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Why are all tweets visible to every user on Twitter? 

Twitter’s default setting is in a way that all the tweets are saved as public only, which means everything you post here is publically visible to all Twitter users.

However, if you feel that your account is more exposed, you can make your Twitter profile private to keep it hidden from the public eye.

The process of making your Twitter account private is simple, which will be discussed here. It will ensure that your profile is only reachable to your approved Twitter followers, allowing you to gain more control of your Twitter account.

Key Takeaway – Keep your tweets protected by making your Twitter account private. Explore different ways to do and follow the simple steps and enjoy a more personalized and secure Twitter experience.

Make Your Twitter Account Private- Twitter Privacy Guide

Fortunately, there is more than one way to make your Twitter account private. The process of both is simple and can be completed within minutes. By keeping your profile private, you will gain better control over your Twitter profile.

Let’s know the process of making your profile private.

#1. Through Mobile App

Here are the steps to follow to change your setting from public to private on Twitter.

Step 1: Open Your X Account

Launch your X account from your mobile phone. After opening it, tap on your profile picture or the three-line menu on X located at the top-left corner. You will notice one of these two icons depending on what device you are using.

Step 2: Go to Your Settings and Privacy

Now, you need to click on Settings and Privacy, which is at the bottom of the menu. However, if you cannot find it directly, click on Settings and Support first.

Step 3: Click on Privacy and Safety

After that, tap on Privacy and Safety, which can be found at the end of the menu. It will further show you a list of available settings.

Step 4: Tap on Audience and Tagging

Once you click on Privacy and Safety, you will see an option for Audience and Tagging. Tap on that option to proceed further.

Step 5: Click on Protect Your Posts

Now, enable Protect Your Posts to make your profile private. Once you tap on it, a pop-up will appear on your screen, asking for your confirmation of your previous action. So, confirm it and make it private.

#2. Through Your PC

If you mostly use a PC to handle your social media profiles, here are the steps to follow to keep your Twitter account hidden.

Step 1: Visit Your X Account on PC

To start the process, first, open your X account on your PC. Ensure you are logged in to your profile. Otherwise, log in to your account using your username and password.

Step 2: Click on ‘More’

Once you are on your Twitter account, click on ‘More,’ which you can find on the bottom left side of your screen.

Step 3: Go to the Settings and Support

After clicking on ‘More,’ the menu will expand. There, you will see an option, ‘Settings and Support’.

Step 4: Click on Settings and Privacy

When you hit the ‘Settings and Support’ option, another option, ‘Settings and Privacy’ will open. It will show you the setting page of your Twitter account.

Step 5: Select Privacy and Safety

Now, click on Privacy and Safety, which you can find in the middle of the page. It allows people to manage what information they want to share and see on Twitter.

Step 6: Click on Audience, Media, and Tagging

After that, the Audience, Media, and Tagging option will pop up on your screen. Click on that option.

Step 7: Tap on Protect Your Posts

The last step is to click on Protect Your Posts. Once you hit the option, Twitter will again ask you to confirm your decision. After you click Protect, you can make your profile private.

What Will Happen When You Make Your Twitter Profile Private?

Multiple changes occur when you keep your Twitter account private. It directly impacts your engagement, follower numbers, interactions, etc. So, let’s know the result of making your Twitter account private in detail here:

#1. Take More Control Over Followers

Keeping your Twitter profile away from the public eye can help you get more control over who can follow you. From now on, people need to get your consent to follow you on Twitter. Once you confirm their requests, they can see your activity and tweets. 

It is beneficial for those who wish to keep a short and organized follower list and want to avoid specific individuals.

#2. Ensure Limited Exposure

Running a private Twitter profile means restricting your digital exposure. Your posts will not reach a broader audience since not everyone can see your tweets. However, you can now make your profile more secure and protect it from unwanted account visits. 

All in all, it offers exclusivity and adds uniqueness to your Twitter account.

#3. Protected Tweets

After changing the setting of your Twitter profile from public to private, you can keep your tweets protected. It simply implies that only your followers can see and interact with your posted tweets. People who do not follow you cannot reply to your tweets and view them. 

So, private accounts on Twitter have the capability to create a much better and more intimate sharing environment.

#4. Chances to Review Your Follow Request

Once you make your profile private, you can easily review your follow-up requests and reject or approve them. This will ensure that you stay connected with the right accounts and avoid scam profiles. 

Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts within your preferred community.

