How To Turn Off Profile Views In TikTok In 2024
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The TikTok App is a trendy platform that is majorly about visibility, interaction, high views, interactivity, exposure, and a strong presence.

According to statistics, four out of five individuals say TikTok is a highly delightful platform.

Although sometimes utilizing TikTok and viewing other people’s accounts, particularly those of your competitors, may not be a good thing to reveal.

Thanks to a TikTok unique feature that allows you to turn off profile views, you can choose which TikTok profiles to see without the creator knowing who you are or what you are looking at.

With this guide, learn the process of how to turn off profile views in TikTok.

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How To Turn Off Profile Views In TikTok?

Turn Off Profile Views In TikTok

By turning off profile views in TikTok you can visit any profile on TikTok without disclosing your identity. So, if you want to explore someone’s TikTok profile without them knowing, here is a step-by-step guide to turn off profile views on TikTok:

  • Step 1: Take your phone and open the TikTok app
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Profile’ at the bottom right
  • Step 3: Tap on ‘three vertical lines’ at top right
  • Step 4: Choose ‘settings and privacy.’
  • Step 5: Tap on the ‘Privacy’ option
  • Step 6: Click the ‘turn it on or off’ option next to your ‘profile view history.’

However, if you wish to turn on your profile views history and go back to see the viewer’s name, we will further discuss the organized method to do it. 

How To ‘Turn On’ The Profile View History?

If you have turned off your profile views history and want to turn it back on, here is a step-by-step process for doing so: 

  • Step 1: Open ‘TikTok app’ and click on ‘Inbox’
  • Step 2: Tap on the notification where it mentions ‘someone viewed your profile.’
  • Step 3: Tap on ‘settings’ at the top right in ‘profile views page’
  • Step 4: Click ‘turn it on’ next to ‘profile view history.’

If you are still wondering if this feature is necessary for you or not, read more and find out the reasons why people prefer turning their profile views off. 

Why Should One Turn Off The ‘Profile Views History’ Feature?

TikTok creators can turn off profile views for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them for your understanding:

#1. Secure the privacy of your TikTok account

One way for makers to have more privacy on the platform is to turn off profile views. It’s like having an invisible cover.

If this functionality is off, they can examine posts and view the accounts of different individuals without disclosing their identities. It’s all about keeping your profile under wraps.

#2. Avoid social pressure

It feels so good to turn off profile views. Being noticeable to others on social networking platforms frequently may cause uneasiness and persistent social pressure. This feature helps to reduce such burdens.

If this function is turned off, you can explore TikTok without restriction, and nobody will be alerted about your surfing patterns. The main goal is to feel comfortable and avoid any social pressure!

#3. Generate worthy content

You can focus entirely on the stuff that grabs your attention without being distracted by profile views. It ultimately comes down to throwing off any external influences and creating relevant content for your TikTok profile.

#4. Authentic engagement

You may participate and communicate more honestly when there is less social pressure. You don’t have to be concerned about opinions or impressions based solely on your visited accounts. It’s your chance to be authentic!

It is necessary to understand what happens once you disable the profile views in TikTok. Let’s dive deep into what can happen after you’ve turned off profile views history. 

Things That Will Happen After You’ve Turned Off Profile Views History

Turn Off Profile Views In TikTok

It is no wonder that this feature offers multiple benefits, but let’s see what exactly works best for you. 

#1. Reset views list

Your profile’s view history will be reset after 30 days, and previous views will be deleted from other users’ lists of views if they are turned off for thirty days in a row. It is helpful if you want to reset everything or hide your previous profile view history.

#2. Neither of the parties can view the profile views

If you turn off profile views, you can no longer see who has viewed your profile. However, it will also keep your privacy when you visit someone’s profile while effectively hiding your footprints. It is a two-way road either both parties can see each other profile views or not.

Hiding profile views on TikTok comes with many benefits, read further to know why people want to turn off their tikTok profile views.

Prime Reasons To Turn Off Profile Views History

Turning off profile view history can help you focus more on your TikTok account quality. Dive into the below pointers to understand it clearly:

#1. Cautious to unwanted interactions

Visiting someone else’s profile or having someone visit your profile can associate you with unwanted interaction, which is not beneficial for your mental peace as it pops up the fear of competition or unnecessary remarks. 

#2. Meaningful content

Without that unwanted distraction, creators can produce more meaningful and authentic content and save time without worrying about others’ interference.

#3. Zero creators’ pressure

Many people have anxiety related to social media, and they may feel under pressure if they think others are viewing their TikTok profile.

It is easier for these people to explore profiles & create content without worrying about others.

#4. Unworthy engagement

If you turn off the profile view history, you can feel more at ease while examining the profiles of accounts you aren’t sure are legitimate.

