How to Delete a Twitter Account
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Twitter or X currently has almost 528.3 million monthly active users. But, even after its popularity and a vast user base, a few people choose to delete their Twitter accounts for several reasons.

Removing your Twitter account is an easy process, Twitter users have complete control over their profiles.

Continue your reading to learn the process of Twitter account removal.

Also, learn more about the differences between Twitter account deactivation and deletion.

Key Takeaway

Any Twitter user can remove or delete their account from Twitter whenever needed. But, before complete deletion, users first have to deactivate their accounts and wait for 30 days to delete their accounts completely.

Delete a Twitter Account

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently?

Delete a Twitter Account

Are you thinking of deleting or removing your active profile from Twitter? Follow the below-mentioned process to do it. 

  • Step 1: Open Your Twitter Account

First of all, open your Twitter account to go to your profile. As you have to deactivate it manually, you need to visit your profile to find the option. 

Delete a Twitter Account
  • Step 2: Go to Settings and Privacy

Once you have opened your profile, go to the “Settings and Privacy” option. Then, find the “More” option to get the drop-down menu. Now, look for the “Privacy and Settings” option and select it.

Delete a Twitter Account
  • Step 3: Choose Your Twitter Account

After selecting the “Settings and Privacy”, locate the “Your Account” option. You will find personal information, privacy settings, and deactivating options here to manage further.

Delete a Twitter Account
  • Step 4: Click on Deactivate Account

Now, find the “Deactivate Your Account” option within the “Your Account” section. Then, click on it for a deactivation request. In this step, the password is important for verification purposes. After completing each step, wait for 30 days to get your account deleted from Twitter.

Delete a Twitter Account

Is Deactivating and Deleting a Twitter Account Same?

Delete a Twitter Account

No, deactivating and deleting a Twitter account are two different things. Everyone does not know about the distinctions between deactivating and completely removing Twitter accounts. So, let’s understand it elaborately.

# What Is Deactivating?

Deactivation is mainly a temporary way of hiding your Twitter account from all Twitter users.  After the deactivation, people won’t be able to find your profile. But, if you wish to make any changes, you can do that because all the information will still be accessible to you. According to a report, beyond 875,000 Twitter users deactivated their accounts in November 2022. 

After you complete the deactivation process, your old tweets also will be hidden from your followers. No one can find you on Twitter when your account is deactivated. 

But, deactivating never removes your personal information or data from this social media platform. As Twitter gives you 30 days to recover your account, you can easily reactivate it within one month. It is an excellent way to hide from Twitter without losing your profile permanently. 

Delete a Twitter Account

# What Is Deleting a Twitter Account?

Deleting is a permanent action that you take. It means completely removing your account from Twitter. It happens after 30 days of account deactivation. After one month, Twitter will remove your information from the platform. Even you cannot see your old tweets, followers, shares, likes, etc. 

There is no chance of recovering your account after the deletion. You will lose all the data and cannot restore your Twitter account.

Why People Delete Their Twitter Account?

Delete a Twitter Account

Here are some of the most common reasons why people delete their Twitter accounts:

#1. Privacy Concern

Privacy concerns can be a primary cause of people leaving Twitter nowadays. Some people think that sharing too much information on Twitter may expose them to dangerous situations. They may become the victim of cyberbullying, cyber-attacks, or identity theft. 

So, many people decide to leave Twitter as the ultimate solution. Sometimes, other issues like data breaches can also become the reason for leaving Twitter. 

#2. Break from Social Life

Some users choose to delete their Twitter accounts simply because they want to avoid the constant influx of information and social interactions. So, it often becomes overwhelming, and people may find it beneficial to take a break to prioritize their real-life experiences. They often feel the necessity to handle their matter without the distractions of online engagement.

#3. Concerns about Addiction

Social media addiction is a genuine concern among people. According to a report, almost 210 million people in the world have an addiction to using different social media platforms. Therefore, some people think that this constant online activity can hamper their private life to a great extent.  As this addictive nature can take a toll on a few people’s mental health, they desire to delete their accounts permanently.

#4. Information Overload

Information overloading is another reason why people feel like leaving Twitter. Often, they want a fresh start where they only get relevant and interesting information. So, users decide to remove their Twitter accounts. 

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Final Thoughts

Removing a Twitter account is a conscious action that people generally take due to multiple reasons. If you also have a reason, consider following the aforementioned steps. However, you must know that Twitter only allows users to deactivate their accounts manually.  

You can only submit your request to remove your profile by deactivating your profile. Then, just wait for one month and the platform will delete your Twitter profile permanently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals delete their Twitter accounts permanently?

Yes, certainly. Individuals can easily delete their Twitter accounts permanently. But, Twitter users can only deactivate their profiles on Twitter as they cannot manually delete the accounts. They first must submit their deactivation request to complete the deletion process.

Can I recover my Twitter account ever after deleting it?

No, you can only recover your Twitter account in the deactivation phase but not after deleting it. You can change your decision and restore your profile when you are on the 30-day grace period. It simply means when you deactivate your account, you can bring back your profile within one month. But, once your profile is deleted entirely, you cannot recover your profile.

How to delete my Twitter account if I forget my password and username?

Recovering your Twitter account's password is necessary to delete your account. But, if you forget your password and username, you can anytime use Twitter's account recovery option to know the password and username of your account to initiate the deletion process.

Can Individuals use desktops to deactivate their Twitter accounts?

Yes, certainly. People on Twitter can use their desktops to deactivate their Twitter profiles. They can even use the same process the way most people do it with their smartphones. #Step 1: To remove any Twitter account from desktop first of all go to its official website and log in using username and password. #Step 2: Once the account is logged in to get profile access, search for the "Settings and Privacy" option. After clicking on it, a list of several options will be displayed on the screen. #Step 3: From those displayed options, select the "Deactivate Your Account" option. After that, the user will receive a confirmation mail for this action. Once they confirm it, the deactivation process will start and after a month, the account will be removed.

What will happen after deleting my Twitter account?

Once you delete your Twitter account all your data and account-related information will be permanently deleted from the platform and no one will be able to see or access your account further. So, whenever a user from Twitter searches for your profile, they will never find it and Twitter will show them that your profile is no longer in use.

Will my tweets be visible even after deleting my Twitter account?

No, your old tweets will no longer be visible after deleting your Twitter account. You cannot access your posts or any activity status once your profile is deleted permanently. If you ever wish to again use Twitter, consider opening a new one.

Can Twitter users use their old usernames after deleting their Twitter accounts?

Certainly, they can. But, one thing they must know is that when they delete their accounts from Twitter, their usernames will be available for other Twitter users. So, if any of the Twitter users want, they can use your username.

Is saving my data before I delete my Twitter account possible?

You can do it manually or use any other tool that allows you to save your data before it is gone permanently as Twitter does not provide a direct feature to save your account's data.

How long can it take to delete a Twitter account?

After initiating the deactivation process, Twitter gives you a 30-day grace period. So, when you deactivate your account, it does not mean that your account is removed. It is hidden from the public eye, which is a temporary thing. But, after 30 days, Twitter removes your account permanently.

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