Reasons Why People Keep Their Twitter Account Private

In the world of social media platforms, many people want to limit their digital exposure for several reasons. Some common reasons are mentioned below:

#1. For Personal Reasons

Many individual users on Twitter want to keep their accounts private because of personal reasons, which can vary from person to person. By doing so, they can maintain a more personalized space for themselves and share thoughts with their chosen Twitter followers.

#2. Security Purposes

Another significant reason for having a private Twitter account is enhanced security. This action will be beneficial because it will protect your information and tweets from unwanted people. As a result, the chances of being harassed or getting potential threats for a certain tweet are reduced.

#3. Ensure Personal Content Sharing

People also prefer to use a private Twitter profile to ensure personal content sharing. Since not everyone is comfortable sharing their opinions or thoughts in front of a lot of people, they try to keep their reach limited.

#4. Avoid Unnecessary Tagging

Relevant tagging is good, but sometimes it becomes intolerable for some people when others tag them in their every tweet. It is mostly annoying when they get notified every time any user comments or shares the tweet. Therefore, many individual users keep their profiles private to prevent automatic association with a post.

#5. Filter Our Followers

By keeping their account private, people often want to optimize their follower list by choosing people depending on their comfort level. It allows them to have a more secured and tailored online experience.

Benefits of Making Twitter Account Private

Do you want to know the undeniable advantages of making your Twitter account private? Read further to explore the benefits of enhancing your social media experience. 

#1. Ensures Better Engagement

When you have a private account on Twitter, it significantly improves the quality of your engagement. It is because only the relevant followers will engage with your profile, making your posts go viral within your loyal community. You can have peace of mind because the engagement will be genuine.

#2. Offer Higher Ranking

Private profiles can increase your Twitter account ranking on the search results since people are mostly intrigued by them. As a result, the searches for your profile get higher, ultimately giving a boost in algorithmic ranking. It eventually leads to increased visibility among your approved audience.

#3. Provides More Safety

Safety is one of the primary concerns for many people, which can be solved by having a private Twitter profile. It protects your accounts from online attackers and unwanted attention. Private profiles offer more safety and help the account holder share their thoughts freely without any hesitation or fear.

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Final Thoughts

After understanding the details about private Twitter accounts, choose according to your requirements and create a Twitter community that suits your needs.

By making your Twitter account private, you can unlock a realm of personalized connection and gain better control over your Twitter account. Also, safeguard your posted content and make it visible only to the people you want. It helps in creating a digital experience that values tailored interactions and more privacy.  


#1. Is it possible to unprotect your tweets on Twitter?

Yes, you can certainly unprotect your Twitter tweets by disabling Protect My Posts. This action will make your Twitter profile public, ensuring a wider audience reach. However, you must note that any followers that are left unanswered will be automatically accepted.

#2. When an individual tweets something from their private profile, will everyone see it?

No, no one can see whether you tweet anything from your private profile. Only your followers can see your actions on Twitter and engage with your account. So, you can rest assured that your reach will be limited, and your account will only be accessible to your followers.

#3. Why are my tweets still showing up on the search results even after having a private profile?

Well, it can happen for any reason. If you face such issues, be sure to double-check your privacy settings. In general, private tweets never show up on public search results. Even after checking everything, if the problem remains the same, contact the Twitter help center.

#4. How do private accounts on Twitter stop random people from sending DMs? 

When you change your privacy setting from public to private, it automatically prevents random users from sending DMs. You can only receive DMs from your followers and the people you follow.

#5. Who can see my posted tweets after making my Twitter profile private?

After making your Twitter accounts private, only your followers can see your posted tweets. But, if you ever optimize your follower list and remove some of your old followers, that group of people won’t be able to see your tweets.

#6. How to approve new follower requests on Twitter?

Approving new follow requests on Twitter is easy and must be done manually unlike the public profiles. You just need to go to your follow request section to approve or deny the Twitter follower. 
However, it is worth noting that if you accidentally accept the following request of any random person, you cannot undo your action.

#7. Will my existing Twitter followers be affected after changing my Twitter profile to private?

No, you will not lose your existing followers even if you change your Twitter account’s settings from public to private. They can still see your tweets like before. But, the new followers need your permission to see your profile.

#8. Can people on Twitter retweet my post even after I have a private account?

Yes, but only your Twitter followers can do that. When your account is private, people who do not follow you cannot share or retweet your posts. So, it is fair to state that private profiles have more security than public ones.

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