How to Appeal If Permanently Banned From TikTok?

TikTok as a platform is very strict with certain rules and regulations. It might ban some accounts if they monitor any violations of their community guidelines.  But if it happens to you, what should you …


TikTok as a platform is very strict with certain rules and regulations. It might ban some accounts if they monitor any violations of their community guidelines. 

But if it happens to you, what should you do afterward?

You know you have done nothing wrong, but how do you appeal?

Well, this blog aims to discuss with you all aspects of the permanent TikTok ban and how you can appeal to get back access to your TikTok account. 

Let’s dive in!

How To Appeal If Permanently Banned From TikTok?

Permanently Banned From TikTok

If your TikTok account was banned and you believe that there was no specific fault of yours or are unaware of what went wrong, log in to your account and submit an appeal. 

Appealing TikTok for an account ban is the best possible option. Here’s how you can try to appeal:

#1. Appeal in the TikTok App

Even if you’re unable to log in, you can appeal directly within the TikTok app. Consider the following steps:

  • Find the ‘Report a Problem’ option in the app’s settings.
  • Navigate to the account ban section and select ‘Appeal.’

#2. Use the ‘Share Your Feedback’ Form

TikTok has a form where you can explain your situation. In this form, you can thoroughly explain your situation, ensuring you provide all the necessary details to make your case. Consider the following steps:

  • Go to TikTok’s official website or help center.
  • Look for a section related to ‘Feedback’ or ‘Support’.
  • Fill in the “Share your feedback” form with details about your situation and the reason for your appeal.

#3. Appeal by Emailing TikTok

 If you prefer, shoot them an email. This can be a good way to lay out your case in detail. Remember to include that email with all the relevant info they might need. Use the following steps:

Types of TikTok Bans

There are different types of TikTok bans, and to appeal to resolve them one must have a clear understanding about what kind of TikTok ban they are dealing with. Let’s take a closer look at the types of TikTok bans here:

#1. Temporary Bans

Think of these as a gentle reminder from TikTok. If you step just a bit outside the lines, say with a video that’s not quite in line with the rules, they might hit pause on your posting privileges for a short spell. It’s like a nudge to recheck their playbook.

#2. Permanent Bans

These are the big deals. If someone keeps breaking the important rules or does something really not okay, TikTok might close their account for good. It’s a shut door, no coming back with the same keys.

#3. Shadow Bans

TikTok doesn’t say much about these. They happen when your videos aren’t seen as much as before. It’s possible that your films are no longer displayed in other people’s feeds. This can occur if you stir the pot or post something that is risky.

#4. Device Bans

Here, TikTok takes things up a notch. If they find a device that’s a repeat offender of major no-nos, they might block the entire device. It’s like marking a red flag on your gadget.

#5. Age Bans

An age ban specifically means that the age limit must be followed. People under the age limit should not create an account on the platform. This is to ensure their safety and well-being.

#6. Content Removal Bans

While TikTok may not always completely ban you from publishing, they may take down a particular video you’ve uploaded. TikTok has the right to remove a video if it contains music that you did not obtain permission to use.

#7. Live Streaming Bans

If someone doesn’t play nice during a live stream, like being mean or doing risky stuff, TikTok might put them in the penalty box for live streaming. This ensures the safety and appropriateness of live content on the platform.

Reasons Behind Permanent TikTok Bans

TikTok takes its guidelines very seriously so there might be a ton of reasons for which TikTok might have banned you. Some of the very common reasons that can lead to a permanent banning of your account are listed below:

#1. Inappropriate Content

No platform will ever tolerate content that is inappropriate for its audience. The platform will always take it as a violation of its terms and conditions. Make sure you never post inappropriate content.

#2. Harassment or Bullying

Content or activity that leads to harassment and bullying is a moral offense, and doing this on a public platform is just not right. If you are someone who has ever done such an activity, the platform will definitely take action against you. 

#3. Copyright Infringement

Copyright occurs when we use a certain subject whose rights are with someone else. In this case, we must ensure we are giving credit to the right person. Infringement of copyright is another reason for facing a ban on TikTok.

#4. Spam and Scams

Doing a scam or disturbing with spam is also something that can affect people in ways. The platform will never accept anything that goes against its audience. So, the platform will ultimately ban you if you are doing any kind of spam or scam.

