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In October 2022, TikTok joined the wave of voice-changing effects by introducing user-friendly filters that allow you to instantly alter your voice in every video you record with the app. It was recorded that 68% of TikTok users use voice filters to make the most of their content. 

With these distinctive sounds, you can stand out and attract remarkable attention. Are you trying to access TikTok's voice filter features? Here is a detailed guide to help with the same.

How To Get And Use Voice Filters In TikTok?

Users have access to built-in TikTok voiceover filters, which they can utilize to add appeal to their content. To obtain these voice effect filters on the phone screen, take the actions listed below:

#Step 1: Open TikTok.

#Step 2: Start recording your video, then tap on the tick.

#Step 3: You will see three dots on the screen.

#Step 4: Tap on three dots and look for 'voice editing'.

#Step 5: Scroll through various voice effects and choose features.

#Step 6: Click on Apply and save.

World-Famous TikTok Voice Effects

Long-trending subjects on TikTok include voice effects, but you must stay creative because trends change. These are some of the well-liked outcomes that you shouldn't pass up if you've been on the hunt for methods to increase your engagement:

#1. Synth 

You can choose the synthesizer voice effect filter while singing. It enhances the quality of your voice with a stunning sound and uses auto-tuning technology. Your vocal quality will improve as you sing.

#2. Mic 

With this voiceover effect, you may create a voice that sounds like a microphone.

#3. Baritone 

Thanks to this voiceover effect, your voice will sound more grown-up and have a lower tone. Through this filter, a feminine voice will appear overly pitched and male.

#4. Echo 

Would you prefer the appearance of a cave? For that, select Echo and begin your magical adventure.

#5. Chipmunk 

It is standard practice among the humorous content creators on TikTok. As a result, your voice recording sounds scratchy.

#6. Spooky 

You can use these effects when you record your video in suspenseful & horror situations. 

#7. Vibrato

In most cases, vibrato occurs at the finish of the opera. It has a theatrical and stunning effect. The vibrato sounds intriguing in ordinary situations, though, if it's not opera. It will be interesting to learn that singing can also utilize this impact.

#8. Megaphone 

Is there something crucial you want to announce but no megaphone nearby? It is an excellent substitute for access.

3 Tips On Using Voice Filters On TikTok

One helpful tool for audio editing options is voice filters. To make the most of the voice filters available on TikTok, follow the directions below.

#1. First video, then audio 

Always put the video first on the timeline after that only start audio editing when you create your content. You can choose from existing videos or start recording using the microphone icon. It ensures the video works appropriately; otherwise, it can cause issues.

#2. Remove the video sound, then add audio.

Avoid choosing a voice filter with sound. To turn off the sound, click the sound icon at the top of the screen. To turn off the sound, tap the X button at the bottom next to it. After completing this, you should start recording your video on TikTok to activate the voice filter.

#3. No duet voice filters

It is not possible to apply voice filters to a duet on TikTok. You'll need to make a new video without sound effects to add the filter. It will boost the quality of your work and assist you in adequately styling the video. If you follow this, resolving any voice problems is also quite simple.

How To Fine-Tune TikTok Voice Filters?

The following area contains tried-and-true remedies to assist you in resolving any voice filter-related problems you may be experiencing on TikTok.

#1. Clear cache 

If the app's voice filters aren't accessible, you might try clearing your cache. If you delete your cache, your app should function flawlessly and display your voice effects filters. No data loss will occur throughout this process, so don't worry. 

#2. Install a new version of the application

Your TikTok application will only work correctly if your device is upgraded. Updating your smartphone software will best solve this problem. 

Final Words 

One excellent part of recording your video content is the editing process. Voice effect filters can help you expand your audience and improve engagement by boosting the quality of your content. You must update your TikTok app to outsmart the game and use the latest voice sound filter. 

This post will teach you how to get & use voice filters on TikTok. Hence, you can use this fantastic voice changer idea to viral your video in the TikTok app.

If you want to be one step ahead, try to give an instant push to your reach & visibility on TikTok and grow authentically now!


#1. Why can't I see TikTok voice filters on my account?

Voice filter apps on videos that aren't recorded through the app aren't supported by TikTok. Be careful to use TikTok to build the video if you decide to make a voice filter elsewhere.

#2. Is it important to use voice effects?

To succeed on the TikTok platform, users must stay current with trends. One important feature is to apply voice effects in your videos at the upload.

#3. Can you set Google or Siri as TikTok voice filters?

Yes. You can set the Google or Siri sounds feature in your video.

#4. What are TikTok video's specifications?

TikTok suggests that all videos that are uploaded to the platform have a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. It is the standard portrait size for almost all smartphones and should match a 1:1 or 9:16 aspect ratio.

#5. Can I watch a TikTok video without music or sound?

TikTok videos feature starts playing automatically when a user launches the app. However, users can mute the audio by adjusting the playback settings.

#6. Can I download a video from TikTok?

The user who uploaded a TikTok video determines whether or not it can be downloaded. If the "Save Video" option feature is not displayed when you tap the sharing icon, the TikTok user has turned off downloads for that specific video.

#7. Shall we first make a video or add audio?

Open your camera roll and make a video, set the video first on the timeline, then use audio and add voice effects to work it correctly on the platform.

#8. Will adding voice effects to my video make it popular?

Yes, adding voice effects to a video is one way to make it unique and trendy, which can help increase its popularity. 

#9. Will it be okay if I add raw video without audio effects?

The TikTok audio effects feature is essential to making videos popular. You can choose any audio for your post, including electric, robot, or any other voice.

#10. Will my TikTok reach be enhanced after using voice filters and effects?

Yes, it is one of the many features to enhance your TikTok reach.

#11. By any chance, TikTok voice sound filters are paid?

No, TikTok voice filters are not paid.

#12. Can I use a third-party application for other voice filters on TikTok?

You can use several third-party applications to get TikTok's voice changer.

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