Besides, you don’t want to be contacted by someone you don’t talk to after they see you looking at their TikTok profile.

However, there are various ways to view other TikTok profiles without releasing your name, let’s see how.

3 Ways To View Profiles On TikTok

If you wish to view other profiles on TikTok without letting them know that you viewed them, here are 3 ways to view them anonymously.

 #1. Switch off and then turn on your profile view history

To access TikTok profiles without revealing your identity, turn off the profile view history feature, browse the desired profile, and then turn the feature back on.

#2. Visit TikTok without using your account

Don’t use your account to visit TikTok. The user cannot tell that you looked at their profile.

#3. Swiftly switch off your profile view history and turn it back on

If you were viewing someone’s profile on TikTok and later decided to let them not know you viewed their profile.

  • You can quickly turn off your profile views to hide your name from others’ views
  • Only users who have activated their profile views are displayed on TikTok

By switching TikTok profile views on and off repetitively, a few issues may occur. Let us discuss what to do if any such problem arises.

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Your Profile View History Is On, But You Still Can’t See The Views

If you decide to regain access to your TikTok profile view history and the feature is not working correctly. Try these few alternatives to see if they resolve the problem:

#1. Update your app

Check your device to see whether your TikTok app version is updated.

#2. Login and logout

Try the feature after logging & logout out of the account again.

#3. Check that you meet the app requirements

This feature has specific requirements, such as having less than 5000 users and being older than 16.

#4. Make sure TikTok is running smoothly.

Sometimes, the app server has issues, so check whether it works properly.

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This article has explained the profile views history tools in every aspect. You can see every account that has looked at your profile on TikTok. The tool also allows those accounts to see whether you have looked at their profiles. You can apply this feature as per your requirement or utilize the above tricks to take advantage of it without affecting your privacy.

Though it helps users monitor their audience’s demographics and level of engagement with their content, it can also be nonbeneficial for those who want to browse TikTok accounts privately. To access TikTok profiles privately, turn off the profile view history in your TikTok account.

To boost your TikTok page, explore to buy TikTok likes, followers & views that are authentic.

FAQs About How to Turn Off Profile Views In TikTok

#1. Are there any drawbacks if I turn off my profile views?

Yes, you cannot see who will visit your profile by applying the turn-off profile views feature. However, focusing on tactics to get more TikTok views free can make your content more visible and attract a wider audience.

#2. What happens after I turn off my profile views?

You will not find out who visited your account, and other users will not find out that you visited them.

#3. Will using the profile view turn-off feature affect my Tiktok account?

This choice affects only your profile; other users’ ability to view your activity on their profiles is unaffected. Once you turn off your profile views, you will no longer appear in the “Viewed by” area on the profiles of other users with videos you have watched.

#4. How can I increase my TikTok views?

You can purchase TikTok views from authentic sites like to increase your views. This site offers only real, engaging users who help your account grow organically.

#5. Why is my profile history not working?

There can be several reasons for profile history to not work:
Step 1: Verify that you fulfil the requirements
Step 2: Consider upgrading the app
Step 3: Log out, then back in again
Step 4: Verify if TikTok’s servers are operational

#6. Will people get notified if I turn off my profile views?

No, they will not get notified if you turn off your profile views on TikTok.

#7. Can we get past profile views on TikTok?

After selecting “Privacy,” select “Profile Views.” Here, you can check who has viewed your profile over the past 30 days. Flip the icon next to the profile view history to turn TikTok profile views on or off.

#8. How long will people see my name on their profile views history?

If you and the other party have turned on the Profile Views feature, your name will appear on their profile view history for the last 30 days.

#9. If I disable my profile view history later, will my previous views count?

No, once you turn off your profile view history, you cannot see who visited your profile. Only by turning it on can you see the visitor for the last 30 days.

#10. What is the work of the profile view history feature in TikTok?

The profile view history feature in TikTok lets users view every account that has visited their profile in the past 30 days. Your history is private, and only you can see it.

There are a few restrictions associated with the setting, though. Your history will only show those individuals who have activated the feature.

#11. Will interactions increase on my profile after using this feature?

When people notice you’ve looked at their TikTok profile, they may wish to communicate with you for whatever reason. However, turning off profile views can prevent such unwanted interactions.

For positive interactions, give social media growth services a try. They can handle your account and make the environment more favorable for you.

#12. After turning off my profile views, will other people know that I viewed their profile?

No, once your profile views are turned off, other people can not know that you viewed their profile.

#13. Is the profile views history feature available for everyone on TikTok?

Not all users have access to this particular function. To access the TikTok profile view history feature, you generally need to be older than 16 and have fewer than 5000 followers.

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