new update on TikTok allows its users to provide longer descriptions to make their content easily searchable. So, write a niche-related clear description and use relevant trendy hashtags.

6. Make the Most of TikTok Live Streams

TikTok live streams help you interact with your users and build a more personal connection. Moreover, going live also helps in increasing your visibility and attaining a huge follower base.

To make the most of TikTok live streams, you should keep the content short, pick the right time to go live, and respond to the comments from your followers.

7. Upgrade Your Account to a TikTok Pro Account

Upgrading your account to a TikTok Pro Account will not cost you anything but will gain you more TikTok followers at ease. Once you upgrade your regular TikTok account, you can access the analytics that will help you find the right time to post.

Additionally, you can also see which videos are getting the most views and how popular your page is. All these will help you create better content creation strategies to get more followers.

8. Use “Stitch” to work with other TikTok creators

If the strive to win followers is driving you insane then look for the “Stitch” feature on TikTok. The idea of stitching on TikTok is to use a few seconds from another creator’s video as a part of your video to inform and build a conversation on any entertainment topic. 

These TikTok features, like stitch, duet, etc, are great ways to bring a lot of TikTok entertainment followers to your videos.

9. Go for Paid Strategies to Gain Followers

If you are still struggling with gaining followers, then it’s time to go for some paid strategies like using TikTok Ads for your profile. TikTok ads help you reach a wider audience and achieve more followers. 

Apart from TikTok Ads, you can also try to promote to reach your target audience on Tiktok, and this enhanced visibility can help in gaining more TikTok followers with ease.

List of Creators on TikTok of Entertainment Niche

Knowing and following famous creators of similar niches on TikTok helps in creating and delivering your audience the best content that engages them and increases the visibility of your videos. So, let’s explore the list of entertainment video content creators on TikTok :

# 1. Becca Bastos

Becca Bastos is an excellent actor from Brooklyn, renowned for her POVs, character sketches, and impressions. With her endless entertainment content, she has managed to gain 1.4 million followers on TikTok. 

# 2. Julian Burzynski

Julian Burzynski from Los Angeles, with 2.9 million followers, is among the most popular entertainment video creators list on TikTok. Having so many TikTok entertainment followers has helped the actor to create more great content.

# 3. Andrea Love

Based in Port Townsend, Washington, Andrea Love is known for creating unique and magnificent stop motion using wool. Over one million followers have been blown by her entertainment video content. 

# 4. Felle Animated

Felle Animated, with his 1.5 million followers, believes that TikTok is the future of entertainment. He produces pop culture-related animations that are liked by numerous TikTok entertainment followers and also inspires them to unleash their creativity.

# 5. Robyn Delmonte

Robyn Delmonte, also known as @girlbosstown on the TikTok platform, has turned out to be TikTok’s pop culture consultant by offering free genius ideas in her “PR moves” series. She is the right one to bring pop culture to TikTok videos. According to her, TikTok is changing people’s lives in amazing ways.

# 6. Ariana Taylor

If you are into entertainment trends on TikTok, then videos from Ariana Taylor would be very much in your feeds. With over 2.4 followers, Ariana managed to become one of the top-level showbiz list creators over TikTok. Her viral dance challenges have grabbed the attention of many. 


Now that we are aware of so many hacks to enhance the TikTok follower base on entertainment videos, it is time for you to try using them and gain some TikTok entertainment followers. However, make sure you are giving your best with creativity and uniqueness.

Have fun creating and posting videos on your very own entertaining TikTok platform.

FAQs About How to Enhance TikTok Followers On Entertainment Videos

1. Should I add live videos on TikTok to enhance followers?

Yes. Adding live videos to TikTok is one of the best TikTok video ideas that can help you gain an authentic follower base. It helps you connect with your audience in real-time.

2. How to make entertaining videos on TikTok for more engagement?

Always create engaging content by using trending challenges, music, humor, and storytelling. Use eye-catching visuals, transitions, and editing techniques. Interact with your audience through comments and duets to boost engagement.

3. Is TikTok a good platform for entertainment videos?

Yes, TikTok is an excellent platform for entertainment videos due to its diverse audience, easy-to-use features, viral trends, and opportunities for creativity and engagement

4. What is the average engagement rate on TikTok?

The average engagement rate on TikTok is usually between 4% to 18%. There is no surprise that TikTok has the highest levels of engagement among all social media platforms. 

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