#5. Hate Speech

Hate is not what binds people. Especially on a social media platform, it can hurt people’s sentiments. The platform will never tolerate hate speech. TikTok will immediately ban you if you show up being involved by any means in any hate speech.

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Why are some governments trying to ban TikTok?

Governments keep the security of the nation at the highest priority. And, TikTok has been accused of various concerns which might harm the sentiments of people. The concerns are as follows:

Concerns Over Data Privacy and Security

  1. The Risk of Data Misuse: No nation will ever take a chance on the risk of the misuse of their data. It is a national concern. TikTok has been accused of some major data breaches which hamper nations’ security. 
  2. National Security Implications: In some cases, the concerns extend beyond personal data privacy to broader national security implications. Governments fear the data collected could be used for espionage or other malign purposes. 

Influence and Misinformation Concerns

  1. The Power of Social Media: Influence and misinformation are other critical issues. Some governments are worried that other countries could use TikTok to stir things up in their own backyard or change how people feel about politics.
  2. The Spread of Harmful Content: There’s also the concern about the spread of harmful content. Without stringent content moderation, platforms like TikTok could become breeding grounds for harmful narratives, misinformation, or content that could disrupt public order.

Cultural and Societal Impacts

  1. Protecting Cultural Values: Some governments have cited cultural and societal impacts for their stand against TikTok. This reason is often more prevalent in countries with strict media control and conservative cultural values.
  2. The Youth Vulnerability Factor: The youth is really vulnerable. It can be molded and influenced easily. Some countries are concerned over this as the youth is the country’s future and should not be influenced by any negative content. 

Economic and Political Tensions

  1. The Role of Geopolitics: Sometimes, countries have disagreements over money or politics. Banning TikTok can be part of these big disagreements, especially when countries are not getting along well with China. 

Countries that banned TikTok:

TikTok is popular globally, but it is not more important than the nation’s data security.  With these concerns, the following countries have decided to ban TikTok in their nation:

  • #1. India
  • #2. United States
  • #3. Indonesia
  • #4. Pakistan
  • #5. Bangladesh

Bonus Tips: Appealing A Permanent Ban On TikTok

If you are someone appealing to remove the permanent ban of your account from TikTok keeping the below pointers in mind is a must to avoid any further complications.

#1. Understand the Community Guidelines

If you have violated any guidelines, then TikTok will ban you. So, it is important that we check the guidelines before making an appeal. This way, you can figure out if you might have broken any rules, and will help you form a more effective appeal.

#2. Collect Account Details

Start by getting all the information about your TikTok account together. You’ll need your username, the email or phone number you used for the account, and any details about the posts or videos that might have caused the ban.

#3. Attach Some Evidence if Necessary

If you have any evidence that supports your case (like screenshots or relevant correspondence), attach it to your appeal. This can strengthen your argument.

#4. Follow Up

If TikTok hasn’t answered you yet, you can try contacting them again. Go to the Help Center or Support area on their app or website. There, look for ways to ask about what’s happening with your appeal.


This blog covered some effective ways that you can use to appeal for your TikTok ban. While it is also important to know about the reasons why some countries are banning it, you might not loose your interest in creating content on the platform. 

If you keep your intent right, TikTok will support you. And even if you encounter a ban, you can always appeal for it!


#1. How long should I wait for my temporarily banned account to recover?

Nothing to worry about, it takes from 24 hours to a few days. It mostly depends on what caused your account to undergo a temporary ban. TikTok will let you know about the duration.

#2. If I have been permanently banned, and there has been no response to my appeal, can I appeal once again?

You can try more than once to get a permanent ban lifted. Each time, make sure you bring new and relevant info to the table. Just repeating the same thing won’t help much.

#3. What can cause a shadow ban of my account on TikTok?

You might get a shadow ban for things like slightly inappropriate content, using not appropriate hashtags, or spammy stuff. 

#4. How can I recover deleted content after a TikTok ban?

Getting back what’s been deleted after a ban is tough. If your account is back in action, your content might be too. But if it was removed for breaking the rules, chances are, it’s gone for good. Always back up your content and data!

#5. I want my banned TikTok account back. How do I get it?

TikTok’s appeal process is the way to get your account back. This means filling out their appeal form and explaining why the ban seems wrong. Bring any proof you have to support your case.

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